How to Hide Metal Bed Frame Legs?

Metal bed frame legs are sturdy that support the box spring and mattress. However, if they do not complement your current décor, it is best to hide them.

Read out this article with tips on How to Hide Metal Bed Frame Legs!

What Are the Effective Ways How to Hide Metal Bed Frame Legs?

While metal bed frame legs are affordable and a long-long-term investment, they may not always match your existing interior design. So, you may now wonder how you can camouflage them and blend them with the rest of your décor.

Here are some of the things you can do:

Tip 1: Use a Bed Skirt

One of the best ways to hide bed frame legs is by putting up a bed skirt. You have to ensure that the bed skirt matches the color scheme of your bedroom. If not, you are only creating another eyesore.

You need to spread the bed skirt on the metal frame’s top. Then, place the mattress you want on top of it. 

You need to ensure that the bed skirt will drop properly. So, you can make some adjustments. When adjusting the pleats and folds, ensure that they will not have rough edges or creases.

If you find it hard keeping the bed skirt snugly in place, you can buy clips intended for that purpose. 

A bed skirt is also effective in concealing the space underneath the bed. So, you can use it as a stylish and versatile makeshift storage.

Tip 2: Try Bed Skirt Alternatives

If you have no bed skirts, you can try alternatives to improve your bed. For example, you can try a wood bed skirt. 

A wood bed skirt is one of the popular options for bedroom interiors. Feel free to install your preferred wood to cover the headboard and legs of your bed. It created a natural and very cozy look in a bedroom.

You can also use a window valance as a bed skirt alternative. It offers a frilly design, which effectively covers up the space below the bed. It also helps hide the metal lining peeking out underneath the bed.

Lastly, you use Velcro bed skirts. They are easy to use and effectively cover the metal bed frame legs. Plus, you do not need to lift the mattress. All you need to do is attach them around the bed frame.

Tip 3: Paint the Metal Frame Legs

You can spray-paint the metal bed frame legs to bring out your artistic side. Using more vibrant colors makes it blend a lot easier with the bedroom’s design. 

Spray painting also offers a minimalist appeal, making your space feel and look less cramped. You have to ensure you are choosing the paint that will adhere to the bed frame metal.

Here are steps in spray painting your bed’s metal frame legs:

  • Remove the box spring, mattress, and bedding.
  • Place a drop of paper or newspapers around the bed frame legs’ parameter to prevent stains, including the painting area.
  • Cover nearby pieces to avoid painting them mistakenly.
  • Open the windows to promote good ventilation if working indoors.
  • Spray primer on the metal frame legs and let it dry.
  • Prime the second coating as needed according to the instructions.

Tip 4: Use Oversized Blankets

If you want one of the easiest ways to hide metal frame legs, you can use your oversized blankets. You can even do this method instantly.

Place a blanket, quilt, or a comforter cover on your bed to conceal the legs. Keep in mind that you need to use a large-sized cover. That way, it will not awkwardly drape on any side of the bed.

Tip 5: Attach a Canopy

Do you want to hide your metal bed frame legs while promoting functionalities? Then, you can use canopies. It is also a clever way to add elegance to your room.

First, you have to spray paint the metal frame legs with your preferred color. Then, choose a canopy color that matches the metal frame’s color.

Get a canopy that covers the side to seal the bed’s metal frame legs completely. Canopies come in sheer or solid colors.

Tip 6: Hide Behind Furniture

Different furniture pieces can also help you hide your bed’s metal frame legs. A bean bag chair, sofa bed, or small bench is an ideal piece.

If you place a chair-like storage box at the end of the bed, it will not only hide your bed but also offer functionality.

You can place your bean bag chairs on the bed’s both sides and add novelty pillows. Then, arrange a small couch at the bed’s end.

What Crafts You Can Use to Hide Metal Bed Frame Legs?

Other than painting the metal frame legs, using different crafts can also free your creativity. You can use repurposed t-shirts, fake ivy vines, ribbons, and other items that can conceal the metal. 

For a more straightforward solution, you can take advantage of bed boots. These products will help hide a metal bed frame. You can try pool noodles for metal poles that stick out on each side.

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Can I Use Bedroom Accents to Hide Bed’s Metal Frame Legs?

Yes, you can use bedroom accepts when getting metal frame legs out of the view. You can choose from different bedroom accepts. For example, you can use small furnishings and accent pillows to cover your bed and conceal unappealing bed legs.

If you want to create a more luxurious appeal in your bedroom while concealing those metal frame legs, you can use a small sofa or bedroom bench at the end of the bed. This creates a comfortable place to sit, especially if you want to watch your favorite TV show.

Final Words 

Metal bed frame legs do not always blend well with your desired aesthetics. Fortunately, concealing them is not a difficult task. You can do it with little imagination and effort.

Let your creativity run and be willing to explore different design options. Ensure to follow your preferences when it comes to an interior design project. You can experiment with the ideas above and find the one that best suits your taste. 

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