How To Make Any Chair A Rocking Chair?

Are you bored of your chair and want to try something new with it? If you don’t have any other ideas in your mind, why don’t you turn them into a rocking chair? Yes, it is possible to turn any chair into a rocking chair.

Everyone loves rocking on a rocker and enjoying the smooth swings that help calm and relax their bodies. In addition, sitting on a rocker has now been recognized as a therapy and has some amazing mental benefits.

So why don’t you try turning your all-day chair into a rocking chair? In this guide, we’ll guide you step-by-step on how to make any chair a rocking chair.

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Is It Possible To Turn Any Chair Into A Rocking Chair?

Many people have this question in their minds and don’t know the answer. Therefore, you need to understand if it is possible or not. 

Making any chair rocking is not a lengthy process. There needs to be nothing done on the frame of the chair. Only the legs of the chair need to be altered to turn it into a rocking chair. 

Therefore, it is not a recliner; the chair can be turned into a rocking chair. However, if you don’t want to go through this process and want to get a comfortable rocking chair, here are the best rocking chairs you can look at. 

How To Turn Any Chair Into A Rocking Chair: Materials You Need

Turning any chair into a rocking chair is not difficult, but you need to understand the entire process to work on it flawlessly.

You wouldn’t want to have any flaw in the work as it can ruin the purpose of your efforts. Therefore, mentioned below is a list of tasks that one has to do. 

But before moving on to the process, it is essential to list the materials you will need to work on it. 


  • Pine Boards
  • Hard Board Panel
  • Screws
  • Wood Glue
  • Kreg Jig
  • Miter Saw
  • Drill
  • Clamps
  • Jig Saw

These are the supplies you should have ready when turning your chair into a rocking chair. However, if you are looking to customize the process in your style, then there may be a few things that you would need. But that depends on you. 

How To Turn A Normal Chair Into A Rocking Chair

Step 1: Measurements

As it is a critical process, you first need to take measurements of everything essential to ensure it is done properly. It would be recommended to start by measuring the base of the chair. 

Get some sheets of Masonite and screw the rockers on them. This would measure the rocker you would need to build and adjust the height. 

Step 2: Making New Rocker Legs

The main stage of turning a chair into a rocker is all on its legs. You need to create an entirely new base for the chair to turn into a rocking one. Therefore, the legs of the chair should be 2″. The width depends on your chair’s width. 

Detach the old legs from the chair and prepare new legs for the chair. Make sure the new legs your make are straight and do not bend sideways. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to make it a rocking chair. 

Use a Kreg jig to drill holes in the wood boards. The recommended height of the chair with new legs should be around 2 or 3 inches. Not more than that, as the board used to rock, it will also increase the height when you attach that.

Step 3: Make Rocker Rails For Your Chair

Once you are created the base legs for the chair, it is time to prepare rocker rails for your chair. However, you would cut the wood in an arch design for rocker rails. To create a template of the rocker rails by using a hardboard. 

Create an arch design and place it on two side legs of the chair to ensure the measurements are in the right place. After that, place the hardboard on a wood board and trace the rocker rail template. 

Use a jigsaw to cut the wood and sand the sides of the wood to smoothen them. 

Step 4: Attaching The Rocker Rails

Place the rocker rails on the top of the legs and use a Kreg jig to crews them. To ensure the strength of the rocker rails, use wood glue and clamp the rocker rail and legs together. 

Step 5: Test The Rocking Chair

Once the glue is dried, it is time to check the movement of the rocking chair. Place the chair on a flat surface and slowly sit on it. It is not only a test for the rocker but also the weight capacity of the chair due to new legs. O

Once everything is smooth after you sit on the chair, make sure to use slight pressure and test the chair’s rocking. Ensure that the rocking is done straight and the chair is well balanced. 

Step 6: Apply Finishing On The Base

After the chair is good to go, it is time to apply wood finishing on the base to give it a better look. Turn the chair upside down and gently apply the finishing. Make sure that you apply a generous amount of finishing to give the chair’s base a long-lasting look. 

Is It Worth Making A Chair Into A Rocking Chair?

Even after understanding the process, many people aren’t satisfied and are confused if they should do this or not. Suppose you have wanted the comfort level of your upholstered chair in a rocking chair but haven’t been able to find it. Then you can use this process.

Additionally, if you have an old chair and want to give it a new look, turning it into a rocking chair is the best option. It would feel like a new chair due to the rocking movements you can enjoy. 

Final Words

This was your complete guide to making any chair into a rocking chair. All you need to do is carefully follow the steps and thoroughly understand them. Once you do, it will get easier for you. However, not everyone wants to turn their chair into a rocking chair.

For them getting a new rocking chair would be a better option. However, if you are one of them, make sure to look at the most comfortable and unique design rocking chairs to choose from.

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