Is a Full Size Bed Big Enough for a Guest Room?

Your home’s guest room can be an actual room or a slumber sofa in the lounge room. The word’ guest room’ means the area where visitors are offered a place overnight at your house, regardless of where it is situated.

The bed is the most significant piece of furniture in a guest room. This article will address the question, “Is a full size bed big enough for a guest room?” and other pertinent information.

Ask These five Questions Upon Buying Guest Bedroom Beds

To be guided in generally choosing guest bedroom beds, there are a few guidelines that could help you in doing so. 

1. Who will be sleeping on this mattress? Consider who will be sleeping on this mattress. Is it a variety of various family or friends, or whether it will mostly be the same individual?

2. How long will the visitor be sleeping on this bed? Take into account the duration of the visitors’ journeys.

Some visitors, such as retired parents visiting their grandchildren, may remain multiple times over the season for another week or more. People in other phases of life may discover that their visitors only come once or occasionally a year for a weekend break.

3. What other purposes does your guest room serve? Consider how the guest bedroom is utilized year-round. Once you’re sick or noisy, would you or your partner utilize it?

Is the room used during sleepovers or research fair projects by your kids? If additional family members use the bed frequently, it may be better to invest in a higher-quality bed.

4. What is the size of your guest room? The dimensions of the guest room bed will now be determined by the size of the bedroom and what more you will use the space for when guests are not really in town.

5. A full-size guest bed may be required if the space is limited, even though it isn’t as spacious as some couples prefer. A giant or queen-sized bed may be appropriate if the room is spacious enough and you intend your guests to remain longer than a three-day weekend.

What is the age of your existing guest mattress? Even with guest beds, it’s suggested to change a mattress per 8 years. Although a guest room bed might not have been used as frequently as a hotel bed, it nevertheless experiences wear that can detract from a guest’s pleasure if not properly maintained.

Various Guests, Various Needs

You give it to your visitors and yourself to seek a “partial” answer or to relocate another outdated, worn bed into the guest room after improving someone else’s bed.

This assumes you use this bed often and put quite so much thought into finding a good visitor bed as you would towards your own.

Senior Citizens

If you’re anticipating elderly guests, experts recommend paying attention to two-bed characteristics: elevation and side support. Because elderly individuals have such difficulty getting to and from beds, you would like to be sure the bed you purchase is really not that high off the ground to escape a dangerous accident.

Also, elderly users are more inclined to browse or slip their shoes on while sitting on top of the beds, notably in a guest room without a chair.

A firmer bed is preferred by the aged. If the guests are elderly and smaller, you may want to get a sturdier mattress as well as a plush mattress pad to use first before particularly young guests come.

Younger Visitors

You don’t have to buy a toddler-sized bed if you’re anticipating younger children who might be potty learning. To effortlessly arrange your frequent guest room for younger visitors, consider investing in quite an add-on item such as a bed protector.

Although a guest room would not be your principal living area, creating a welcoming environment for your visitors is a terrific opportunity to illustrate to them how very much you care. You don’t have to forgo excellence in the guest bedroom while designing on a budget.

See one of the local Mattress Firm shops today to learn how much you might freshen the guest bedroom without breaking the bank!

How is a Full Sized Bed For Your Guest Room?

A likely candidate for guest rooms is a full-sized bed. A full bed is big for most adults, although it’s not as big as a king and just probably a little shorter than a queen.

This is a beautiful alternative if a queen bed is too big for your room. Whether it’s large enough should vary depending on the number of guests you anticipate.

For two persons, full beds are frequently uncomfortable. They may possibly be a little small for any taller visitors. Your guests’ feet may hang over the side if they are tall.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of such a Full Bed

Full-sized beds, commonly known as “double beds,” are approximately sixteen inches wider than twin beds but smaller than queen beds. They’re perfect for tall teenagers or adults who want to be alone and excellent for your guest rooms.


  • It’s much less priced than king size bed and a queen-size bed.
  • It’s a lot easier to transfer than that of a queen.
  • Spares are readily available.


  • It could be too narrow for pairs.
  • Not Good For Taller People

Twin beds are really a great alternative for smaller spaces guest rooms. However, they mainly benefit large teens or adults who sit independently.

Final Points to Consider

We will still choose a king bed for our guest bedroom in an ideal world. A queen is a somewhat more realistic choice because capacity and finances may not always permit it.

If your space is limited or you anticipate hosting mostly youngsters with the occasional adult guest, a twin extra long bed is an excellent alternative. Explore all of the bed options publicly available if you plan on utilizing the bedroom as a workplace or recreation area rather than a guest room.

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