How to Keep Fitted Sheet on Bed?

One of the most frustrating scenarios, when you want a good night’s sleep, is your bed sheet not fitting right. As a result, it pops off your mattress all night long.

So, what should you do? Keep reading to know How to Keep Fitted Sheet on Bed.

Why Do Sheets Slip Off the Bed?

If you notice that your sheet on the bed keeps on slipping, you may wonder why it occurs in the first place. Here are the common reasons why your sheets fall off your bed:

Reason 1: Too Small 

Mattresses come in different sizes, from twin to king. Having the wrong sheet size can be the possible reason your sheets fly off your bed.

That is why it is critical to measure your mattress first before buying sheets. You can also check out the mattress size label to purchase or order the right sheet size.

Reason 2: Do Not Grip Properly 

While satin and silk sheets feel smooth and elegant, they do not always stay fit on your bed. 

Do you always switch sleeping positions when sleeping? Then, bamboo sheets or cotton sheets are excellent options for you. These materials tend to stay put and do not feel as slick.

However, if you really love your satin or silk sheets, you can add a mattress protector or a mattress topper. They can create friction that helps prevent your sheets from sliding off your bed.

Reason 3: Won Out 

Like other products, bed sheets will also wear out. It is recommended to replace them every 2-3 years.

The elastic within the fitted bed sheets will tear and stretch over time, causing them to slip off the mattress. Once you notice they start to slip off, it is a sign to replace them.

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What are the Ways How to Keep Fitted Sheet on Bed?

If your sheets never stay in place on your bed, the quality of your sleep is affected since you can experience discomfort. To solve your problem, here are some tips you can try:

1. Fasten with Sheet Suspenders or Clip Corners 

Sheet suspenders or clips are small items that can help you keep your sheets in place all night long.

You have to clip the suspenders onto the sheet corners to allow them to slip around the mattress’ edges. Since suspenders tugs on the sheets, constant pressure is created that does not lessen, regardless of how much you turn or toss.

2. Consider the Knot Technique 

When keeping your flat or satin sheets on the bed, using the knot technique can help. In this DIY solution, you will need a big sheet.

It is advisable to purchase a sheet that is wrinkle-resistant and hypoallergenic. After laying out the sheet on the bed, the next step is to lift the mattress at all corners. Then, tie a huge knot in the bed sheet.

Try readjusting each if you notice that all corners are knotted well yet still loose. Do it by knotting the corners again to achieve the correct tension.

3. Use Elastic Bands

Do you know some little sewing? Then, you can use that skill with your fitted bedsheet that keeps on flying off your bed. 

All you need to do is attach the elastic bands at each end’s underside of the sheet. You have to sew these bands, joining the angle of each side. It helps hold down your sheet, and it only comes off the bed if you want it to.

4. Opt For Double-Sided Sticky Tape

Another way to solve the tissue is by placing double-sided sticky tape throughout the mattress. Then, you have to attach the bedsheet.

This short-term inexpensive solution works effectively if you are in a bind. However, this tape can leave residue on your mattress and sheet.

What Should You Look For in a Fitted Sheet?

If you think the above hacks are not enough and want to purchase new sheets, here are the key things you should consider:

1. Deep Pockets

Having deep pockets help keep your sheets secure all night. First, you need to determine your mattress’s depth. That is to avoid buying mattress suspenders due to too shallow sheets.

2. Crisp Feel 

Fitted sheets that come with a crisp feel can create more friction. This makes them less likely to slide off your bed. 

3. Strong Elastic 

It is recommended to stretch the fitted sheet’s elastic before purchasing it – if you can. It helps ensure that the sheets are durable.

If you prefer ordering online, make sure to read product reviews. Determine whether specific sheets contain strong elastic and should not stretch out quickly.

4. Zippered Sheets 

If you have toddlers or babies who keep on kicking off their sheets, zippered sheets are an ideal option.

You can find zippered sheets in different sizes. So, you can purchase new sheets with these designs that can accommodate your size. However, most zippered sheets cost more compared to traditional bedding sheets

How to Keep Sheets on Air Mattresses

In most cases, air mattresses come with a slick texture. This feature makes it challenging for you to secure fitted sheets for them.

The best thing you can do is buy a stretchy band. You have to fit the band around the mattress’s edges to keep your sheets in place.

How to Keep Fitted Sheets on Adjustable Beds 

If you find your sheets slipping off your adjustable bed, you can purchase new sheets that feature deep pockets for best results.

Fitted sheets with deep pockets help secure them to the mattress even if you try adjusting the height.

You can also try mattress suspenders which help keep sheets on your adjustable bed.

Final Words 

No one would love to have ill-fitting sheets. So, you should keep your bed sheets well-tucked.

With the above tricks and a bit of practice, you can successfully keep fitted sheets on your bed. This will not only give you neat, smooth, and taut sheets but also promote a good night’s sleep.

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