How to Stop a Rocking Chair from Rocking?

Rocking chairs are made for rocking, and oftentimes, people buy them so they can have a rocking chair in their homes. 

That is all well and good, but there are times in which you like to use your rocking recliners for other stuff, or you simply want it to stop rocking for a while.

That may sound unfamiliar to a few, and others might not even believe that it is possible. Nonetheless, it is very typical for people to have a rocking chair for a few years and then want to change it to become another typical piece of furniture. 

Maybe you have purchased the rocking chair as a piece of nursery furniture, and your body is now older, and you no longer need it. Perhaps you would rather have it in another part of the house that would not suit a rocking chair. 

These chars are very personal, and many people often begin to get annoyed at how much they rock. That’s why this article is made. We will talk about the most practical ways to stop your rocking chair from rocking and offer you a detailed guide on how to do so. 

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What Is a Rocking Chair?

A rocking chair is one of the oldest nursing favorites of parents who have young babies. They are often purchased during late pregnancy and used for the first year or so. 

Parents primarily use rocking chairs to feed and rock their baby to sleep while it is still young. Mothers will use the chair during the latter stages of pregnancy. Parents also have found that a rocking chair does make the whole feeding and sleeping process a lot simpler. 

Can a Rocking Chair Be Adjusted? 

You will find different types of rocking chairs: traditional rocking chairs, glider rocking chairs, spring rocking chairs, swivel rocking chairs, and reclining rocking chairs. A rocker recliner can be adjusted, especially if it has an adjusting mechanism. 

The recline pressure can be changed to suit everyone using a rocker recliner with its mechanism. In many cases, you will see thumbwheels or wing nuts. With such features, you can easily change the tension of the rocker. 

How to Stop a Rocking Chair from Rocking

First, you need to learn what causes your rocking chair to rock. You will find hinges used in the recliner that enables it to rock.

To prevent the recliner from constantly rocking, you should place a wedge between the recliner’s frame and hinges, so the chair can become stable and stop from rocking. 

1. Locate the bindings on the rocking chair

Many rocking recliners have two, but other models can have three or four. Typically, they are located on the seat’s front edge, on one or both sides. 

2. Find the release tab on the rocker’s bindings 

Many release tabs can be found either underneath or on top of the binding. Press down and pull to ruminate it from the recliner frame. You can also lift it if you have one that’s underneath. If you have a rocking chair that has two bindings, remove it. 

If you have one binding on the front of the rocker seat, you can remove that and set it aside. 

3. Detach the bindings from the rocking recliner frame

Remove the remaining bindings from the frame and put them in an area where they won’t be tripped over or stepped on. 

4. Reinstall the bindings to the rocking recliner frame

Connect the bindings to the frame, if needed, and tighten them down using a screwdriver. You need to ensure they are secure, so they will lock into place when someone sits in the rocking chair. 

5. Test the recliner to ensure it’s locked

You can now sit on your rocking chair and push down with all your weight to ensure it’s securely locked in place. If you are satisfied, congratulations. You have effectively installed new bindings for your rocking chair. 

More FAQs 

Q: How do you prevent a rocking chair from rocking? 

On the bottom of your rocking chair, you will find a lever that will lock it in place. It is like putting your vehicle in park. That will stop it from rocking back and forth. Frequently, recliners do come with instructions.

But if not, you can ask your manufacturer for help when you buy one at a store or online. Then follow the directions carefully. 

Q: How can you fix a wobbly rocking chair?

Wobbly rocking chairs are not always simple to fix. Here are a few tips on how you can fix a wobbly rocking chair on your own.

Is your rocking chair wobbling due to excessive movement? Then you need aid with balancing it out. You can try putting the blocks under the legs for now until you get it fixed appropriately. 

Q: How can you keep your rocking chair from moving? 

To fix a rocking chair that moves, you should first understand what’s causing it to move. Does friction between the feet and rug trigger the rocking?

You can buy sticky pads or carpet grippers at your local home improvement store and adhere them to your rug to keep it in place.

Is there something under your chair that is making it rock back and forth? You can move whatever it is under your chair.

Are your feet pressing against the leg of your rocking chair when you sit down? You can try adjusting their position by lifting them or simply keeping them pressed firmly against the floor. 

Final Thoughts

It’s simple to have your rocking char wherever you like, as long as you know how to stop them from rocking. If you are still not confident about your DIY skills, do not hesitate to call a professional. Test your rocking chair right away after installing the wedge to ensure firm and professionally installed.

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