How to Manually Recline An Electric Recliner?

As the name suggests, an electric recliner runs on electricity. It is equipped with a single or dual motor that helps operate the adjustable parts. The motor is also why the chair reclined into the desired position.

You can use a remote control to operate the recliner. It also comes with a backup battery. The battery lets the chair move in case of a power shortage. 

However, what would you do in case the battery dies or the chair malfunctions? Can you manually recline an electric recliner?

Keep reading to find the answer and everything you need to know about how to manually recliner an electric recliner.

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Does Electric Recliner Work Without Power?

As we mentioned above, an electric recliner uses electricity to operate. The attached controller lets you find the most comfortable and relaxing position.

A recliner with many motors is known to deliver greater flexibility. It enables you to move the backrest and footrest independently. 

The backup battery is helpful during a power outage. It allows you to restore the recliner to its original position even without power.

How to Manually Recline An Electric Recliner? Is it Possible?

An electricity-powered recliner has precise movements due to the incorporated motor and control. It allows you to find a relaxing and comfortable posture with ease. It lets you achieve a perfect incline without using so much strength.

While most electric recliners come with batteries, some must be placed near an outlet. In contrast, a manual recliner can be placed anywhere since it does not require electricity.

However, you cannot manually recline your recliner. The motor is designed to do all the work and requires a battery or electricity.

How to Fix an Electric Recliner that Does Not Recline?

Does your electric recliner not function correctly? The first thing you can do is troubleshoot. You have to determine the root of the problem to resolve it. 

Here are several ways you can do to fix an electric recliner that does not recline properly:

Check for Impediments 

The cause of malfunctioning recliner can be caused by its mechanism. You can solve this issue by dismantling the recliner to see if there are lodged and missing parts or torn cabling.


If you unplug and re-plug your electric recliner, it helps reboot its mechanisms.


Your recliner’s gears may become susceptible to stiffing over time. You have to consult the user’s manual. After that, you can try the steps above. You can dismantle the recliner and then oil any stubborn or wedged section.

Some electric recliners need a plug, while others do not. If the recliner you own only comes with a plug, ensure it is always near the electrical outlet. Meanwhile, if you have a battery-operated recliner, you can expect reclining capabilities.

FAQs About Electric Recliners 

Q: How to get out of an electric recliner once the power goes out?

If the electric recliner includes a backup battery, use it to get out of the chair in the event of a power outage. However, if the recliner only consists of a cord, the best thing to do is install a battery backup if the model allows.

Q: What should I do if my electric recliner stops working?

When your electric recliner stops working, you can unplug and re-plug it, check for impediments, or lubricate some parts. Aside from that, you can try checking the chair’s transformer that you can find behind it. 

If you see that the indicator light is green, the electrical system functions normally. However, if it goes red, there is a big chance that your recliner has an electrical issue.

Q: Can I convert my manual recliner to an electric one?

Yes. It is possible to convert your manual recliner to a power recliner. You can purchase some kits to change the recliner’s mechanism. You can check these kits on Amazon.

Beware that this changing procedure varies from model to model so make sure to read the instructions carefully.

Q: Is it possible to repair an electric recliner?

Many electric recliners suffer from common issues at least once in their entire service life. Thankfully, fixing those issues is not a big hassle. 

Once you notice that something is wrong with your electric recliner, regardless of how minor it is, fix it before it turns into a major one. You can also ask for professional help if you are not confident with your fixing abilities.

Q: Can I use an extension cord to power my electric recliner?

The answer is NO. Using an extension cord, adapter, or surge protector with your electric recliner is not recommended.

Q: Manual vs electric recliner, which one is the best?

The answer depends on your personal preference. You also need to consider your budget during the selection process.

An electricity recliner uses electricity to operate, while a manual recliner requires you to run it manually. Many manual recliners are equipped with a level that lets you move it into the desired position.

Q: How long would my electric recliner last?

On average, an electric recliner with a simple mechanism can last 10-20 years. However, the recliner’s service life still depends on how you handle it and the frequency of use.

Q: Why does my electric recliner not go down or recline?

An electric recline may fail to recline or go down for several reasons: burned components, worn electric wiring, and faulty panels. 

You can solve the issue by checking the alignment bar, ensuring that it is level and secure. You also try adjusting the spring tension to tighten the loose screws or fix parts in place.

Q: How can I hide the electric recliner’s power cords?

The electric recliner’s power cords may result in a tripping hazard if you do not organize them well. You can easily hide the cords if they come from the recliner’s base. You can do that by feeding the cord underneath your area rug.

Alternatively, you can use a wire hiding box. You can also set up an outlet on the floor. Then, you can place the recliner over it. 

Q: Does an electric recliner use too much power?

A standard electric recliner usually uses a 1.5 to 2.0-amp power block. The recliner’s AC power supply is rated at 2A, equivalent to 59 watts.

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