What Are The Differences Between Plush and Firm Mattress?

Are you planning to buy a new mattress but can’t decide which one is for you? Don’t worry because this article will help you. 

We will discuss the difference between plush and firm mattresses. So, you can choose the best mattress for your sleeping needs.

What Is a Plush Mattress?

The plush mattress comes with a cushiony and thick comfort layer. It can offer you a luxuriously soft feel. This mattress also responds well to minimal body weight.

A plush mattress can relieve pressure points and pain. It can benefit side sleepers whose hips and shoulders experience pressure build-up while sleeping.

Therefore, a plush mattress can be ideal for side sleepers. It can reduce the discomfort around the hips and shoulders while providing proper spinal alignment.

The mattress works well in your favor as you change positions during your sleep. The plush mattress can also help people who suffer from muscle or joint pain. It can reduce pressure and soothe discomfort.

If your weight is less than 130 pounds, you can sleep comfortably on a plush mattress. Lighter individuals can put less pressure on the bed, so they will not experience pain and discomfort.

Who Should Use a Plush Mattress? 

The plush mattress is good for the following:

  • Those who suffer muscle or joint pain
  • Side sleepers
  • Petite individuals
  • Combination sleepers

What Is a Firm Mattress?

A firm mattress comes with thin comfort layers. It is usually made with support layers like durable and stiff layers.

The firm mattress has no overly cradled feel and won’t sink much in bed, unlike the plush mattress. However, a firm mattress can offer excellent support to avoid pain and keep spine alignment.

It is ideal for stomach and back sleepers. In most cases, the best mattress for back sleepers is a medium to medium-firm mattress.

Those who weigh more than 230 pounds can also prefer a firm mattress over the plush one. A firm mattress can cradle the body of heavier individuals.

Who Should Use a Firm Mattress?

The firm mattress is ideal for:

  • Back sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers
  • Overweight individuals 

What Is the Difference Between Plush and Firm Mattress?

If you want to know what’s best for your sleeping needs, keep reading. 

1. Construction 

The construction is a determining factor for a plush or firm mattress. Generally, the innerspring beds are firmer than foam beds. 

A plush mattress is extra soft and usually crafted from memory foam for a soft feel. On the other hand, the firm mattress also comes with a memory foam layer on top but is a thinner layer. 

A memory foam mattress doesn’t always mean that it has a softer side. The bed can be softer or firmer depending on your weight. 

2. Softness Level

In general, plush means anything comfortable, soft, and a little bit expensive. The plush mattress is sinkable and very soft. 

You may feel like sleeping on a cloud of foam—meanwhile, a firm mattress will not provide the sinking feeling that the plush bed offers. 

3. Cost 

Generally, a plush mattress is relatively more expensive compared to a firm mattress. 

4. Comfort 

The comfort factor of a bed can depend on what type of sleeper you are. Your posture while sleeping determines the comfort level you need for a mattress. 

The plush bed feels more comfortable to the touch and softer. It is perfect for side sleepers since it supports the hips and shoulders. 

Back and stomach sleepers can feel more comfortable in a medium-firm mattress since it offers a more even surface for sleeping. 

5. Lifespan 

The plush and firm mattress has a similar lifespan of about 7 to 10 years. 

Is a Plush Mattress Good for Back Pain? 

A plush mattress can be a great alternative if you suffer from back pain. This mattress is also suitable for side sleepers who experience back pain. 

Is a Firm Mattress Good for the Back? 

If you have lower back pain, the firm mattresses can help. A firm mattress can provide the support to keep your lower back from sinking. 

It also helps to distribute the weight evenly. However, the firm mattress is not always effective for back pain. It can depend on several factors like body type and sleeping style. 

Does a Plush Mattress Wear Out Quickly? 

A good quality plush mattress can last about 7 to 10 years which is a similar range to a firm mattress. The mattress’s lifespan doesn’t rely much on the level of firmness. 

Is a Firm Mattress Uncomfortable? 

The comfort level is a matter of your preference. Even though the firm mattress is not usually flexible or soft, it can be very comfortable, especially for those who use a firmer mattress. 

Is a Plush or Firm Mattress Better? 

There is no exact answer to this question. Thus, it can depend on your preference. 

Depending on body type, sleeping position, and personal comfort, you can choose a plush or firm mattress. Additionally, the quality can also depend on your chosen construction materials and brand. 

One type of mattress that is comfortable for one can be uncomfortable for another person. You can choose between a firm or plush bed based on your needs. 

What Are the Advantages of a Firm Mattress?

A firm mattress can offer you many benefits. It provides even weight distribution so that you can feel comfortable regardless of your sleeping position. 

The mattress also provides support for the lower back. It is perfect for stomach and back sleepers. It aligns the spine and lifts the hips, fully relaxing your muscles. 

The firm mattress also enhances circulation. You can easily roll around the mattress, which improves your blood flow. 


Firm and plush mattresses are on the opposite sides of the mattress firmness scale. The bed ranking system is from 1 to 10, with 1 as the softest and 10 as the firmest. 

Choosing between the two mattresses types can depend on your specific needs. You need to consider factors like your sleeping position and body weight while selecting the best mattress for you.   

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