How to Make a Futon More Like a Couch

A futon is getting more popular due to its convenience and versatility. You can use it as a couch during the day and sleeping space at night. 

Well, do you want to make a futon more like a couch? This article will help you. 

How to Make a Futon More Like a Couch?

The following are some tips to make your futon more like a couch. 

1. Inspect the Structure of Your Futon Mattress

You should check if the futon functions well as a sofa. There is a tendency that it may slip out, so you should get grippers to attach to the frame or mattress to hold it in place after you fold it. 

The best option is a self-stick adhesive to prevent your futon mattress from sliding. You can place a futon wedge under the mattress so it will not slope on the back. 

2. Cover Your Futon Mattress

You can level up the couch look of your futon by covering it. There are many cover options such as patterns and solids and various fabrics like suede or twill. 

Some futon covers have cording around their edges to match the sofa cushions’ design. Do you want to know how to clean a Futon Mattress, then read out this guide.

3. Put More Pillows at the Ends of Your Futon

You can use your creativity to decorate your futon mattress. There are different pillow options, including various colors, shapes, and designs. 

You can choose the best ones that suit your specific needs and preferences. If you have a grey futon, it’s a good idea to get different shapes of pillows. 

4. Find the Comfort of a Couch

The materials of a futon mattress can be uncomfortable and fragile based on their quality. So, it is essential to check the materials to make your futon mattress more comfortable for sitting. 

Do you want to make a Futon more Comfortable, refer to this guide.

5. Upgrade Your Futon

Futon mattresses are not available in all sizes and shapes. They come in standard sizes around 2 to 4 inches in thickness. 

The futon is filled with cotton for additional comfort. However, it is not as supportive and comfortable as the couch cushions. 

You can upgrade for a thicker futon. You can prefer a mattress that has 5 to 10 inches in thickness. 

Thicker mattresses have higher-end features and have enhanced interior construction. It helps to increase the comfort level of the futon.         

These futon mattresses are usually made up of coils, memory foam, and dense foam. You can also test the mattress in the shop before purchasing it. 

6. Add Support to the Mattress’ Bottom Part

You should know how to make your futon more comfortable as a couch. You can add comfort by adding hardwood slats under the mattress. 

7. Add Frame Support

Another way to make your futon more like a couch is to add frame support. Some futon frames may have gaps between their bars, causing the pad to sag. 

You can check the futon frame for gaps that can sink the padding. The best solution is to put a thin piece of cardboard on the entire futon frame. 

8. Add Tables in Your Room

If you want a more couch to feel with your futon, you can add accessories to your room. Add tables to enhance the flow and look of your couch. 

Place the tables on the side or front of your futon. Investing in a few tables can make your room a relaxing ambiance. 

9. Blend It With Your Room

If you want to make your mattress feel like versatile furniture, you can place it and accent it similar to a couch. Position your futon mattress and put the coffee table in front of it. 

You can also put lamps on the tables to give task lighting. 

10. Add Lighting 

One of the basic features of couches is nearby lighting. You can use it to play board games, read and enjoy other activities. 

You can also put a standing lamp near your couch or table lamps on your side tables. Place the futon mattress like a sofa if you have overhead lighting in your room. 

11. Decorate Your Futon

You should treat your futon like a traditional couch. You should not leave it unattended like a bed if it’s not in use. 

You can store sheets, blankets, and pillows in a closet. Get a cover with little padding. It will conceal the mattress and increase its comfort. 

You can also make an inviting illusion by adding a soft, warm throw on the back of the futon mattress. 

What Is the Difference Between a Futon and a Sofa Bed?

A futon is a mattress that you can use as a sleeping surface and seat cushion. On the other hand, the sofa bed can be tucked underneath a frame in a sofa form. It comes with separate seat cushions. 

How Can You Keep the Futon Looking Classy and New?

The futon is a good investment since it is helpful for your family, guests, and entertainment. However, with regular use, there are some instances that it may not maintain its best shape. 

Don’t worry because there are methods to keep your futon look classy and new. 

1. Use a Mattress Pad

You can invest in a mattress pad to sit or lie down comfortably on your futon mattress. It also protects the inner mattress. Make sure to keep your futon mattress clean. 

2. Flip the Futon

If used regularly, your mattress may become distorted. It is better to flip your mattress regularly to lower its chance of deforming. It also helps to make the foam smooth. 

Keep in mind that proper care and maintenance for a futon is crucial to maintain its new and top shape. 


By following the tips above, you can make your futon more like a couch. It can provide you and your guests with a comfortable seating space. 
With that, you can have versatile furniture to use to accommodate your guests. You also have a comfortable space for your personal needs.

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