Do You Need A Rocking Chair for A Baby?

When you become a parent to your baby, your list of responsibilities is bound to increase. This includes figuring out things that are good and useful for the baby and the other stuff that you should avoid.

One of the questions that new parents often ask is regarding the safety and usefulness of adding a rocking chair to the nursery for the baby. 

If you want more information on whether or not do you need a rocking chair for a baby, then look no further. Because here in this article, we have the answer to all your questions.

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Do You Need A Rocking Chair for A Baby?

The safety of a child is of the utmost importance to the parents. So, should you be keeping a rocking chair for your baby?

Well, if you ask us then, even though it is not essential, however, you definitely should due to its benefits.

All you’ve got to do is be careful and gentle while using the rocking chair with a baby. Some of the reasons why so many new moms prefer to have a rocking chair in the nursery for their babies include:

1. To Help the Baby Sleep Better

If you’ve ever been in the presence of a baby, then you’ll know how fussy they tend to get sometimes. Unfortunately, sometimes the usual tricks to make them calm down end up not working. 

For example, if you use your hands to sway them, then eventually, your arms are going to tire out, and the baby will start crying again.

Babies love being swayed back and forth as it helps them calm down. This is where the rocking chair comes in use. 

The rhythmic movement allows the child to fall asleep more peacefully as compared to other tactics. This way, you can put the baby to sleep without being stressed.

2. Feeding the Baby Comfortably

Both the mother and baby need a comfortable and relaxing spot when it comes to breastfeeding or bottle-feeding.

A good supporting chair is necessary so that the mother can relax her arms and legs and focus on feeding her baby in the correct position.

3. Bonding Time

Creating a good bond with your little one is super important. So why not do it by cozying up on a rocking chair and reading some nice storybook to them.

The gentle movement of the rocking chair will soothe them, and they’ll actually focus on what you’re reading, helping them to learn a language and social interaction.

Another way a rocking chair enhances the bond between a mother and her child is by allowing more skin-to-skin contact.

4. Development

Rocking chairs actually aid in the development of babies! It assists by helping the baby to be more attentive and alert. It also causes the balance mechanism inside the inner ear of the child to become stimulated.

Apart from that, it also encourages the baby to maintain a proper routine sleeping pattern.

Other Benefits of A Rocking Chair

Now that you know why rocking chairs are good for babies, we’ll talk about the general benefits of using one for yourself and other members of your family.

Why You Should Buy A Rocking Chair

Just to Relax

What is a better way to relax than sitting in a comfortable rocking chair and swaying back and forth? This helps our body release endorphins which ultimately leads to reduced stress and a good mood.


It is normal to feel sleepy when sitting on a rocking chair. It’s probably due to how relaxing they are.

For Your Back and Knees

If you suffer from conditions such as osteoarthritis or general back and knee pain, then rocking chairs can actually help in making you feel a bit better! Gently rocking in a rhythmic motion acts as a mild form of exercise.

New Mothers and Babies

Rocking chairs are useful to new mothers along with their babies in multiple ways! It helps with nursing, soothing, bonding, and much more.

Increased Blood Circulation in Lower Body

If you sit for a long time period on a normal chair and then get up, your legs will feel numb. 

Rocking chairs help prevent that as your legs keep moving, which in return keeps the blood circulation going smoothly, especially in the lower body.

However, if you’ve had a bad experience with a rocking chair or looking for an affordable option, check out these alternatives to rocking chairs.

How to Childproof a Rocking Chair?

For newborns and infants, you don’t have to worry as such about the rocking chair as they’ll only be on it with you. 

But on the hand, when babies grow older and are able to crawl and walk, then people often get worried about the rocking chairs being unsafe.

Don’t worry! Typically rocking chairs don’t cause any sort of injury at all, but you can take certain measures that can make them even safer, including:

1. Use Stoppers

You can buy rubber stoppers from the store and put them on both sides of your rocking chair that tilts too forward or back. By doing this, there will be limited rocking only.

2. Cover it Up

If you don’t want your child on the rocking chair when you’re not there, then get a cover that you can put on top of it.

3. Lock Mechanism

Some of the rocking chairs come with a stop-lock mechanism installed. This prevents the chair from moving when not in use hence no risk of injury.

Can Rocking Chairs Be Used During Pregnancy?

In a nutshell, yes, they can. Using rocking chairs during pregnancy is actually quite common as it helps bring comfort to the mother.

It’s hard to walk a lot when being pregnant, plus the back pains tend to be very painful as well. A rocking chair aids in improving blood circulation along with soothing the back pain and swelled legs by swaying back and forth (source)

So, rocking chairs proves to be a good investment for your babies. It’ll help them and the mother to be more relaxed and calmer. It’s also great for feeding and the biological development of your baby.

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