Types of Folding Chair: Which is Perfect for Your Needs?

Are you looking for folding chairs? These chairs are an excellent solution for indoor or outdoor events, such as get-togethers, meetings, parties, camping, or picnics. They are also cost-effective and practical use.

Many people often think that there is only one type of folding chair, which is the one made of metal. However, there are other types of folding chairs available on the market.

Keep reading to learn the different folding chair types and determine which one best suits your needs.

What are the Benefits of Folding Chairs?

Before we dive into the different types of folding chairs, let us first discover the benefits of owning one.

A folding chair is the most space-saving seating option, making it ideal for home use. That is especially true if your living space lacks a storage area. It is easy to move by a dolly or hand, which helps you set up seating for open-air fairs, gatherings, or weddings.

One of the reasons most homeowners and event organizers choose to invest in folding chairs is that they are affordable. You can buy folding chairs in bulk for the whole family or accommodate guests during events. 

These chairs are often lightweight, so you can carry them anywhere you go. Whether you have camping activities, attend concerts, have an upcoming barbecue party in the backyard, or host a small family gathering, these chairs are easy to carry and set up.

What are the Different Types of Folding Chair?

When buying a folding chair, one of the first things you should consider is the type. With several kinds of folding chairs available on the market, you can find one that can match your budget and other requirements.

Plastic Folding Chairs

Plastic is one of the most common types of folding chair. Most rental companies use plastic folding chairs in organizing small to big events. This folding chair type is easy to clean and waterproof, making it ideal for parties.

These chairs come with molded backrest and seat alongside a tubular metal frame. Since they fold up flat, you can easily stack them in a pile if you need to store them. They are the cheapest among the folding chair types while also having a good weight capacity to accommodate most people.

Aside from being affordable, plastic folding chairs are also durable. They do not get damaged by water and are sturdy, so you can use them for a long time. However, they are not the best-looking choice.

Metal Folding Chairs

Another popular type is metal folding chairs. This folding chair type is suitable for indoor and outdoor uses. The chairs’ all-metal construction makes them durable and sturdy.

Metal folding chairs are popular in churches, meeting halls, and event centers. Rental companies prefer them less because they are difficult to stack and do not slide easily, unlike plastic folding chairs.

These chairs are available in cushioned, padded, and plain painted steel. They are a better option for larger than the plastic ones. They are also available in multiple colors. 

Resin Folding Chairs

If you wish for a folding chair that can also be a piece of outdoor furniture, you can go for resin. That is because the chair can withstand moisture. Due to their durability and affordability, event organizers also prefer them.

You can use a damp rag or power wash to clean resin folding chairs. They have different color options, making them easily complement any décor or interior design. On the downside, these chairs are difficult to stack and take more space when folded and stored.

Wooden Folding Chairs 

If you currently have plastic folding chairs and want to step up, wooden folding chairs are an excellent option. These chairs look good and can give you a natural feel from wood.

Getting this folding chair type allows you to choose from different wood, including beechwood, oak, and birch.

However, unlike their plastic counterparts, wooden folding chairs are difficult to stack. These chairs even slide off, which makes it harder for you to stack them. 

Padded Folding Chairs

Folding chairs with padding are suitable for high-end events and are among the most expensive types of folding chairs. The seats are made with resin, wood, or metal but have a cushioned texture.

Padded folding chairs are a perfect choice if you need to sit for long periods or have upcoming fancy affairs. The chairs’ extra padding offers comfort even when sitting for more extended periods.

The reason why people purchase these chairs is that they want to experience the greatest comfortability while sitting.

On the downside, padded folding chairs require more time for cleaning. They also take more space when set up and stored.

Saucer Folding Chairs 

Saucer folding chairs come in handy for those who want to watch their favorite TV shows or movies and relax after a long busy day. These chairs look cozy and make you want to curl as you do in a round chair.

The chairs are designed with a soft cushion, providing a relaxing and luxurious feeling while sitting. They are suitable for young children and teenagers. While some foldable saucer chairs are too small for adults, there are also oversized models.

When these chairs are not in use, you can simply fold and store them. If you want to bring them on a trip or you need to move to another place, they are easy to transport. You can use them as permanent seating in small apartments or extra seating in dens or living rooms. 

Outdoor Folding Chairs 

When heading for outdoor activities like picnic and hiking, outdoor or camping folding chairs are a suitable choice. These chairs are easy to carry and offer portability.

With the carrying bag included, transporting and storing these chairs become easier. Because of their extreme lightness, they are not very durable.

Mesh Folding Chairs

Mesh folding chairs are perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses. They can keep you comfortable and fresh throughout your sitting experience. The seat’s design supports the body while giving extra comfort.

These chairs are easy to clean and suitable for larger people. However, they are more expensive compared to other types.

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