Sitting on Floor vs. Chairs: Which is Better for Your Health?

Working seated postures have evolved dramatically in recent years. While most office workers sit in chairs to complete their daily tasks, new advancements have permitted some professionals to sit on the floor for additional comfort.

In this article, we’ll compare and contrast sitting on the floor vs. chairs. Here also discussed would be which situations are best for sitting in a specific position.

Sitting on Floor vs. Chairs Comparison

Sitting on the Floor: Advantages

There are numerous benefits of sitting on the floor as opposed to sitting on chairs, which will be covered in this part.

1. Posture

Not all chair sitting posture adjustments are healthy for your body. If you’re so used to overworking, your body may begin to twist to meet your requirements, but this can result in a lot of muscle spasms over time.

Remember that sitting for an extended period of time can impact your pelvic motion as well as lumbar angle.

Sitting on the floor encourages you to maintain a neutral spine, whereas chairs enable you to change your postures in whatever way you desire. You may notice a significant improvement in your alignment once you become acclimated to sitting on floors.

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2. Strength

Sitting for long periods of time can cause muscle tissue to break. Stiff quadriceps, tense shoulders, as well as other issues, are among the most prevalent. 

On the other end, sitting on the floor encourages you to constantly reposition your body to ensure that you’re functioning in the proper position. It also exercises the lower spine and abs, which would be beneficial to your endurance.

Finally, sitting in a chair for an extended period of time might lead your glutes to clench, causing excruciating pain. Sitting cross-legged on the floor, on the other hand, can actually bolster muscles and alleviate pain.

3. Digestion

It has been proved how sitting on the floor aids digestion. Remember that even if you eat off the floor, you will have to stoop to have the meal in your mouth. This motion helps strengthen the core muscles, which enhances the production of stomach acid.

Sitting on the Floor Has Its Drawbacks

While sitting on the floor has many medical benefits, it also has some drawbacks that you should be conscious of.

1. First, if you don’t do it correctly, sitting on the floor might put additional strain on your joints. However, because you’re putting your full upper body on your lower body, you can restrict the flow of blood in the lower extremities.

2. When sitting on the floor, people are more likely to slump. You might develop serious postural disorders if you do not even pay attention to the matter. If you’re seeking the best writing position, sitting on the floor might not be the best choice.

3. It’s vital to remember that if you have certain joint problems, sitting on the ground can put additional strain on them. This could result in more physiological concerns and challenges when attempting to stand up again.

Getting Into a Good Floor Sitting Position

You can sit in a variety of different positions. Remember that since nothing is restricting the strength back while you sit on the floor, you may be even more fluid with your body.

  • One of the most prevalent ways to sit on the floor is cross-legged. To begin, sit down and cross your legs such that both face out. Position one foot underneath the opposite leg and move the pressure to the hips after you’re finished.
  • Kneeling is as simple as lowering both knees to the floor one at a time. For added comfort, cross your shoulders across the hips and relax your bottom on your heels. If you’re having trouble sleeping, consider using a mattress.
  • Bent Sit: You must rest and cross your legs to be able to plant both feet firmly on the ground in a bent sitting. Make absolutely sure that your feet remain broader than your hips.
  • Lengthy Sit: You must do prolonged sitting by spreading your legs and then bending the toes.
  • Side Sit: Begin in a flexed sitting position with both knees lowered to the right.

Sitting on Chairs: Advantages

We’ll discuss the advantages of sitting on an ergonomic chair in particular. Such chairs were initially built to assist you in sitting extra comfortably while adjusting your alignment.

1. Posture

You can alter some of the features of a retractable ergonomic chair to suit your desired sitting position in a positive manner. In essence, these items allow users to alter the elevation, arms, and seat on their desk chair, among other things.

Ergonomic chairs are excellent at encouraging good sitting posture. While it may take some time to adjust to your new chair’s sitting posture, the chair’s ergonomic characteristics make the change smoother, resulting in much less tight muscles throughout time.

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2. Tension and pressure are reduced.

It’s no mystery that sitting in a chair for an extended period of time may put a lot of strain on the shoulders, neck, and lumbar. Headrests, back assistance, changeable armrests, and other functions are common in ergonomic chairs and help your body adapt as needed throughout the day. 

Furthermore, the seat depth of most chairs allows you to relieve strain on the hips, which would be a prevalent fault with traditional seats with rough surfaces.

Disadvantages of Sitting on Chairs 

  1. Sitting for an extended period of time may increase the likelihood of developing chronic health conditions like heart disease and diabetes.
  1. Long periods of sitting can be detrimental to overall psychological health, resulting in poor energy and negative moods.
  1. If you do not correct your posture, you may develop cervical, shoulder, and spinal complications.


Sit on a chair when working with such a fixed-height workstation, when you can’t do your work activities with sitting on the floor. Try sitting in a chair, also, when you know you have a certain lumbar problem.

Recognize sitting on the floor if you believe you can complete your activities while sitting there, if you don’t have a comfy chair for suitable sitting, or maybe you’re having physical problems as a result of sitting down on a chair for far too much.

If you really want to experience sitting on the floor, now is the time to look at the best floor chairs.

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