How to Arrange Two Twin Beds in Small Room?

Are you having a hard time fitting or arranging your two twin beds in a limited space? Don’t worry; this post will ease your problem. Here in this guide, we will discuss “How to Arrange Two Twin Beds in Small Room?”

Smart Ideas to Arrange Two Twin Beds in Small Room 

Designing a guest room or kid’s bedroom that features two twin beds can be tricky if the room is small. The good news is you can arrange these beds in different ways.

To help you get started, we outlined simple and convenient suggestions below:

Tip 1: Parallel with a Nightstand in the Middle 

You only need a single nightstand with two twin beds that you can place in the middle. If you place more than one nightstand beside the bed, the space will look too bulky.

Feel free to choose what bedside table style you want. However, a piece with storage is a smart decision.

Tip 2: Side by Side 

Another way to fit two twin beds in a limited space is by pushing them together. You can place the beds side by side, allowing them to share a headboard. As a result, you will get the illusion of a king or queen bed setup and allow two persons to sleep individually.

If you wish to camouflage the beds to appear as one, you can place a king-sized comforter over them.

Tip 3: L-Shape Setup 

If you place the two twin beds in an L-shape, it helps maximize space in the center of the room. This setup is suitable for kids sharing a bedroom. They can use the open area as their play space.

You can also keep one twin bed tucked a bit under the other one. This is a great setup for letting your kids talk to each other before sleeping. They do not need to be literally sided by side when looking directly at each other.

Tip 4: Parallel with a Dresser in the Middle 

You can place a dresser between two beds if the space allows. The people who will sleep in the room can still use the dresser as a bedside table. Each sleeper will have its own surface for placing cosmetics, books, etc.

This setup will offer plenty of storage for the sleepers. Alternatively, you can opt for a desk or a console table as long as the space permits.

Tip 5: Opposite Walls 

To separate them, you can place a small study table or a shelf between the two twin beds. This setup will help you create an open space while maximizing the area in the middle.

You can try this idea for guest rooms or kid’s bedrooms. If you plan to decorate the guest room, you can put a cupboard in the middle of the two beds.

Tip 6: Bunk Beds without Trundle 

These beds are commonly seen in most bedrooms when saving space. They are suitable for a room with two young children. 

On the other hand, if the spacing between beds is too limited, the person lying in the low bed will easily get bumped.

Tip 7: Bunk Beds with Trundle 

This setup is ideal for multi-functional rooms, such as guest rooms, study rooms, or small bedrooms. Aside from being space-saving, the setup also allows the sleepers to use the beds as a sofa or single bed. If you have guests and need room to sleep, they can use the bunk beds as twin beds.

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How to Fit Your Two Twin Beds in a Bedroom with Limited Space

If you wish to perfectly fit two twin beds in a small bedroom, the best way to do this is to put them against the wall, lengthwise. That is especially an effective setup if the room is long and narrow.

A room of this shape can fit its proportions better compared to a square-sized bedroom. You can include a small wardrobe, bookshelf, chest of drawers, or table between beds. Adding any of these items can create privacy for each sleeper.

How to Arrange Furniture with Two Twin Beds in a Small Room 

The placement of the two twin beds is according to the room’s shape and size, ensuring that you will maximize the space.

In a square-shaped room, it is always ideal for placing the two beds. You can place the beds against the wall, lengthwise, if you have a long room. 

Meanwhile, if your room comes in an L-shaped, you can maximize the sleepers’ privacy by placing the beds on the L shape’s opposite ends.

Here are the tips on how you can arrange pieces of furniture according to the room’s shape:

1. Square Room 

If you have a square-shaped room, you have to keep enough space on the opposite sides to accommodate nightstands. You also need to allocate spaces between the bed for a table or desk. Then, you can include one wardrobe or a dresser on the room’s side across from the twin beds.

2. Long Room 

Having a long and narrow room means you need to place two twin beds against the wall, lengthwise. These beds will fit well in the room because the shape matches the proportions better in comparison to a square bedroom.

You can include a tiny table, wardrobe, or a bookshelf between the two beds in creating privacy for every sleeper.

3. L-shaped Room 

You can place double dressers against the L-shaped room’s longest wall, next to each other. Then, you can place each of the desks against the bedroom wall, ensuring it is parallel to every twin bed. However, you have to ensure that there is still enough space to make the bed, open doors, and walk around.

Final Words 

Twin beds are suitable for people with spatial concerns. These beds can comfortably fit in the corner of most dorm rooms or standard-sized rooms, allowing you to place other bedroom furniture. If you have kids and you want to give them their own space to sleep, these beds are perfect for them. 

Hopefully, the ideas above can make your bedroom makeover or update a success. With a bit of imagination and creativity, you can make a small bedroom more comfortable and cozier.

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