How to Slide a Rug Under a Heavy Bed?

Do you plan to add a rug under your bed? If so, it is an excellent way of creating a focal point while bringing your décor altogether. That is particularly helpful if your bed is your bedroom’s focal area.

However, how will you slide a rug if your bed is heavy? Keep reading to discover the answer!

What Are the Easy Ways to Slide a Rug Under a Heavy Bed?

The way you slide an area rug under a bed depends on the distance between your bed and the floor. 

In sliding a rug under your heavy bed, you have to be extra careful when moving any furniture. If you have extra helpers who will assist you, you can lay the rug correctly and easier.

Here are ways how to slide a rug under a heavy bed:

1. Roll Out the Rug Under the Off-Ground Bed 

Does your bed have lots of room below it? Then, you have the advantage of adding an area. 

The first thing you should do is roll out the rug. If your bed is against the wall, it will be centered on the rug’s both end and sides, and the headboard will be against the wall.

Follow the steps below:

  • Ensure the area underneath the bed is clean to roll the rug easily.
  • Slide the rolled rug under the bed and ensure it is against the end of the headboard.
  • Lift the headboard side slightly.
  • Slide the rolled rug’s open-end underneath the legs of the bed.
  • Roll the rug underneath the bed, hitting the bed’s bottom end legs.
  • Lift the bed’s legs and roll out the rug’s remainder.

2. Roll Out the Rug Under the On-Ground Bed

Is your bed on the ground? Placing a rug under an on-ground bed is not too difficult but requires heavier lifting. It is advisable to have someone to help you make the process easier. 

Here are the steps to place a rug under your on-ground bed:

  • Together with a partner, lift the bed to move to a new area. 
  • Break down the bed slightly if the bed is too heavy to be lifted.
  • Roll out the rug to the desired area if the bed area is cleared.
  • Move the bed pieces back onto the top of the rug and your partner’s help.
  • Line up the headboard with the rug’s back center against the wall if the bed is broken down.

What Is the Best Size Rug for a Specific Bed Size?

When placing an area rug under a bed, you need to ensure that it has the right size for your bed. If you choose the wrong rug size, you will not achieve your expected outcome.

Here is the basic guideline for picking the correct rug size for a particular bed size:

1. 5’ X 8’ Rug for Full-Sized Bed

A 5’ x 8’ is a bit small for a full bed. However, it works with the proper placement. This rug size is also very affordable, so you can find the one that suits your budget. 

As with the smaller bed, this rug works effectively if run horizontally underneath the bed, exposing both sides and on the front.

2. 8’ x 10’ or 9’ x 12’ Rugs for Queen-Sized Bed

An 8’ x 10’ or 9’ x 12’ rug is ideally placed perpendicularly underneath the bed. There must be enough parts of the rug that reach out in the front and on the sides to look stylish. This layout provides you with a space to step on the rug from the bed.

3. 8’ x 10’ or 9’ x 12’ Rugs for King-Sized Bed 

Like the queen-sized bed, a king-sized bed also requires a bigger rug to make your bedroom look cohesive. If you prefer a rug bigger than 8’ x 10’ or 9’ x 12’ rugs, it will also work well.

If your room features a king-sized bed, it is probably bigger, and a small rug will only cause distraction. It also throws off your room’s overall dimension. So, small rugs become invisible underneath your bed.

What Are the Best Ways to Place an Area Rug Under a Bed?

The best way to place a rug under your bed significantly relies on your preference. However, here are the top suggestions you can try:

1. Completely Under the Bed 

If you completely place a rug underneath your bed, your bed’s length becomes well-balanced. You can extend the rug under the bed’s foot bench and the nightstands. This layout is suitable for large rooms.

2. Cover 2/3 of the Are Under a Bed 

When covering only the floor area two-thirds, you have to ensure that the rug does not cover the floor area whether the nightstand and the bed frame’s head stay. Instead, the rug should cover the foot bench and the end of the bed. 

3. Extended From the Center to the Bed’s Base 

If the rug cannot be extended under the bed’s entire length, the best thing you can do is allow it to run from the middle. As a result, the rug extends to the area under the foot of the bed. It also acts as a foot bench’s extensive base.

What Are the Benefits of Placing a Rug Under a Bed?

A rug under your bed promotes comfort and coziness. After all, you do not want to step on a cold floor in the morning. 

Not only is the rug comfortable to walk on, but it also absorbs noise from the air. It removes some echo in your room, which gives you an extra quietness that further adds to the comfort level.

Another obvious advantage of having a rug under a bed is the visual appeal. Your room will look better with improved design and pulling together different elements in your room. 

If you have a hard floor, you know that it is smooth and very slippery. So, placing a rug under your bed provides more friction and a better grip on the ground. 

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Final Words

Don’t worry if your bed is heavy; there are still ways to place a rug under it. With the proper steps, you can transform the overall look of your room and the comfort you will feel. So, get a rug now and slide it under your bed!

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