How to Fix a Wicker Chair Seat?

Do you have chairs with wicker seats? Then, you know that they require occasional maintenance. That is particularly true if the wicker is made from rattan, cane, and other natural materials.

Once your wicker chair seat requires repair, you’d need to learn how to fix a wicker chair seat.

The methods and supplies, however, will rely on the nature of the problems which we’ll discuss in this post.

Replacing the loose wrapping, remedying the seat in the chair seat, and other basic repairs can be performed without professional assistance.

How to Fix a Wicker Chair Seat: Step-by-Step Guide

Wicker is a popular material not only for chairs but also for tables, screens, and baskets. It is made of reed and has been used since biblical times. Chairs with wicker seats are comfortable, durable, and ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

If your wicker chair seat breaks, you can quickly repair it using pre-woven rattan or cane sheets you can purchase in home improvement or craft stores.

Here are the steps to fix your wicker chair seat:

Step #1: Gather the Tools 

The first thing you should do is gather the required tools to repair the wicker furniture. You can use scissors, a box cutter to remove the damaged strips or manicure scissors for the best details.

You will need an acrylic resin for gluing the strips – a quick-set plastic epoxy that comes with a precision applicator tip is preferred. When replacing the rattan section of the chair, you will use new rattan wicker. Matching paint is necessary to match the chair’s color or use it to touch up the furniture.

A pair of needle-nose pliers is also needed. You will need the same color paint and a paintbrush for the finishing touch. You can also use spray paint.

Step #2: Search for the Area that Needs a Repair 

After gathering all the necessary tools, you need to find the wicker furniture area that needs repair. You can bring your chair outside, especially since you will work with epoxy and paint.

If you perform the repair inside, it will result in stains on the floors or walls. So, it is best to look for a well-ventilated area. It is also advisable to keep your pets and kids away.

Step #3: Cut the Broken Strips 

Use sharp manicure scissors to cut the damaged end of the strip. Alternatively, you can use a box cutter. 

These tools are effective in pulling the damaged strips from the weave.

Step #4: Replace the Old Strips 

You have to replace the old strip with a new one in this step. To do that, you need to cut the replacement strip. 

Ensure to measure the strip accurately. The strip must be longer than the one you have pulled out previously.

Step #5: Insert the Replacement Strip into the Weave 

When inserting the replacement strip, you will use epoxy. Get a small paintbrush and then paint the pattern’s empty space. However, you can skip this step if you plan to use a quick-set epoxy.

Meanwhile, when inserting the new strip, you need to start from the back of the chair. Then, insert the new strip in the open space, ensuring that you follow the original pattern. Weave the end of the strip on the chair’s backside.

Step #6: Connect the Replacement Strip with the Existing Strips 

You will use more epoxy as you connect the new strip with the existing ones. Since the replacement strip is longer, you need to cut them after connecting them.

If you do not want to use or run out of epoxy, you can tuck the ends as an alternative. Then, put the strips under the weave. If you tuck the ends, ensure that they are invisible from the front.

Step #7: Paint the Wicker Chair 

Let the epoxy sit for a few minutes and wait until it gets harder. You need to use matching paint for the new section, complementing the rest of the body of the chair. You can wrap the chair during the winter months for proper maintenance.

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How to Clean Your Wicker Chair 

Other than wrapping your wicker chair, there are other ways to care for your furniture correctly. Here is the step on how to clean a wicker chair:

Step 1: Clean the Cushions

Some wicker chairs have cushions, making them prone to dirt, dust, and odors. When cleaning your furniture, it is recommended to remove the cushioned parts.

If your wicker chair comes with a cover, ensure to clean it in a washing machine and let it air dry. However, if it has no remover cover, it is best to use a wet vacuum to remove odors or stains or bring it professionally cleaned.

Step 2: Apply a Cleaning Solution

You can apply bleach and water to the wicker chair’s surface. In a large bucket, you have to mix one liter of water and 1.1 cups of bleach. 

Soak a clean cloth in the solution and wipe it down the chair. Let it dry for two or three hours. This cleaning solution helps deodorize your chair while removing stains. 

Do not forget to use gloves when applying the cleaning solution.

Step 3: Apply a Primer 

You can refinish your wicker furniture by applying a primer.

It is advisable to look for a well-ventilated area or bring your chair outdoors. Get a resin-based primer and spray a thin layer over the wicker chair furniture’s entire surface. Let it dry for two or three hours.

When spraying the primer, ensure to hold the can 5.1 to 7.6 cm (2 to 3 inches) away from the chair. You must wear a mask so that you will not inhale fumes.

Final Thoughts 

Chairs with wicker seats are popular outdoor furniture because of their comfort. The rattan-like weave effectively adds elegance and a refined feel to your backyard, patio, and garden.

Even if the material is weather-resistant and sturdy, the strips will get cut or frayed over time.

Fortunately, you can repair your chair by replacing the damaged strips with the new ones. All you need to do is to follow the steps above.

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