How to Shorten Drafting Chair?

Whenever you have a new chair, one of the first things you do is probably adjust its height until it is comfortable.

If you purchased a drafting chair, there is a big chance that you will find it too high for you. After all, it is designed to be higher than a standard office chair and match the drafting table’s height.

So, your next homework is to know how to shorten drafting chair. In this article, we’ll teach you everything about it.

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How To Shorten Drafting Chair: 3 Easy Steps 

Adjusting the height of your drafting chair properly will give you optimal support and comfort while working on your projects.

As you sit awkwardly in a chair, it is noticeable that you crouch forward, slouch, or feel discomfort. Attend to these issues right away to prevent more serious problems concerning your health.

Thankfully, you can easily adjust the height of your drafting chair based on your comfort needs. Here are the easy steps to shorten a drafting chair so you will no longer sit awkwardly.

Step 1: Search for Hand Controls

Hand Controls

Draft chairs usually have levers found below the seat and are attached to the chair’s base. In some models, you can also find control features, like angle and seat height.

Once you are already in your chair, you can simply pull up on the proper lever to adjust its height. In some drafting chair models, you have to turn a knob rather than pull on the lever.

You can pull the levers until you are satisfied with the height or read the user manual if you are unsure which lever controls the chair’s height.

Step 2: Lower the Seat Until It Feels Comfortable 

Most chairs lower freely after pushing the right lever. Meanwhile, a drafting chair requires moving it until the height you are most comfortable with is set.

Ensure that when lowering the height, do it gently. You need to move the chair centimeters by centimeters (or inches) slowly. After that, you have to move the lever back to its original position.

For some drafting chair models, you have to push down on them to lower the height. Drafting chairs with a pneumatic system lets you pump the level or push it down to lower the seat.

Step 3: Adjust from the Standing Position

If you fail to get it right, you can adjust the chair’s height from a standing position.

In this step, you need to stand in front of your drafting chair and then push the right lever. Lower the chair’s seat until its tip is below your knee cap.

You will know that it is enough if you sit on it comfortably with your feet feeling flat on the floor.

How to Increase the Safety and Comfort of a Drafting Chair 

Even if you have already lowered your drafting chair and feel comfortable while sitting, you can still increase the chair’s safety and comfort level.

Below are the steps to do that:

Step 1: Adjust the Armrests’ Height

Does your chair have armrests? Then, you can raise them until your arms and your table have a similar level.

If you do not require arm support, you can remove or lower the armrests. This also helps you slide your knees comfortably underneath the drafting table.

Step 2: Change Sitting Position Every 15 to 30 Minutes

Changing your sitting position every 15 or 30 minutes will help you prevent back pain, stiffness, or strain. If you do not need to adjust the chair’s height because of your work, consider shifting your position.

For example, you can lean forward and go back to a seated position. You can also try shifting your weight a little bit from one side of the drafting chair to the other.

Step 3: Get a Footrest

If your drafting chair is too high, you can get a footrest. That way, your feet will feel comfortable on the floor. It also helps keep your arms at a comfortable height while working.

You need to slide the footrest under your drafting table and then prop your feet in it. Try getting it at the local supply stores near you or you can buy it from Amazon.

Why Getting the Right Drafting Chair Height Is Important?

A drafting chair is designed to stay comfortable while working with your hand tools, like a box cutter, a chisel, a grinding tool, a ruler, or a pencil.

Sitting on an uncomfortable and unergonomic chair leads to increased stress and lower productivity. It can also cause you some injuries. That is why you have to use the right drafting chair and get the right height.

With a drafting chair, putting work hours into your project is not an issue. This chair can keep you comfortable for hours, whether you are an architect, draftsman, or a DIYer.

Since the drafting chair helps your body have a relaxed position, you can focus on your project even more and increase your productivity.

Remember that sitting for extended hours every day can pose health risks in the end (source). An ergonomic chair can improve posture, reduce fatigue, and prevent strain on the boy. It also helps improve muscle tone in your legs, back, and arms.

Good posture plays a critical part in having a healthy lifestyle. It is how you hold your body and stand. Thankfully, a drafting chair provides great support for your posture. 

Aside from adjusting the chair’s height, you also have to keep your elbows at the drafting table on its flat surface when working. You can lower the chair until your arms and elbows rest comfortably on the table, especially if you do things like drawing, writing by hand, or reading. 

If you need to sit and work during extended periods, resting your feet on the floor would help. Adjusting your drafting chair’s height until your feet feel flat on the floor prevents you from sitting comfortably. 

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