How to Move a Recliner by Yourself?

Do you plan to relocate or rearrange your recliner? Moving a recliner by yourself is a bit challenging without proper planning and procedures, especially if it is big and heavy.

In moving your recliner from one point to another, your top priorities are: not to damage your recliner, not scratch any surfaces, and not injure yourself along the way.

In this article, we’re sharing a step-by-step guide and some helpful tips on how to move a recliner by yourself without hiring professional help.

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What Should You Do Before Moving a Recliner?

Some people wish to move their old recliners into another room to accommodate the new ones. Others move them to another location to experience more convenience when watching movies, taking a nap, or resting.

Regardless of your reason for moving a recliner, the process is not easy as moving your other pieces of furniture at home. It can even cause unwanted injury with a single, wrong move. That is why you have to plan everything and take the necessary steps.

Before moving the recliner to its new location, ensure to warm up your body. It is recommended to wrap the recliner carefully and clear the path for more effortless movements. You can also ask for help from your friends or family members.

How to Move a Recliner By Yourself: Quick and Easy

Here are simple steps to move a recliner yourself, it is easier than expected:

Tip 1: Use a Moving Blanket 

A blanket is not only helpful in moving a recliner more efficiently and safely, but it also protects it from scratches or damage in the event of an accidental fall.

Tip 2: Use a Carrying Strap 

A carrying strap is another helpful item when moving a recliner to a new location. The straps’ role is to help you gently move the recliner effectively.

Tip 3: Prepare a Cushion 

While this sounds strange, it is still highly effective when moving your reclining chair. The cushion helps protect and reinforce the chair’s structure while ensuring safe movements.

Tip 4: Use a Furniture Moving Kit 

You can purchase a furniture moving kit in your local stores or online. This kit will help you move the recliner yourself more easily because it is specifically designed for that job.

How to Move a Recliner Upstairs

Here are the steps on how to move your reclining chair upstirs efficiently and safely:

Step 1: Check the Stairs’ and Recliner’s Dimensions

First, you need to ensure that the recliner’s size is compatible with the stairs’ size. The recliner’s width must not exceed the stairs’ width. This helps prevent collisions while moving the recliner.

Step 2: Clear the Path

In this step, you have to clean the stairs area where you will move the recliner. Cleaning the stairs will ensure that the path is open and clean. It also helps keep any obstacles away in the area to prevent falls or injuries during movement.

Step 3: Remove the Recliner’s Backrest 

Is your reclining chair difficult to move or too bulky? If so, you can remove the chair’s back and other parts. By doing so, you can reduce weight, making it safer and easier to move.

Meanwhile, ensure to store the parts you removed properly. So, you will not feel frustrated when you need to assemble them again.

Step 4: Cover the Recliner Carefully 

Whether you removed the chair’s backrest or not, you have to cover it firmly. You can use a blanket or a wrapping film to do it. Ensure that the blanket or wrapping film is wrapped securely to prevent it from falling off.

Step 5: Ask for Other People’s Help 

Moving a recliner alone is almost impossible. So, you should always ask for someone else’s help to succeed.

You can take advantage of your friend’s or relative’s help to raise the recliner. For an easy and light movement, using a ratchet strap would help.

Step 6: Move the Recliner 

When everything is ready, move the chair up the stairs. Do it slowly and with steady steps. You should continuously coordinate with the one helping you while moving the chair slowly.

Always observe the safety of yourself, your partner, and the recliner.

How to Move a Recliner Through a Narrow Door 

Below are the steps that will help you move your reclining chair through a narrow door:

Step 1: Create a Moving Space 

Initially, you have to create more space for moving, an airy and spacious one, to be specific. Accordingly, ensure that you can handle the front door. Do it by removing the hinges.

Step 2: Measure the Recliner’s and Door’s Dimensions 

You have to measure the recliner’s and door’s dimensions once again. This will help that your path is large enough for moving through the door.

Step 3: Cover the Recliner Carefully

Aside from covering the chair with a wrapping film or blanket, you should also add extra padding. Your recliner is susceptible to damage, regardless of its size, especially if you need to move through tight spaces. Ensure to cover the recliner carefully.

Step 4: Lift the Recliner Up 

Once you are done ensuring the safety of the recliner, it’s time to lift it up. You can use a ratchet strap to do that.

You have to slide that strap gently under the seat. Next is to wrap the rest of the strap around the recliner’s back and front. Ensure that the strap does not slip out while lifting the recliner by fitting it snugly against the seat.

Step 5: Move the Recliner 

After ensuring that the recliner will not fall off during the movement, you can proceed to move it. 

It is advisable to ask for help from your friends or family members when doing this. You need to estimate and measure the distance to move the recliner through the door easily.

Using excessive force is not recommended as it can cause tearing on the seat texture or damage your entrance.


Moving a recliner by yourself should not be performed without planning. You have to consider several things like clearing the path, covering the chair, or how to avoid damage and injury during the movement.

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