How To Take Apart A Rocking Chair?

Many people have antique rocking chairs in their homes, which means that you will have to dismantle them at some point. After that, you can repair it and then reassemble it.

However, we recommend that you invest in the latest best rocking chairs that will give you more use for a long time.

So, if you want to learn how to take apart a rocking chair, you have come to the right place. Here is what you should know.

How To Take Apart A Rocking Chair

1. Mark The Various Parts

The first thing you must do is mark all the rocking chair parts. You can do it using masking tape. We recommend that you make different labels, such as top, right, left, and such various labels. 

It will help you understand where the part has to go when you have to reassemble it later. Then, of course, you are free to label the rocking chair parts as you wish. 

2. Remove The Fasteners

Most rocking chairs come with fasteners that have been screwed on the chair. That is why the next step you must take is to remove all the visible fasteners, such as screws, from all the glue blocks. On the other hand, you can pry it off if you notice a screw-hole cover. 

Once you do, it will pry off the screw, and you can then remove the fastener in no time. Not all rocking chairs might have fasteners, which is why you will need to check how your rocking chair is held together. 

3. Tap Stubborn Parts

A rocking chair is old and antique, which is why you will have to use a rubber-faced mallet to tap all the stubborn parts.

For example, you might need to tap the glue blocks with a hammer. When you do this, it will break the glue joints, and you can then dismantle the chair from that part. 

If you don’t have fasteners on your rocking chair, you will have to remove the glue in this way. Once you do, it will become easier to learn how to take apart a rocking chair. 

4. Use Your Hands To Take Apart The Joints

If your joints are still giving you a hard time, then it is time for you to use your hands to take the joints apart.

You can use your hands to give the joints a little wiggle where necessary using a rubber hammer. It will ensure that the joints are loose enough to come out. 

5. Look for Hidden Nails

Of course, by now, your joints must be ready to come out. If that is still not the case, then there are hidden nails and fasteners on the chair that you must look for.

When you find such nails and fasteners, you will have to make some effort to take them out. 

For example, you will have to remove some of the wood presented around the nail to pry it completely. When you do, the fasteners should come out completely.

6. Take The Wooden Rocking Chair Apart One By One

Now that you have removed all the fasteners, it is time for you to take the rocking chair apart. We recommend that you do it one by one, as it will make the process much easier for you.

For example, you can begin by taking the stretchers and the front legs off first. 

After that, you can begin by taking apart the side rails. Finally, you can take out the splat, crest, back legs, and anything else that has been left.

By the time you are done, your entire rocking chair will have come apart efficiently. This tutorial is also helpful for those who want to ship a rocking chair safely.

Do Rocking Chairs Come Apart?

By now, you must be wondering if all the rocking chairs can come apart. 

Well, most parts of a rocking chair have doweled ends or ones that are tenon-shaped, which will fit into the holes or pockets on the corresponding parts.

When the rocker is constantly under too much pressure, it will begin coming apart at all the seams. 

If this happens, it is time for you to begin taking the wooden chair apart yourself. Once you do, you can reassemble it to make it stronger.

However, if your chair has become too old, we recommend that you invest in a new one for the best experience. Here are the best rocking chairs to check out.

What Kind Of Paint Do You Use On A Rocking Chair?

After learning how to take apart a rocking chair, you might want to refurbish it by painting it. That is why you might wonder what kind of paint will work best on the rocking chair.

The best part is that you can easily use regular latex paint on your rocking chair, as the paint will look fantastic and last for a long time. 

We recommend that you lightly sand the surface first to prepare it for the paint. After that, you can use a primer and then begin painting.

On the other hand, you can also use chalk paint on furniture, as it does not take much preparation to use it on wooden rocking chairs.

You can also use spray paint on your rocking chair to make it look fresh. You might not need more than one or two coats as you paint it using this medium.

Of course, it depends on what you prefer and the kind of look you want before you decide what paint to choose for your rocking chair.

Final Words

That was your complete guide on how to take apart a rocking chair. You can follow all these guidelines and begin taking apart your rocking chair.

However, you must understand the way your rocking chair has been joined together before you take on the project of taking it apart. 

Once you do, you can then reassemble and paint your rocking chair to make it look fantastic in no time.

The new chair will last you a long time and match the aesthetic of your home, depending on how you have painted and refreshed it.

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