How to Cut a Foam Mattress Thinner?

I have positive information for you, whether you choose to repurpose an old mattress or just need to attain precise measurements.

A memory foam mattress could be readily sliced at home utilizing equipment you presumably even have.

So, let’s just see how to cut a foam mattress thinner into fresh proportions and make it entirely meet your demands.

What Knife Is Best for Cutting Memory Foam Mattresses?

When it concerns memory foam, it is a very versatile material. As a result, one might not need any heavy machinery. A knife should suffice, not just another knife. The following are the most frequent varieties of memory foam mattress cuts:

  • Knife with electricity which is perhaps the most straightforward. You’ll save time and work by simply sliding the knife through into the foam. Furthermore, utilizing an electric knife produces the sharpest, cleanest edges.
  • Knife for carving. Also useful is a large, sharp slicing knife. To cut along with this knife, you must utilize a small back and forward between strokes.
  • Knife for crafts (utility). These knives are usually powerful enough even to cut through the foam. These also frequently have a sharp point which makes going through into the fabric smoother.
  • Sawing movements should really be avoided in this scenario. Rather, initiate with a basic incision on a short piece of foam, then progressively deepen your slice until then reach the bottom as well as cut through everything. One could then proceed to another part.
  • Scissors, extra-large. One may use massive scissors if you may not have an appropriate knife (or even if it’s not sharp quite so). For a smoother appearance, trim tiny pieces of foam and always use the point of the scissors.
  • Long bread knife with serrations. A bread knife, if keen enough, may readily cut through memory foam. To hack through into the fabric, you’ll have to employ cutting motions. The corners may become frayed, although it’s really not a problem if you want to wrap the mattress with a cloth.

Cutting a Foam Mattress: Steps to Take

The procedure of cutting mattress foam really is fast and easy; either you’re shrinking your bed, developing a unique bed for just a campervan, or even breaking one king-size piece of the mattress over smaller beds.

1. Mattress Foam Measurement and Marking

Strip the mattress cushion layer as well as the zip top. The foam within many mattresses foam is protected by an external part. Gently loosen the covering, then pull it off again to discard it.

If there is any more lining behind the zip cover, snip it out with scissors. Be careful not to damage through into mattress foam well with scissors while trimming.

You can either throw away the zip cover as well as any lining when you remove it because it will no longer fit the mattress foam whenever you slice it, and you can change and stitch it to repurpose it.

According to how you’ll use the mattress foam, one may also need to replace the zip cover if you throw that one out.

2. Use a measuring tape to identify in which the foam must be sliced

Should you wish to reduce your mattress foam into two, take a measurement between one side to another and reduce that amount in half to determine where you might cut.

If you understand whether big or long any piece of foam you’re slicing should be, measure it along with the tape measure, then indicate its mattress at a certain location with a highlighter because then you can refer to that too afterward.

To avoid distorting both the shape and size of the cushion, don’t apply pressure on it while examining it.

Measure twice or three thoroughly to achieve that each estimate is correct.

3. With a marker, draw a distinction you would really like to cut.

Align up a full ruler or otherwise horizontal line with both the point upon this mattress that you assessed. Then, using a pen, gently draw lines down its ruler’s border. You may also have to draw many lines determined by the shape as well as the dimension of the component you wish to slice.

Before creating any lines, make absolutely sure your functional specification or ruler isn’t tilted by calculating the length between the tool’s opposite edges and the mattress’s edge. The straight edge, or rather, a ruler, is skewed if somehow the space between both ends is not equal.

4. Raise the bedding foam so that nothing is somewhere under the designated border.

You wouldn’t want the edge to be on such a hard surface because you’ll be slicing through into the cushion with a blade, and then you’ll eventually wind up scratching and damaging it. Place the cushion on a sturdy, raised platform, leaving the area just underneath the designated line open.

5. If you really want a crisp edge, use an industrial cutting blade to slice the foam.

Battery-powered slicing knives are typically used to cut into food, although they could also be used to break mattress cushions. You may achieve a smoother, sharper cut with it since the jagged ends of said knife cut ahead and forward between where it’s connected in.

6. If you would not want to buy an electric knife, use an ordinary kitchen knife.

Any kitchen knife will work just as well as a battery-powered carving knife, even though the incision may not be quite as crisp and clean.

7. Through the use of an up-and-down stroke, cut all along highlighted line.

You might not even have to slide the knife down and up if you are using an electronic carving knife, as this will work by itself. Pull out the blade as well as detach each sheet of cushion at the back of the line or proceed with another designated line.

8. Using a tape measure, dual all proportions.

Quantify out from the freshly cut edge from the mattress cushion towards the other edge. You’re good to go if it’s the proper size. If it isn’t, do it all over again, cutting off a bit of additional foam as needed.

9. With a knife, polish off whatever rough surfaces.

While tiny rough edges won’t make any difference provided the mattress foam is covered, one could wish to correct these when the foam seems going to appeal.

Final Words

Following these steps will guide you if you are planning to personalize your mattresses for RVs especially.

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