What Fabric to Use for Bean Bags?

Are you searching for the What Fabric to Use for Bean Bags? Then, you are in the perfect place.

Bean bags are currently considered a popular form of furniture, especially with a variety of designs available. In short, plenty of fabrics are available to use for bean bags.

Read on to help you choose which fabric is best for bean bags.

What Are the Different Fabrics Used for Making Bean Bag Chairs?

People choose different bean bag fabrics depending on the usability and types of bean bags they want to use. Here are the different fabrics used to make bean bags:

1. Cotton

This fabric is affordable, comfortable, and breathable. It offers a mild and breezy feel while sitting on a bean bag chair.

On the downside, cotton is not stain-resistant. It also absorbs liquids quickly, and you need to wait long hours before it dries.

2. Leather

If you want a vibrant material for your bean bag chair, leather is a perfect choice. This fabric is suitable for indoor bean bags. 

Choosing leather as fabric for bean bags ensures lots of comforts, luxury, and sophistication. However, it comes with a high price tag.

3. Faux Leather

This artificial leather is made of polyurethane or PVC. This fabric is waterproof and flexible. However, it does not provide enough comfort.

4. Silk

If you wish for a viable fabric for your bean bag, silk is an excellent option. On the other hand, it is expensive, like leather.

5. Microsuede

Microsuede is a stylish and attractive fabric. It offers a distinctive feeling when you sit on the bean bag chair. This leather type has a furry or velvet finish, making it more comfortable to use.

This fabric is ideal for indoor use. However, it isn’t easy to clean and requires proper handling and care.

6. Polyester

Polyester is water-resistant, durable, and strong. Many people also prefer it because it can be used outdoors and is inexpensive. This fabric is one of the best materials for bean bag chairs.

7. Nylon 

Nylon is another best fabric used for bean bags. It is relatively affordable and has one of the strongest fibers. You can use it both indoors and outdoors.

What Is the Best Fabric for a Casual Lifestyle?

Silk and leather are excellent fabrics that can endure normal use. These fabrics can make a very good statement about your living space. They look good and can last for years.

On the other hand, these fabrics are less likely to last when used for casual lifestyles. Instead, you can go for other fabrics like microsuede and faux leather. These fabrics are less expensive than silk and leather. 

Microsuede and faux leather come with their own durability and toughness levels. 

However, if you prioritize flexibility, you can opt for polyester and nylon. These fabrics can be used indoors and outdoors, making them ideal for a casual lifestyle. They also handle spills effectively.

What Is the Best Waterproof Fabric for Bean Bag Chairs? (What Fabric to Use for Bean Bags)

You can find several waterproof fabrics used for bean bags. However, not all of them are comfortable. 

Faux leather is an incredible bean bag fabric. However, it does not provide enough comfort. On the bright side, it is a suitable choice if you want to keep liquids away.

If faux leather does not compliment your décor or you are not a fan of it, you can switch to polyester. This material is also waterproof and comes in a variety of designs and colors. So, your bean bag made with this material can easily fit your décor.

What Is the Best Fabric for Outdoor Bean Bag Chairs?

You can try using leather outdoors because of its roughness. This fabric can also handle different temperatures and spruce up your deck or patio. However, its expensive cost can make you think twice about using it outside.

Alternatively, you can go for cotton. This durable fabric can handle various outdoor elements except for snow and rain. However, it requires a waterproof coating to prevent liquid spills and stains.

The best fabrics used for bean bags are polyester and nylon. These synthetic fabrics can handle anything and are tough. They can also withstand different outdoor environments more effectively than other fabrics.

If you want other waterproof fabrics, you can also try marine materials. However, they can be too heavy for bean bags.

What Is the Best Fabric for Bean Bag Chairs?

Using the best fabric for making bean bag chairs does not necessarily mean it is the best one to use practically.

For example, leather is an excellent bean bag fabric but is not practical. That is because it may not be suitable for outdoor use, and it comes with an expensive cost.

When choosing the best fabric for a bean bag chair, you have to ensure that the fabric can ensure constant handling and landings. It should also work for outdoor uses.

In other words, you should go for a heavy fabric without spending too much. Polyester and nylon are excellent candidates. However, there are other fabrics with heavy weights, like cotton.

Lightweight fabrics are not strong or durable enough to handle the different demands of the users. Fabrics that quickly tear are excluded from the best materials to use options.

Once you decide which fabrics to use, you might be interested in changing your bean bag filler to bring back your comfort level; you can read this guide- How Much Bean Bag Filler Do you Need

How Much Fabric Is Needed for a Bean Bag?

The answer depends on the bean bag chair size you are making. If your chair is wider and bigger, you will need more fabric. For example, an adult bean bag requires around 6 cubic feet of beans and 5 yards of fabric.

If your chair measures 48 inches in diameter and 26 inches in high, you will need 6 inches wide and 6 yards of fabric. The fabric must cover the chair’s sides, bottom, and top.

Before you purchase a specific fabric, ensure that you know the measurements of your bean bags. After you check the measurements, you have to add in a minimum of 10 percent to cover any mistakes or miscalculations that usually occur.

A bean bag chair can add a little fun and cozy feel to your living space. It also offers comfort and warmth if made right. So, ensure to choose the right fabric for a particular situation to reap the benefits of this chair. If you plan to buy new bean bag chairs, check out our top picks for the best bean bag chairs. 

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