How to Keep Futon Mattress From Sliding?

A futon mattress is the best alternative to a regular bed, especially if you live in a small space or apartment. It is also affordable, allowing you to save money while getting comfortable. 

The mattress is also beneficial for different kinds of sleepers. If you want to purchase a comfortable futon mattress, you can choose from our top picks for quality futon mattresses.      

However, apart from the benefits, you can experience in using a futon mattress, it also has some drawbacks. One complaint that futon users encountered is that it tends to slide and slip, disrupting sleeping. 

Is this your problem too? Don’t worry because this article will teach you How to Keep Futon Mattress From Sliding. Keep reading. 

The following are essential tips on keeping your futon mattress from sliding. 

1. Put Cotton Sheets On

You may not know it, but using bedding on your futon has many benefits. Aside from avoiding germs and bacteria buildup on the mattress, it can also save you from irritations and allergies. 

It can keep your futon from sliding as you’re having a deep sleep. You can place fitted sheets or normal sheet covers. 

2. Mattress Topper

Hot or heavy sleepers can make the futon mattress move. With a mattress topper, the mattress can calm down if it moves too much or too firm. Thus, it offers additional support. 

You can use a mattress topper with supportive, cool foam to prevent heating up while sleeping. It can cradle your curves allowing you to have a peaceful sleep. With it, you will not toss and turn on the mattress. 

3. Rubber Mat

Another way to keep your futon in one position is using a rubber mat. You can search for a DIY rubber mat like a beach or yoga mat. 

There are many rubber mats you can buy similar to those you can see in exercise rooms or gyms. 

4. DIY Corner Straps

If you want to use your creativity, you can make DIY corner straps. You can reinforce your futon with a DIY futon holder. 

It will help to prevent the frame from creaking and wobbling. It can put your mattress in place. 

5. Velcro and Grip Strips

Velcro and grip strips are effective in reinforcing your futon frame and mattress. You can get grip strips designed with polyfoam, which has a sticky other side. Aside from keeping the bed in place, the frame will remain in place.

6. Place Cardboard Under the Futon

You can put cardboard under the futon to keep it from sliding. It can be a more affordable solution if you can’t buy a replacement blanket or mat. 

The cardboard will provide a barrier between the futon frame and the mattress. However, this method can only offer minimal protection from sliding. So, you may prefer another effective method. 

7. Troubleshoot the Frame

Check if the frame doesn’t move as you sit on it. Tighten the screws and bolts if necessary. You should also check if there’s no debris underneath like dust or pet hair that may cause it to slide. 

8. Furniture Grippers 

You can place furniture grippers on the frame’s legs. It will avoid shifting due to regular use of your mattress. 

Now that you have learned about the solutions to keep your futon mattress from sliding let us know why the mattress slides. 

How to Keep Futon Mattress From Sliding? (Causes)

The futon mattress needs to be designed firmly. It should also be compatible with its bed frame. 

If your futon mattress slides, the following are some causes of it.   

1. The Futon Materials Are Not Balanced

A futon mattress is a combination of polyester and cotton, famous for being stable materials to keep a futon in place.   

Unfortunately, some futon mattresses come with unbalanced materials. So, it tends to move or slip. Remember that sleeping is essential for your life, so you should have an excellent quality mattress. 

2. You Can Be a Heavy or Restless Sleeper

Sometimes, you can be the reason why the futon keeps on sliding. If you’re a heavy or restless sleeper, your movements can make the mattress slide away. 

3. Broken or Old Frame

One reason why your futon mattress slides are due to a broken or old futon frame. Some purchase second-hand futon mattresses to save money. 

The frames of the futon are commonly made from wood or metal. Wooden frames are on the market since it’s not durable similar to metal.   

The futon frame can age naturally, and the screws may begin to loosen, making the frame wobbly. The frame may cause the futon to move and slide if this happens. 

4. Incompatible Frame and Mattress

Most people purchase the frame and mattress separately. There are instances where you’ve got a frame a tad smaller than the futon mattress or vice versa. 

Do Rubber Mats Keep Futon Mattresses in Place? 

We can’t deny that rubber mats are widely used to reduce slippage. As you go to the gym, you can see rubber mats.

Well, a similar principle will apply to the futon mattress. You may get one that can cover the frame where the mattress sits. 

Can Velcro Effectively Keep Your Futon From Sliding? 

Yes, Velcro is a good option to keep your futon mattress in place. You can find the contact points of the futon’s corners on the slats. 

You can cut the strips of Velcro and glue them to the 4 frame corners. Let them dry properly for best results. 

As we mentioned earlier, a futon mattress may slide due to several factors. So, to find the right solution, you should determine the possible cause why your futon mattress keeps on sliding as you sleep on it. 

A futon mattress can offer you a convenient sleeping experience if you know how to keep it in place. 


Generally, there are many ways to keep your futon mattress from sliding. You can apply the methods mentioned above to keep your futon in place. 

With that, you can sleep comfortably without moving the futon, which can disrupt your sleep. You should also get a quality futon mattress that can provide a restful and excellent sleeping environment. 
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