Types of Bean Bags: You Might Love to Have for Your Living Space

Are you looking for a fun yet inexpensive furniture for your living space? Then, a bean bag chair is a perfect option.

You may have already enjoyed the comfort of bean bags when you were a kid. However, they are still an excellent choice for combined simplicity and comfort. Don’t worry; even the most intricate bean bags are less expensive compared to sofas.

Keep reading to understand the different types of bean bags!

What Is a Bean Bag?

A bean bag is a large bag of fabric filled with dried beans or beads to make it simple. The material within the bag varies according to the chair type.

This chair type is preferred by people who are trying to save space. A bean bag takes up less space in comparison to a couch or typical chair. Different material types are used for its interior and exterior.

The exterior can be made from corduroy, suede, leather, fabric, or synthetic fur. This practical chair can adapt to the shape of someone sitting in it, making it a versatile choice for all body shape types.

Shape, size, and filling are bean bag chairs’ three main characteristics that define the chair type. 

What Are the Different Types of Bean Bags According to Shape?

Here are the bean bag types based on shape:

1. Round Bean Bag Chair  

This chair is the most common type of bean bag. It is a circular chair that looks like a ball. You can use it just about everywhere, such as bedrooms, living rooms, entertainment rooms, etc.

 The chair comes with enough space within, allowing it to collapse and mold itself according to your shape. While it does not provide back and arm support, it is still highly comfortable.

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2. Square Bean Bag Chair 

 This bean bag chair type has a more defined shape. It has a shaped cushioned. In some cases, armrests are attached to it. 

 Adults often use a square bean bag is often used by adults who want a more traditional sitting experience. The chair provides a level of support usually needed by adults but not by children.

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3. Gaming Bean Bag Chair 

 Are you an avid video gamer? Then, this high-end bean bag chair is ideal for you. It is structured a lot the same as computer chairs that offer arms, neck, and back support and top-notch comfort.

Some gaming bean bags are equipped with speakers that sync with a computer or TV. This feature allows you to get HD audio from where you are sitting. The comfort level of this chair ensures that you will have a satisfying gaming experience.

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4. Novelty Bean Bag Chair 

A novelty bean bag is primarily designed for children. This bean bag type comes in all kinds of fun designs and shapes.

For example, you can find novelty bean bags that are shaped like a football, a turtle, or an airplane. This chair is as comfortable as other bean bags. However, it is treasured more for its aesthetics.

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5. Body Bean Bag Chair  

This bean bag has a design that enables you to lay on it. A body bean bag is generally very long. It also allows several individuals to sit on it at once.

Do not get confused between an oversized bean bag and a body bean bag. The former tends to be the round bag’s huge version, while the latter is more rectangular in shape.

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What Are the Different Types of Bean Bags According to Size?

Now, let’s get familiar with the bean bag types based on their sizes.

1. Kids Bean Bag 

The kids bean bag’s ideal size is small, mainly for children who are up to 4’6” tall. This chair usually has a circumference of 110-120 inches.

2. Teen Bean Bag  

Young adults can also enjoy a bean bag designed for them. A teen bean bag usually measures from 130-140 inches in circumference. However, it will not accommodate someone taller than 5’2”-5’3”. 

3. Adult Bean Bag

This bean bag chair is designed for adults up to 6 ft in height. It often has a circumference from 140-150 inches. 

4. Oversized Bean Bag

If you are a fan of a massive bean bag or a very large individual, you will need an oversized model. This bean bag starts at 180 inches in circumference or bigger. It is suitable for a group of people who want to sit in a single bean bag or taller individuals.

What Are the Different Types of Bean Bags According to Filling?

The filling is the final characteristic defining the bean bag type. Each filling affects the bean bag chair’s rigidness and comfort.

1. Foam 

 Bean bags are mostly filled with shredded polyurethane foam. This filling is also found in most recliners and couch cushions.  

This stuffing type possesses the chair’s appearance. Also, foam is firmer than other bean bag stuffing types. 

2. Polystyrene Beads 

In most cases, round bean bags are filled with polystyrene. It presents itself in the chair as tiny shifting beads.  

The beads will enclose your body when you sit down upon the bean bag. In return, you can experience top-notch support and comfort.  

3. Polypropylene Beads 

These beads are famous in many Asian countries. This filling is extremely powerful. For example, they quickly return to their original size if you crush them. 

These beads can contract, collapse, and expand when sitting on a chair. Then, they rise once you take the pressure off. Overall, this filling is the most comfortable.

If you are confused about How much Bean bag Filler do you need, then read out this guide.

What Is the Common Thing Between Different Types of Bean Bags?

While you can find several bean bag chair types on the market, they all still have one thing in common – a relaxing and casual design.

Bean bag chairs are perfect as lounging chairs or for adding seating. Don’t worry if most of your furniture pieces are fancy; anyone can use a good-quality bean bag. 

One of the best things about bean bags is that you can purchase a type based on shapes, filling, or size. So, you can easily find the one that best suits your needs. If you are ready to buy a bean bag for yourself, you can read our top picks for the best bean bag chairs. 

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