How to Raise an Air Mattress off the Floor?

When you sleep on an air mattress, do you often wake up cold in the middle of the night and cannot understand why? You have flannel sheets and a heavy comforter on your air mattress that keep you toasty and nice.

There’s no need to worry. You are not coming down sick. It is perhaps the position of your air mattress. In this article, you’ll know How to Raise an Air Mattress off the Floor.

What Is the Problem With an Air Mattress?

One of the major concerns connected with air mattresses is that they are so low on the ground. People would like to ask and understand how to raise an air mattress on the floor.

That may not be considered a problem for some, but this is an issue among people with back issues. Remember that sleeping on an air mattress placed on the floor would need you to squat instead of rising with your feet placed on the ground.

Moreover, direct exposure to floors would leave the mattress more prone to things that could damage it. Some of those include teething pets and babies, needles and pins, and other sharp items on the floor that surrounds the mattress.

Those are possible problems to avoid, as those mattresses could be rendered useless the moment they get dented or punctured. To make things worse, that could occur long after the warranty is through. Not many air mattress brands provide a lifetime warranty to their clients. 

How to Raise an Air Mattress off the Floor?

You need to keep in mind a few things when you’re thinking of raising an air mattress off the ground. 

  • the kind of frame to use
  • how high you like the mattress to be
  • where the mattress and base will be used

After you know those things, you’re ready to get your air mattress off the ground. Most manufacturers create bases specifically for air mattresses. Still, understanding how you will use it will help you understand what type of base is suited for your needs. 

Raising your air mattress is necessary if you’re a full-time air mattress sleeper. Here are some ideas that will help you do so. 

Some foundations like upholstered or wood may cause the air mattress to slide. You can lay down an anti-skid rug pad that offers sufficient gripping to avoid sliding. 

1. Stacked Mattress Box Spring Foundations

Stacked Mattress Box Spring Foundations

You can snag a pair of standard mattress box spring foundations. Stack all of them on top of one another to raise the air mattress.

A cheap seat of two such foundations will cost as little as $100. You can also keep your eye out for local second-hand sales at garage sales. 

2. Cot Foundation 

cot foundation

Queen and twin-size folding cot beds offer a solution for raising the air beds off the ground. That may not be ideal for long-term use but for short-term.

3. Raised Metal Frames

Raised Metal Frames

Are you looking for an easy solution that won’t break your bank account? Metal frames are the perfect option. Metal frames come in different options with the king, queen, full, and twin sizes.

Air mattresses on folding frames are ideal for simple storage, especially if you’re searching for something to raise the mattress for occasional uses like camping or overnight guests.

One-piece platform metal frames offer equal support without folding. That solution is perfect for people who sleep full-time on an air mattress.

Metal frames are extremely simple to assemble, and the costs can vary based on the features of every frame. 

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Should You Raise Your Air Mattress?

There are many reasons why you might like to raise your air mattress. Here are some of the reasons:

1. It Supports Posture

This is essential for people with back problems since they can’t rise from their beds the ideal way. The low elevation of the bed stops them from using their legs as support.

Also, the muscles utilized are those at the back. When used, it could cause unnecessary strain. 

2. It Extends the Life of the Air Mattress

The mechanism utilized to raise the air mattress enables it to last a longer time than it would if you simply left it on the floor. The floor could harbor materials that would cause damage to the mattress. 

One typical instance would have to be fluids that get spilled by accident and scissors, razors, blades, needles, pins, and other sharp things that might be scattered on the floor. Keeping the air mattress raised could keep pets at bay. 

3. Added Comfort

Another reason why you must consider raising your air mattress off the floor is that it offers you much comfort. It would feel better for anyone to rise from a raised mattress instead of waking up from one on the floor.

On top of that, sleeping on a raised mattress would enable you to keep dust far from you and the bed when sleeping. Exposure to that could be problematic for people who are hypersensitive to dust. 

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that special precautions should be taken if you want to raise your air mattress off the floor. Given that it is filled with air, any sharp materials or items could cause the whole bed to be punctured or, worse, burst. 

You could choose DIY projects, but there are different ready-made materials you can buy in the market to cater to your air mattress raising needs. 

You can enjoy sleeping in a comfortable place, even when camping. With an air mattress, you only need to inflate and elevate it. You safeguard it from sharp things when you elevate it since they can easily deflate and ruin it.

You also obtain a great posture and enjoy utmost comfort. It is hygienic for people with respiratory illnesses as well. Re-inflate each time you sleep on it and add a mattress topper to improve its comfort. Do not forget to place it next to your seat, too. There you have it! Now you know how to raise an air mattress off the floor when camping. If you’re searching for the best air mattress, you can check out our best air mattresses for the camping buying guide

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