Do I Need A Rocking Chair for Nursery?

Becoming parents to a baby can be pretty exciting, especially when it is time to decorate the nursery room. It’s definitely fun picking out the room color and putting different types of furniture in it to give it an aesthetic look.

Apart from making the nursey look pleasing to the eye, the things you put in it should be of comfort for the new mom along with the baby.

But if you’re wondering “do I need a rocking chair for nursery?“, this article is for you. In this article, we’ve discussed the multiple reasons why you should have a rocking chair.

One of the things people love to add includes a rocking chair as it helps in soothing and if you’re looking for one as well, then check out the top 15 best rocking chairs you can get!

The Checklist of What Every Nursey Should Have

Checklist of What Every Nursey Should Have

A nursey is basically a room for the newborn. It can be confusing about what to add in and what not to put inside but don’t worry, as we’ve made a list of things that should definitely be included in a nursery.

A Crib: You’ll need a space where the baby can sleep peacefully; that’s where the cot comes in. It’s a flat and firm surfaced bed with pillars surrounding it. You don’t need to put any type of stuff, toys, or decorations inside of the cot, as that can be a bit disturbing for a newborn.

Sheets: There are crib sheets available that you can buy. These will be very helpful as babies tend to have diaper leeks quite often.

Changing Table: It’s time to get creative! Get a storage cabinet for the diapers, wipes, and other stuff. Make the top of it into a changing table, so it’s easier for you.

Dustbin: Get a bin that can be covered and sealed so that when you throw the diapers in it, it doesn’t stink up the room.

Clothing Storage: Aren’t baby clothes the cutest? You’ll definitely need a small closet or a dresser to keep all of them inside.

Rocking Chair: You can put a rocking chair or glider in the room as well to help with breastfeeding or for soothing the baby.

Baby Monitor: If you don’t plan on sleeping in the same room or one right next to the nursery, then it’s best to get a baby monitor. So that in case the baby cries, you can be alerted.

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Do I Need A Rocking Chair for Nursery?

Although having a rocking chair in the nursery isn’t essential, we would still advise you to keep one. This is because it comes with a lot of benefits that can help the baby plus the mother.

Apart from that, it’ll also give the room a nice look because let’s be real, who doesn’t love rocking chairs? So here are some of the reasons why a rocker should be a part of the furniture in a nursery:

Sleeping Purposes

If you’ve been around babies before then, it’s pretty obvious that these little beings absolutely love the repetitive back and forth movement. Swaying and rocking them in your hands will eventually get really tiring for you, so instead of that, get a rocking chair!

The chair is also useful when the baby is going through his fussy phase as the movement can help them calm down. Apart from that, it also provides a personal skin-to-skin time with the newborn, which is known to be good for the baby’s development.


During infancy, babies require nutrition very frequently. So, regardless of whether your baby is breastfed or bottle-fed, you will need a comfortable spot where you can easily feed your child.

Feeding the baby on a bed or a regular chair can be a bit bothersome as it can put a strain on your back.

On the other hand, a rocking chair will do the opposite as it helps in giving you the arm and leg support you need while feeding your child so that you don’t tire out.

Personal Time

You can interact with your baby by being cozied up on the rocking hair. Reading a book or playing gently while you sway back and forth can be soothing for both you and the baby. This way, you’ll have the space to create a bond with your child!


There are specific rocking chairs called the nursing chairs that come with storage attached to them as well. You can put anything you require for feeding or entertainment purposes in the pockets, such as bibs, storybooks, water, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Rocking a Baby Cause Brain Damage?

If a baby is shaken with a lot of force, then it can lead to injuries known as the “shaken baby syndrome.”

So, it’s important to know that a rocking chair will not do that and is completely safe to use as long as you’re being careful and gentle.

How to Pick Out the Perfect Mom Rocking Chair?

Since there are plenty of varieties of rocking chairs available, you can select the one which suits best your and your baby’s needs and comfort. Factors to look at when buying one include:

  • The Seating: You’ll want comfort, so make sure the padding is not too hard or too soft.
  • Space: The rocking chair should be big enough for you to relax with your child on it easily.
  • Height and Size: It’s important to get the right size of the rocking chair so that you can adequately rest your arms, head, and legs.
  • Material: Whatever material you select, such as teak, hardwood, or softwood, ensure that it’s durable as you don’t want to keep replacing your rocking chair every now and then.

Are Rocking Chairs Good for Posture?

Rocking chairs are actually pretty good for pregnant women and new moms as it helps with back pain. Keep a footrest in front of your chair to get even comfier. So, in a nutshell, rocking chairs are generally good for people with back pains.

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