How to Close a Child’s Folding Chair?

For sure, everyone would agree that kids also need some relaxation. Giving them a folding chair can improve their entire experience.

A folding chair designed for children is a perfect option when treating your kids to summer vacation, backyard barbecue, or picnic. This chair comes with varying designs, materials used, and extras. 

If you plan to buy a folding chair, you must know how to close a child’s folding chair. Keep reading to see how you can do that with simple steps.

How to Close a Child’s Folding Chair: Easy Steps 

A child’s folding chair is a popular option for families who love to go on a trip with kids. While the chair is easy to set, you may sometime find it hard to close and flatten it. 

Fortunately, you can easily disassemble the seat by applying pressure to the front or back metal bar under the chair.

After collapsing the chair, you have to hold onto the handle or slide on the back strap to transport it safely. Then, you can easily set it up again for future outdoor activities.

For a big picture of how to close the child’s folding chair, here are a few easy steps:

Step 1: Place the Foot on the Back Metal/Wood of the Seat 

First, you have to place your foot on the back wood or metal bar of the folding chair while still in the upright position.

Ensure that all storage pouches or side pockets are empty. That, nothing will spill out while closing the folding chair.

Alternatively, you can collapse the folding chair by kneeling and pushing the front metal or wood bar down.

While placing a hand on the backrest’s top edge, lean the upright folding chair onto the back wood or metal bar. From there, you have to use the other hand to push down on the front bar. 

Step 2: Push the Backrest Forward 

As you start folding the chair, keep stepping on the back metal or wood bar. Use your hand to nudge the backrest forward and allow the seat to collapse completely.

You also need to check whether or not the back bar is flat against the folding chair’s back after closing the seat. 

Step 3: Slip Arms Beneath the Straps to Carry the Folding Chair 

Some folding chairs come with straps; they can be padded. If the chair has straps, search for them.

Place your arm under every strap and then pull both the straps onto your shoulder as if you are putting on your backpack.

You have to ensure that the seat is adjacent to your back as you stand and walk. The straps are helpful if you need to keep your hands free from beach blankets, bags, and other items.

If the straps are too short, you can alternatively hold onto the handle attached to the backrest’s top part to transport the child’s folding chair. 

Tips for Storing a Child’s Folding Chair 

One of the best things about a child’s folding chair is that you can store it easily. This makes the chair ideal for those who have limited space. 

Here are some ideas on storing your child’s folding chair.

Tip 1: Hand the Folding Chair on the Wall

If you wish your child’s folding chair would not take any space on the floor, you can hang it on the wall. You will need to use brackets to hang hooks that will hold the folding chair in place. You can also strap the chair to stay in place properly.

Tip 2: Store the Folding Chair Under Shelves or Work Benches 

Do you have shelves or workbenches? If yes, you can use them to store the child’s folding chair.

You need to close the folding chair and slide it underneath the shelves or workbenches. When it is time to use the chair, simply slide it back out under the concealed location.

The workbenches must be high and deep enough to ensure that the chair will fit underneath them. It’ll also depend on the folding chair’s height.

Tip 3: Use a Folding Chair Storage Bag 

If you have pets at home, you may find it hard to store a folding chair. The child’s folding chair will get dirty over time while in storage.

Thankfully, you can use a folding storage bag that will keep the chair safe and sealed up. If you need to store the chair somewhere in your living space, the bag is a convenient solution. It will keep the chair from getting dusty.

Tip 4: Place the Folding Chair in the Barn or Shed 

If you want a practical way to store the folding chair, you can place it inside your shed or barn. Suppose that you have these areas on your property; you will have a safe place to store the chair.

After you fold the chair up, you can place it in a safe sport inside the shed or barn. You can use the barn or shed’s corner to learn the child’s folding chair against the wall while ensuring it will not hinder your way.

If you think your shed or barn is a bit cramped, you can rearrange what you have in there. You can also remove some items that are not necessary for the barn or shed. Then, you can store the folding chair there instead.

Tip 5: Store the Folding Chair Inside the House 

If storing the child’s folding chair outside will not work for you, try to find a room in your home. For example, you can store it in your closet, basement, or attic.


A child’s folding chair helps your toddlers or young children enjoy the outdoors while staying comfortable. The chair also provides them with the necessary back support while sitting.

It is also designed to support their feet, limbs, and entire body, whether in a reclining or upright position or sitting. Hopefully, this post helped you get excellent ideas on how to close and store the child’s folding chair.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for folding chairs for adults, do not hesitate to check our top 15 picks for the best folding chairs.

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