How To Make Office Chairs Higher?

Office chairs exist in a variety of sizes and shapes, and most of them may be adjusted in height. If you need a little extra leg room or are just too small to seat in the proper ergonomic posture in front of the computer, this is a godsend. In this article, you will learn how to make office chairs higher.

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Why Is It Important to Adjust the Height of Your Office Chair?

Keeping an office chair at the right height when using it is vital. It will keep the neck and back in a pleasant and healthful position. It will protect you from developing a variety of problems as a result of poor posture.

For example, if the seat is excessively low, your legs will be uncomfortable. A chair that is too elevated will also cause you to hunch over the table or desk, which is not a good sitting posture.

You must adjust the height of your office chair each time you sit there to ensure that it is appropriate for the body.

How to Make Office Chairs Higher: 4 Easy Tips

It may not even be possible to have your office chair to the actual height you require, but you can lift it a little by executing a few simple procedures

Tip 1: Upgrade your current casters using bigger 3″ or perhaps even 4″ casters 

The usual diameter of desk chair casters is somewhere between 2″ and 2.5″. If the desk is just a little higher, replacing the current casters using larger ones would be a simple and affordable option to lift your chair.

You have the option of 3″ or 4″ wheels, which will give you a 1″ to 2″ raise. For instance, miracle Caster appropriately sized chair wheels have a whopping 4′′ diameter.

Larger casters not only provide additional height but also move more smoothly. They can more readily spread the weight placed upon them due to their wider diameter.

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Tip 2: Stack up Seat Cushions 

One of the simplest methods to make any unpleasant chair bearable is to use an external seat cushion. Another advantage for smaller individuals is the additional height the chair provides.

The thickness and density of the cushions will influence how far you can lift the office chair.

Tip 3: Replace the gas lift tank in the office chair.

 A gas lift cylinder also referred to as a pneumatic cylinder, is the mechanism that enables you to raise and lower an office chair.

The normal length of a gas cylinder for something like an office chair is roughly 5 inches. On sale, however, you may get ones ranging in size from 4 to 10 inches. To elevate the office chair, simply replace your present cylinder with just an ultra-tall one.

A gas cylinder replacement is actually rather simple and clear. The steps are as follows:

1. Lift your chair to its highest setting, then turn it over or position it upright on a table.

2. The first step is to remove the cylinder first from a chair’s 5-star foundation. Strike the base of a cylinder where it protrudes out from the foundation with a mallet or hammer simultaneously gripping onto the latter. This should help to distinguish the two.

3. Disconnect the cylinder out from the chair’s tilting mechanism afterward. Securely latch a dowel rod towards the metal section of the cylinder. To release the cylinder from its tilting mechanism, turn it counterclockwise.

4. All that’s left is to flip your chair up off the ground and install the new cylinder further into the leaning function and chair base.

Tip 4: To use a so-called Drafting Stool Kit.

A drafting stool kit is yet another option for elevating your workplace chair. This collection of tools will give an old chair the most lift possible, allowing you to do it with a raised platform.

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The seat height of most office chairs is between 16 and 21 inches. A drafting chair, on the other hand, can be adjusted to a maximum height of 30 inches. This implies you can get a lift of approximately 9 inches or more with said height-extension kit.

There’s no doubt these drafting stool kits provide a significant lift force, which is beneficial. When looking for an appropriate extender, keep in mind that so many of these packages are intended to function on brand-specific office chairs.

Alternative Solutions Made at Home (Really) 

If you need a quick cure for a lowering office chair cylinder, these preceding do-it-yourself methods could be worth a shot.

Fill the gas cylinder with paper towels 

Stuffing several paper towels further into a chair’s gas cylinder column, as strange as it may sound, definitely helps lift your office chair. Take the following steps:

1. Remove the cylinder’s spring part from the column.

2. Stack paper towels in the column. Make sure they’re compacted, so the gas spring doesn’t settle when you reassemble the chair.

3. Finally, replace the spring and you’ll notice the height gain.

As a platform, use wooden blocks.

This is identical to the first idea, but instead of spending funds for new casters, chop out certain blocks of wood and by using them to raise an office chair in this manner.

To do so, start by removing the original casters from the 5-star base. This produces a solid, 5-prong platform on which you may lay and secure the blocks.

Then tape the blocks to every leg of the bottom, or preferably better, punch holes 11mm wide and fasten the blocks towards the foundation with bolts. This may be seen in action on chairs and tables in a tutorial video.

Foil the base with aluminum foil

Certain chairs ride low since this gas cylinder had dropped lower into the base.

You could use this procedure to lift the chair if you discover that perhaps the cylinder’s column has protruded below the base. Take the following steps:

1. Remove the gas cylinder from the base.

2. Look for a sheet of aluminum. Form this into a sphere that should fit within the base’s hole for the column.

3. The aluminum sheet should be used to line the hole. This will reduce the hole’s diameter. The gas cylinder ought no longer to drop when reinserted due to such aluminum within the structure.

Wrapping Up 

Maintaining proper posture upon sitting at a workplace necessitates regulating various elements, one of which is adjusting the level of a chair. Use the methods outlined above to accomplish this, or look into these trendy office chairs now.

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