How to Fold an Air Mattress?

If you are finding the answer to “How to Fold an Air Mattress?”, read out this complete guide to know the steps to fold an Air Mattress.

Folding your air mattress is not a challenging task. You can fold the mattress on your own, but it is a lot simpler when you have company, like other things in life.

First, you should release all the air and fold it a few times, or you can roll it up. It might even fit the original box if you are doing that well enough. Nonetheless, some additional steps to consider, especially if you like to pack up the air mattress and store it away. 

How to Fold an Air Mattress Easily?

You have inflated the air mattress and slept on it for a while. Now it is time to keep it away.

Why care about how to fold a mattress when you can simply crumble it up and stuff it in the bag? Well, here’s why. Incorrect handling of air mattresses causes broken seams, air leaks, or other kinds of damage that lead to unintended deflation.

You need to ensure you are not in a hurry. It’s important to take your time and do everything gradually and without hurrying. Follow the steps below to learn how to properly fold an air mattress.

1. Deflate the Mattress

The deflation process is simple. First, lay the mattress on a flat surface (without objects under it) and without any bedding on top.

Many air mattresses feature one valve made to release air. Even if yours does not, find and open the valve and let the air mattress deflating start.

Does your mattress have an electric pump that could deflate in such an Intex air mattress? You can take the power cord and attach it to a socket. On the control dial, pick deflation mode and turn the pump on—the mattress will begin deflating.

As soon as the mattress is deflated, turn it off. Return the control settings to inflation to have the proper settings ready for the next time. You can also take the cord out of the socket and put that back in the cord compartment. 

2. Prepare the Mattress for Folding

Prepare the Mattress for Folding

Make sure you’re folding the mattress on a flat surface without any shark items. It will also help if you remove any jewelry while working.

If you’re camping, find a flat area and inspect the ground. Get rid of any branches, pinecones, pebbles, and more. You can also place a big plastic sheet on the ground to safeguard the air mattress. 

You can use your hand to iron out all the creases and make them flat, so no air is left.

3. Fold the Mattress

Fold the Mattress

If you like to revert the air mattress to its original package, you must note that it was precisely packed up—was it rolled or folded? Returning it to its original way of folding will keep the mattress in good shape for a long time and take less space.

  • Roll-up – The simplest way is to fold the mattress from one end to another. You can secure it with straps and place it in a storage sack. It will take more space, but it is simple to unroll and use again.
  • Fold only – Start by folding the air mattress half lengthwise and flattening it out. Fold it into neat squares, and it will probably take two foldings.
  • Fold and roll – Another excellent method to fold a mattress is to fold it in half lengthwise. Ensure all the sides perfectly match, and flatten the molded mattress again. Roll it up slowly, from one side to another, making sure it is tight. 
  • For intext mattress – This air mattress has a huge chunk of boxed equipment on the leg side. You must fold it to leave the electric object peaking out and not tucked into the center.

To do this, fold once or twice lengthways. Ensure the pump is in the center, take the other side of the mattress, roll it up or fold it twice. 

How Should You Store Your Air Mattress?

If you decide to store your air mattress for a more extended period, it’s better to clean your air mattress first. After you are done with cleaning, deflating, and folding the air mattress, you should now put it in a storage bag. You have probably received some sack that functions as a carrying bag and storage. 

If you don’t have it, you can find a sack made of robust materials that can safeguard it well. For instance, it can be a thick plastic bag.

Place the wrap in the original box or even a solid cardboard box and lock it with some duct tapes. It will also help if you use a well-designed plastic storage container. That’s not needed if you’re keeping that on a shelf in a room with a stable temperature.

Nonetheless, you must prevent storing the mattress on a floor if there is any chance of floods, leaks, or when someone is likely to stack other things on top of the mattress itself. It is also alright to put things on the air mattress in a strong container. 

Store the Air Mattress in a Desirable Location

Check your storage room. It should be humid or wet, and the temperature must not increase too much. Other places have winter temperatures at least zero and summer temperatures at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

That could be too much for an air mattress made of plastic-based materials such as PVC or vinyl. Thus, do not keep it in the garage with a bad door unless you like a damaged air mattress. 

If you plan to store your air mattress without a container, you can put that away from any sharp things that might fall on it and damage it. Remember that no other container means less protection. 

Final Thoughts

How to fold an air mattress is not a science. Follow all the steps mentioned in this article, and your air mattress will be good as new, and you will sleep on it like a baby for a long time to come. If you are planning on buying the best air mattress for camping, you can check it out here.

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