Should I Get a Twin or Full Bed?

Are you in the market for a spacious and comfortable bed? It is advisable to consider the right fit and size before heading to the store.

Buyers usually consider a twin bed or a full bed. But the question most people would ask is should I get a twin or full bed?

These two beds have a lot in common. Besides their dimensions, their selling price is also a key factor that drives people’s decision between the two-bed types.

If you are also torn between a twin bed and a full bed, keep reading to help you decide.

What is a Twin Bed?

A twin bed is a versatile option and offers ample sleeping space. It is commonly seen in a kid’s bedroom. It is more suitable for a single sleeper and provides less space for adults.

This bed type is a great deal for apartments and hostel rooms. It is the most prudent choice for those looking to decorate their lounge area or guest room.


  • A twin bed does not occupy too much space in the bedroom.
  • It is simple to maneuver and conserves space.
  • It is less expensive than other bed types.
  • The space is suitable for single sleepers, helping that person to move easily and comfortably at night.


  • It is ideal for more than one sleeper.
  • It is not a good fit for tall adults or growing teens.
  • It is not wide enough to accommodate a couple to sleep together.

Who is Twin Bed Ideal for?

A twin bed is usually the next step for kids who have outgrown their beds. This bed type is excellent for smaller bedrooms, like kid’s rooms and guest rooms. A bunk bed also comes in traditional twin size.

Reasons Why Should You Get a Twin Bed 

You should get a twin bed if:

You Are a Child or a Petite Adult 

As mentioned above, a twin bed is the next step up from a crib. It measures 38” x 75” and is suitable for toddlers and kids. 

That measurement is a tight fit for an average adult in both directions. This makes the twin-size bed not suitable for a couple.

You Have a Smaller Bedroom 

This bed type looks small in a master’s bedroom. So, a twin-sized bed will fit well in a smaller room, like a kid’s room.

If you are looking for another space-saving bed, you might like to consider a trundle bed and read the top 15 picks for the best trundle beds.

You Want to Save Money 

Do you have a room that can accommodate a full bed but cannot afford sheets, mattress, and frame? Then, you can consider buying a twin bed. This bed is more affordable, and you can save on space.

What is a Full Bed?

A full bed is wider than a twin bed. It offers a great space that allows someone to sleep and roll comfortably. 

This bed type may not accommodate a couple, but it still offers ample room to sleep. The bed’s additional with makes it more comfortable and suitable for single sleepers.

Plus, it does not require a master’s or a bigger bedroom.


  • A full bed provides more space for sleepers who wish to roll or stretch out at night.
  • It is easier to move or carry around due to its weight compared to other bed types.
  • It is perfect for taller teens or young adults.
  • It works well in guest rooms and smaller apartments.
  • It has accessories that are easy to find.
  • It offers an extra width.


  • It has less legroom for adults.
  • It makes people scrunch up while sleeping because of its small size 
  • It does not provide enough space for a couple to sleep comfortably.
  • It is more expensive compared to a twin-sized bed.

Who Is Full Bed Ideal for?

A full bed has the same length as a twin-sized bed. In short, it can be a too short option for some adults.

This bed type is more suitable for kids who have outgrown their beds. More and more parents are choosing full beds over twin-sized beds for their kids’ and teens’ bedrooms.

Reasons Why Should You Get a Full Bed 

You should purchase a full-sized bed if:

You Do Not Want a Tight Fit 

If you feel tight on space with a twin bed, you can switch to a full-sized bed. This allows you to stretch out or roll.

You Have a Bigger Room to Fill 

With the full-sized bed, you will enjoy an additional width of 15”. This extra width can fill up space in your bedroom better compared to a twin bed.

You Want Something to Grow Into 

Some people prefer skipping a twin bed and going straight to a full-sized bed for their kids and teens. This bed has an extra width that provides extra room to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is the major difference between a twin bed and a full bed?

A twin bed is 38” wide while a full bed is 53” wide. Both these beds are 75” long.

Q: Is a twin bed better than a full bed?

Twin and full beds are best suited for varying situations. A twin bed is a better option if you have a smaller space.

However, a full bed is a better choice for young kids, teens, or adults who do not have space for a queen-sized or king-sized bed.

Q: Is a twin bed spacious enough for two sleepers?

A twin bed can accommodate two small kids. However, it is not ideal for long-term use. A couple can also squeeze in this bed, but they will feel uncomfortable. So, it is not recommended for couples.

Final Words 

A twin bed is perfect for a smaller kid’s bedroom, hostel, or college dorm. However, if you want an extra width to move, a full bed is a better option. Both beds are suitable for young children who have outgrown their cribs. 

While the two beds are affordable, full beds are sometimes cheaper than full beds. Before you go to a store, ensure that you have already determined the right bed size for your bedroom dimensions.

Plus, always consider your comfort and convenience when buying a bed.

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