Bean Bag Living Room Ideas

Bean bag chairs are not only for playrooms and children’s rooms, and we’re glad about it because they’re quite comfortable. Bean bag chairs could also look great in guestrooms, lounges, and dens if correctly styled.

Here are some bean bag living room ideas from well-known designers who gave recommendations on how to integrate a bean bag chair together into place so that it appears classy rather than tacked on as an extra.

Bean Bag Living Room Ideas: How to Decorate a Bean Bag Chair to Enhance the Space

1. Think about your color scheme

First and foremost, you’ll prefer the bean bag to mix with the rest of your decor. Karina Lameraner, the executive creative stylist at Modsy, suggested, “Opt for a bean bag chair which complements the house and style.” “If you don’t, it’ll look so out of place thumb no regardless of how you arrange it.” 

Luckily, this method is rather simple. “Try choosing a bean bag which is in your living area color palette and complements the furnishings already in the space,” Lameraner said.

2. Add Texture to a Room with Bean Bags

When integrating a bean bag chair within home design, consider the aims you want to achieve. Bean bags, according to Betsy Moyer, co-founder of Airbnb planning and design studio Retreat, are a wonderful way to add complexity to a room. 

“Treat the beanbag as you would a cushion in your design, or get a couple as that recurrence will have a larger effect,” she added. “They are by far the most wanted area in the room among some of the adolescents and toddlers.”

3. Play Around With Shapes

There’s no requirement for your bean bag to be round; there are numerous shapes currently available. “Consider using bean bag with a modest form if you’re striving for a more refined aesthetic,” Lameraner said. Certain bean bags have elevated backs that make lounging even more comfortable.

4. Match the Bean Bag to the Landscape

Use the bean bag like every side chair to keep your lounge room looking harmonious.

“If you outfit the couch and side chairs using cushions, try going for a tiny throw pillow again for bean bag, so it blends in and doesn’t feel like an afterthought,” Lameraner explained.

5. Consider Fabric Options

Because kids love to lounge in bean bag chairs, choose a textile that is washable in case any gooey hands create a spot!

Washable materials, according to designer Malka Helft, exist for a reason. “Kids have a habit of eating when sitting upon [bean bag chairs], so make sure they’re simple to wash!” she said.

6. Also, give it some extra love

Lameraner said, “Provide your bean bag some purpose and direction.” “Give this one a modest, sustainably grown rug like such a leather, a little desk, and perhaps a throw cover or little pillow that is off by itself in a corner.”

Another useful element to the arrangement is lighting. “Lighting—whether that’s a tiny table lamp or a suspended lamp—will enhance the space to appear extra welcoming and visually beautiful,” designer Brianna Hill said.

Even though it isn’t as luxurious as your chic living room or leather armchair, let the bean bag seem special.

7. Remember to Include Wall Art

After you’ve completed the preceding stages, you’ll want to focus on the walls that encircle the bean bag. There are numerous creative outlets available to you!

“Provide the area more vitality by adding suspended or miniature plants near the bean bag chair,” Hill recommended. “Wall art, including such drapes and mounted paintings, compliment the beanbag and aid to further adorn the area,” she explained.

Most Popular Bean Bag Chair Types 

1. Beanbags in squares

The classic circular bean bag has a long and illustrious history. Companies have lately found that they can build fabric capabilities that enable bean bags to maintain a boxier form over time.

Vendors mainly promoted them as videogame chairs but then refined them to make them more about producing a lovely seated sensation for adults rather than “having fun.” Many variants now have elegant design elements and high-quality materials, making them acceptable for professional contexts.

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2. Beanbags for gaming

During the peak of TV-connected domestic gaming systems in the nineties, companies manufactured distinguished bean bags known as gameplay chairs. The goal was to build seating that allowed kids to come close quarters to the television while holding controllers.

With the release of the Nintendo Wii, the concept was further refined, with the notion that families would want movable seating that could be placed anywhere based on where the activities took them. The colors were vibrant, and most of the chairs had a strong back that gave them more structure.

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3. Bean bag recliners

Recliner bean bag seats are trendy among those looking for an alternative to standard sofas in their living rooms. As a result, designers devote special attention to them.

Recliner bean bags are now available in practically every design and pattern, enabling you to explore in a variety of settings. Whether your décor is traditional, trendy, boho, or completely different, there are nearly no limits to the styles you could choose.

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4. Larger bean bags

Bean bag chairs that are enormous are a modern invention. Designers realized that sophisticated materials might be used to enhance the diameter of such bean bags, giving owners far more space. 

Buyers who sought goods they might share with people and that this would entirely engulf them were drawn to these seats. Larger couches gave a proper alternative to regular lounge room sofas.

If you want to know Are Bean Bag Chairs Good for Your Back, refer to this guide.

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Wrapping it Up

Over the previous fifty years, bean bags have made great strides. They’re no longer completely decorative items that offer “fun” to a space. In fact, most people have started to consider bean bag chair vs office chair for their use.

Instead, they’re mature furniture pieces that may keep your home more pleasant and efficient while also saving you money.

Bean bags grant you access to decorating your living space, which is seldom as simple as people think.

While you can still use them to supplement your current sitting plan, you could also use these to replace traditional ones.

When including them in your designs, you must adhere to all of the standard style guidelines that apply to any other furniture.

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