How To Make Rocking Chair Cushion?

The rocking chair is one of the most popular and widely used chairs across the US. Undoubtedly, the rocking chair is perfect for a person looking for a comfortable seat. Mainly made from wood, a rocking chair is one the most comfortable chairs one can get. 

However, it may not be comfortable enough for those who like to sit on it the entire day. The armrest is comfortable, but the seat can create some issues.

However, there is room for improvement in comfort. To improve the comfort level of your rocking chair, a cushion is the best choice.

You can fit in any cushion, but there may be a size or other differences. That is why it would be best to make your cushion for the rocking chair you have. In this article, we’ll discuss a 3-step simple guide on how to make a rocking chair cushion.

But if you don’t want to make the cushion and need a comfortable rocking chair out of the box, here are the best rocking chairs to try.

How To Make Rocking Chair Cushion

Saving you from the efforts you have to go through from finding a matching cushion and other costs, making a cushion is an economical option. So, if you consider making a rocking chair cushion, you have all the options to make it any way you want.

It is all your creativity that comes into play. However, before understanding how to make the cushion, it is important to know the materials you will need. Below is a list of materials that you should keep ready before starting the process. 

Materials Required for Rocking Chair Cushion

  • Needle
  • Fabric
  • Tread
  • Pushpins
  • Sewing Machine
  • Foam

You can choose other materials depending on the add-ons you want on your cushions. These are the materials required for a basic rocking chair cushion. In addition, gather the quantity of these materials, keeping the size of the seat in mind. 

Once you understand the size of the seat and the amount of material required for it, things will get easier for you. First, however, let’s move on to the cushion-making process. 

Steps To Follow for Making Rocking Chair Cushion

Make sure to understand each step thoroughly. Every step is critical and requires you to understand them properly. Missing any step in this process can lead to failure. 

1. Create A Layout Of The Seat

To accurately fit the cushion on the rocking chair, it would be best if you created a pattern on the seat. Take a big piece of chart paper and lay it on the rocking chair seat. And then lay out the borders of the seat to have a pattern of the seat in hand. 

In the end, trim the excess paper outside the borders as it is of no use. 

2. Foam Cutting

You would have the foam in a big piece, and you would want to cut it out in the seat’s shape. First, place the paper layout of the seat on a wide and flat surface. Then you would need to place the foam on the paper and cut fit it in the pattern. 

Trim the sides of the foam until the foam borders meet the border on the paper. By this, you will have foam as the seat of your rocking chair. However, the main process starts right after you have all the material as the chair’s measurements. 

3. Sew A Cover For The Foam

Once you have a neatly cut foam of the seat size, you need a cover to fit the foam. The cover can be any comfortable fabric of your choice. However, make sure the fabric is breathable to offer a better comfort level. 

After you have the material for the cover, you need to sew it as big as enough to fit the foam in it perfectly. Then, you can place the foam on the fabric and use pins to mark the seam. Once you have the seam marked, it will get easier to sew the cover.

Make sure to leave 1/2 –an inch seam on the corners of the cover. Sew around all the corners and make sure to cut the edges of the cover smoothly. You wouldn’t want sharp corners on the cover as it can affect comfort. 

Add-Ons for The Rocking Chair Cushion

You will get a basic cushion for your rocking chair through the process mentioned above. But many people want to customize and add different things to the rocking chair cushion to improve and match the look of your chair. Therefore, he is a list of things you can add to your rocking chair cushion. 

1. Pushpins

To give your cushion a cute and attractive look, you can use decorative pushpins in a pattern on the cushion. Pushpins are available in different styles and designs, so you will have countless options and add to your cushion. 

However, if you want to add pushpins, you must use them before sewing the cover. This would ensure that the pushpins are attached properly and wouldn’t break.

2. Tufting

Tufting is one of the best options to customize your rocking chair cushion. You can get any design pattern sewed on your rocking chair cushion if you consider tufting. It may be a long process but worth it. 

It helps keep the fabric warm and offers a comfortable seat during cold weather. It would be best to take your cushion to a tufting expert to ensure remarkable work is done on it.

3. Create Zip Cushion

This is one of the best ideas you can use if you are looking to use the rocking chair cushion for a long time. If you make yourself a zippered cushion for the rocking chair, it will help you in many ways. 

A zippered cushion is a perfect option if you want to place your rocking chair outdoors. This would make it easier for you to clean the cushion every while thoroughly. In addition, the dust and dirt particles can easily be cleaned when you can separate the foam and the cushion bag. 

If you’ve got a regular chair and want to convert it to a rocking chair, check out this guide.

Final Words

This is how you make a rocking chair cushion. It is an easy process but only requires you to work on it patiently and be focused when you do. In addition, if you have sewing experience, it will be very easy for you to make one.

In addition, it will also help you attractively customize the cushion.

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