Guest Bed Ideas for Small Spaces

Being a city inhabitant frequently implies 2 factors: living space is usually much smaller than the typical flats or apartments, and relatives and friends are constantly eager to visit due to the intriguing geographical position.

While hosting overnight stays in an already crowded home may seem difficult, there are some incredible small-space sleeping solutions that will have any one-bedroom or apartment ready for visitors in no time.

Guest Bed Ideas for Small Spaces

If you’re looking for guest bed ideas for small spaces, there are two considerations to keep in mind about. The first one is the bed’s size, while the second is the type of lodging it offers.

You’ll need a compact bed that fits in a small space. A couch bed is a terrific option. Sofa beds are compact and multi-functional; they can easily be turned into comfy sofas when not used as beds.

There are five creative ways to sleep in tight spaces overnight you may want to consider: 

1. Set up a sofa bed in the living room.

If you frequently have visitors and don’t have the privilege of having an extra bedroom, a couch bed might be a terrific method to develop a flexible living room.

A sofa bed works best in a distinct lounge room – rather than just an open-plan space – such that visitors have some nighttime solitude; however, they can also be used as supplementary floor space in a guest bedroom or as a versatile alternative in an office if you are so fortunate.

There are two types of sofa beds: a pull-out variant with a detachable mattress that pulls out from the sofa foundation, and the other would be the click snap style with the rear of the sofa folding out and the chair and backrest forming the resting surface.

Although they can be costly, a pull-out option is often the more comfortable alternative and the most similar to a ‘regular’ sofa. A click clack version is typically less expensive, but it provides a stronger sit/sleep sensation.

2. Allow the kids to sleep in a sleeping bag.

Consider a bed that could be stashed out of view in a cabinet or the loft when not being used if space is limited in your guest bedroom.

For child’s rooms, foldable beds are an excellent overnight choice. Choose between cushion Z-beds or blocks that open to flip beds that fit into a compact bag.

3. Purchase hidden beds for the children’s bedroom.

If your children frequently invite friends, someone over, and your guest room appears cramped, try a hidden bed or day bed. Truckle-style hidden beds contain a second bed beneath the main kind that rolls out on rollers, making them an excellent alternative for a child’s room.

Adult guests will appreciate the under bed with retractable legs that raise the additional mattress to the same level as the main bed.

4. A folding bed will keep your guests off the ground.

From the simplest camp-bed type to the much more refined bed-in-a-footstool configuration are all available in retractable guest beds.

5. Use a blow-up bed to put them on display in any room.

Air beds that inflate are the perfect space-saving solution. Many include with air pumps or self-inflating devices that take around a minute to inflate.

Use Any Part of the House with These Portable Guest Beds

Movable guest beds are mattresses that can be moved to any area in the house should you need them. If you’re searching for a portable bed, keep these three characteristics in mind:

Guest Beds equipped with wheels

If the portable bed has wheels, it will be simple to change from room to room, giving you the freedom to set this up in any part of your home.

portable bed

If you need to transfer the bed down or up, keep in mind that casters themselves will not aid with mobility. It should be portable as well as lightweight to carry a bed upstairs and down. A portable guest bed that incorporates all three attributes will be great.

Small Guest Beds 

The compactness of a guest bed is another feature that makes it portable. A bed that can be disassembled and stored compactly will be quite highly portable.

portable bed

Some mattresses have a metal construction that may be folded effortlessly. The bed is compact enough even to be moved about when folded. Some of these mattresses also have a storage bag with a strap for added convenience.

Guest Beds that are Lighter

The weight of a bed is the final but not least component that adds to its portability. The simpler the bed is to transport, the lighter it is. So, what factors go into determining the bed’s mass?

It all boils down to the cushion and the components used to construct the bed frame. So, what if we might avoid the bed frame’s weight entirely?

Futons, often known as floor beds, are among the lightest options. The majority of floor beds are retractable, making them easy to transport and store.

floor beds

Folding Guest Mattresses for Convertible Guest Rooms to Bedrooms

Folding beds are indeed the greatest solution if you don’t want to or simply could not afford to dedicate a whole room to guests. Folding beds enable you to immediately transform whatever room into such a guest room anytime you need one.

An ottoman bed is a stylish foldable bed option. Since ottoman beds are so small, you may use the space for something else when you don’t have visitors. Just extend the ottoman out again to make a bed when visitors arrive.

In Conclusion

Whatever option you will choose, make sure you have more than enough bedding. There are plenty of excellent beds to choose from. At least 2 pillows, a comforter, and an additional throw should be provided so that guests can become as cozy as they like.

Also, make absolutely sure there is a light close. If you choose a couch bed, you may easily arrange it beside an end table with only a reading lamp.

Even if the guest bed is just a pop-up model, a lamp should be placed next to it. Take an adaptable lamp from the workstation or position a floor lamp where people may control it from the bed.

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