How to Blow up an Air Mattress Without a Pump?

Air mattresses are usually sold with a blower to fill and collapse them. However, if the pump breaks and you’re just out somewhere in the middle of nowhere with no access to electricity?

Here are some pointers about how to blow up an air mattress without a pump. A vacuum cleaner, a blow dryer, and even a leaf blower could all be used. Anything and everything that blows air, including a rubbish bag!

Hacks for How to Blow up an Air Mattress Without a Pump

Don’t worry if the air compressor fails when you’re at home.

You can quickly pump an air mattress with virtually any household appliances that provide a concentrated airstream, such as a household vacuum, lawn or snow blower, or perhaps a hairdryer.

1. Vacuum

Without a pump, the most common unorthodox technique of inflating an airbed would be with a vacuum. You’re good to go if your version seems to have a pipe connection and an emission feature (or backward mode).

So, here’s what you’re doing:

  • Assure your vacuum is in good working order. Disconnect the dirtbag as well as a receptacle, then vacuum for about 10-15 secs with this to ensure the line is clear of particles.
  • Substitute a tiny scrubbing nozzle for your usual one. Have used the hose without the need for a spray if you would not have a sprayer targeting tough areas.
  • Place the airbed on the ground level. This one will guarantee that inflation stays quick and consistent.
  • Connect the inflating pump to the vacuum hose. You may also have to tweak it a little before it’s fully secure. Otherwise, you may buy one adaptor at your home improvement store.
  • Pump up the mattress as well as activate its exhaust setting. Assuming the system enables beam power regulation, begin with both the slowest speed and progressively raise it. As a result, the mattress edges will not be overworked.

2. Hairdryer


A hairdryer may be used to inflate out any airbed rather than using a compressor. Still, there may be a few details to keep in mind:

  • Make a means to close the loophole. Since the exit of the hairdryer might just be too broad to go further into your inflation nozzle, one might have to use one adapter, such as one with the identical vacuum nozzle, or make your own.

Enclose 1 edge of sheets around the hair dryer as well as the other side inside the expansion valve to make a funnel.

  • Do not inhale the heated air. To avoid hurting any airbed, one must use a recent hairdryer with a conditioning feature. Likewise, if the hairdryer begins to heat up, switch off and then wait a few minutes for it to wind down.
  • Practice swiftly shutting the valve. Airbed vents might require some work to shut, leading to an increased risk of wasting the air you’ve spent trying extremely hard to pump in. As a result, take considerable time practicing releasing and shutting the throttle, avoiding losing all that much air.

The procedure is nearly identical to that of the vacuum procedure:

  • Turn on the hairdryer, then plug it all into the expansion valve.
  • Use high-powered fans with cold air;
  • Switch your hairdryer off now and shut the valve after inflating your airbed to the appropriate quantity.

3. Blower for Leaves

You get the idea: anything that might pump air can indeed be utilized to inflate a blow-up mattress. You could use either leaf blowers or perhaps a snow blower in replacement of something like the compressor if you do have one. 

Make a secure connection between both the mattress valve as well as the blower. Begin only with the lowest setting and then use the suction hose like a middleman to pressurize into the mattress.

4. Using a Hand Pump

Using a Hand Pump

Indeed, a hand pump would still be a pump, and it will also help tremendously if you frequently go trekking and bring an air mattress alongside you.

You may rely on manual, feet, or bicycle pumps, as they would perform virtually identically:

  • Pump by hand. It’s the lightest among them all as well as produces the least volume of air, so it is best for swimming inflatable boats, even Twin-sized airbeds. Attach the compressor to the mattress’s filling valve and press the air with your hands.
  • Pump your feet. These tend to be a bit bigger, but they’re also more efficient. These can fill a filled-to-the-brim airbed or maybe even a small watercraft fast and with less effort than just a hand pump.
  • Pump for bicycles. If you own a bicycle, you almost certainly own one of them as well. Although bike pumps are huge, they have the highest air flow of any hand and foot pump, allowing you to inflate even for the largest airbed swiftly.

Because manual pumps need not rely on energy and instead rely on their own personal strength to expand a mattress, they can be used outside or in locations where power is unavailable.

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How to Inflate an Air Mattress Using a Bag Instead of a Pump

Today you can’t be totally lost if you really need to fill the airbed without even a pump.

A simple waste bag can simply inflate your airbed! Instead, you may use an ordinary plastic shopping bag, but you’ll need to cut both handles off to keep their free end level.

This is what you must do:

  • Place your mattress flat after rolling it out. Make sure the area is free of sharp objects before attempting to repair the old mattress with no need for a repair kit in a tented setting.
  • In the bag, gather the air. To keep the air within, simply spin it there until it expands, after which you firmly grasp the opening using your hands.
  • Place the opening of the bag all around the mattress’s valve. Rubber bands could be used to produce a more secure seal.
  • Inflate the mattresses that use the oxygen first from the container. To keep the bag from tearing, progressively put more pressure. Disconnect the bags as well as rapidly shut the valve once the mattress is completely filled with air.
  • Continue again until the mattress is pressurized. It may take some time, but the airbed should finally be able to sleep upon.

Closing Words

Yes, that’s correct. You may not even be concerned with a pump. You may look for the best mattresses, either self-inflating air mattresses or perhaps an air mattress with such an installed pump. You will still not be without a pump from either of the foam mattresses.

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