Can You Use a Futon as Bed?

A futon is getting more popular today for the comfort it provides. It is a good option since you can double into a couch. 

It is useful and affordable, allowing you to provide your guests with a sitting area. But, Can You Use a Futon as a Bed?   

Before we know about can we use a futon as a bed, let us first understand what a futon is.

What is Futon?

The futon is a couch type that you can fold out to use as a bed. It can be good furniture for a small living space or small bedroom. 

It is versatile, making it an excellent addition to your home. You can use it as a daybed, couch, or actual bed. 

The futon is available in various materials and sizes. Usually, it can be folded out through hinges on a metal, wooden, or steel frame. 

Can You Use a Futon as Bed?

A futon is easy to use. If you wonder whether you can use it as a bed, the answer is yes. 

You only need a few steps to fold out to have a sleeping area. The futon base is usually a structure that holds metal or wooden slats wherein a huge quilted mattress can lay. 

It is compact, but you can avail of them in different sizes. A standard futon may come with a similar mattress type. 

However, it is usually designed to resemble a bigger, flat pillow instead of an actual bed. Even though it has a support system, it can’t provide enough support like the bed mattress. 

If you folded the futon, the quilted mattress could be doubled to make a couch pillow.

What Are the Advantages of Sleeping in a Futon at Night?

A futon is perfect for a smaller apartment or bedroom. It can offer you the following benefits:

1. Affordability 

One of the reasons many choose to sleep on a futon is its affordability. It is a fact that actual beds come with a high price tag. 

If you can’t afford expensive mattresses, the futon can be a great alternative. It is more affordable due to its small size. It is also lightweight and easy to set up. 

2. Easily Covered

Another advantage of the futon is that it can be easily covered. It is a mattress on a metal or wooden frame. 

You can select a fitted sheet that can suit your style or decor color. You can also use a comforter, another sheet, and some throw pillows to make your futon like a real bed. 

What Are Some Drawbacks of Sleeping in a Futon at Night? 

Apart from its benefits, using a futon also has a few drawbacks. These are the following:

1. Less Support

Unlike actual beds, the futon can’t provide you with the support you need for a good night’s sleep. Even though you can find a futon with a thicker mattress, it may lose its shape and firmness due to frequent use. 

If you don’t have enough support, it can lead to restless sleep. 

2. Movement 

The futon may move quickly because it is not heavy like the actual bed. So, you should ensure that the futon is supported by a side corner or wall. 

With this, the futon will not slip, allowing you to enjoy quality sleep. It is not ideal for children since they tend to jump on beds which may cause injuries. 

Can You Use a Memory Foam Mattress With a Futon? 

Yes, you can use a memory foam mattress in a futon to make it an actual bed. It is available in different softness and thicknesses. 

However, you should not use a memory foam mattress to use the futon as a couch. Thus, the memory foam is not designed to fold into the sofa’s shape. 

Can You Use a Mattress Topper With a Futon? 

If you want to increase comfort, you may also use a mattress topper on a futon. The mattress topper can cradle and accommodate your body. 

Usually, mattress toppers are made from latex which offers an extra cushioning layer. The feather filler mattress topper is fluffy. 

You may also use a woolen mattress topper to regulate temperature. So, you can have a more comfortable sleeping experience in your futon. 

Is Futon Suitable for Everyone?

Generally, a futon can be very convenient for most individuals. The futon can be ideal for back sleepers with poor blood flow and sciatica. 

On the other hand, the futon is not recommended for those who require a high-quality bed to get in and out easily. These may include those with limited mobility, pregnant women, the elderly, and other side sleepers. 

Why Should You Consider Using a Futon? 

Sleeping on a futon can be beneficial for you. These include:

1. Relieves Back Pain 

Sleeping on a futon can help relieve back pain. It has a firmness that can offer support and comfort to your knees and spine. 

2. Enhanced Air Circulation 

A futon is made from natural materials which promote air circulation. It can provide a more refreshing sleep, especially if you reside in a humid place. 

3. Low Risk for Allergies

Commonly, a futon mattress is chemical-free and made from cotton. So, it has a low risk of allergic reaction. 

On the other hand, thick mattresses like memory or coil foam may attract fungus and bacteria, leading to allergic reactions.

4. Easy Maintenance

Another advantage of using a futon is that it comes with easy maintenance. You can make it comfortable since it’s easy to clean. 

You can vacuum the futon to eliminate dirt and dust. You can also air the futon outdoors. 

5. Convenient for Kids

A futon is very convenient for kids. It reduces the risk of falling out of bed while sleeping.

It is safe even for babies since they can roll, crawl and discover their surroundings. 


You can use the futon as a bed. However, you should first consider your sleeping needs before sleeping on a futon night. 

Thus, sleeping on a futon at night has specific advantages and disadvantages. If you plan to buy a well-designed futon mattress check our top options. 

With this, you can sleep comfortably in a futon like an actual bed.

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