What is a Drafting Chair? Types of Drafting Chairs & Is It Any Good?

Do you want to continue the correct posture when you work? Are you looking for a chair that helps reduce or prevents pain during sitting for long hours? Then, a drafting chair is what you need.

In this article, you will get to know more about what is a drafting chair, its types, and how it can help you with a better posture and more productivity.

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Let’s get started now.

What is a Drafting Chair?

A drafting chair is specifically designed to be used alongside a drafting table. It is considered a traditional office chair’s modified version. 

In comparison, an office chair usually goes up to 22 inches in height, while a drafting chair enables you to adjust the height as high as 30 inches. The drafting chair is higher than an office chair due to its longer cylinder.

Since drafting is much taller, it includes a footrest. This feature helps prevent your legs from dangling. The chair offers flexibility to adjust the height according to the drafting table’s angle as well as your required comfort and support.

A drafting chair also comes with armrests and a backrest to provide you with support for long periods of sitting. The chair is most suitable for long-term neck and back health. It gives you the option to work at different angles, which prevents you from slouching over with your head down.

What are the Different Types of Drafting Chairs?

A drafting chair provides a lot of options for varying needs. Plus, you can find an exciting mixture of features and value in each of these varying choices. 

This chair is not limited to one type. You can encounter different types of drafting chairs in the market, such as:

Drafting Chair with Padded Back and Armrests 

The standing option for a drafting chair to use with a drafting table is one that comes with padded armrests and a backrest for optimal comfort.

The most common height options in this drafting chair type are from 24 inches to 28 inches. The chair’s base has a footrest alongside a five-wheel base.

Mesh Drafting Chair without Armrests 

Do you find the armrests a little constraining? If yes, you can go for a drafting chair with no armrests but with a more open design. The chair’s backrest is more breathable and open with a thin width and a mesh design.

With this drafting chair type, you will feel fresh and cool even after long hours of working and sitting, especially if your workplace is hot. It is also ideal if you want something less expensive and cumbersome.

Drafting Stool 

If you wish for ultimate mobility while working, a drafting stool will give you an improved range of motion. This drafting chair type has a lot of similarities with other drafting chairs, except for the seat design, which includes a small backrest.

You can also find a drafting stool that has a design with no backrest at all. Instead, it has a saddle seat.

Leather Drafting Chair 

A leather drafting chair perfectly mixed the feel and look of a luxury office chair with a drafting chair’s height and armrests. It allows you to choose between synthetic and authentic leather upholstery.

The chair’s seat pad and backrest are thicker compared to other designs. That is because the design focuses on comfort. This chair also features a pneumatic system that lets you adjust its height according to your needs.

Leaning Drafting Chair

With the leaning drafting chair, you have a choice not to move very often. This drafting chair model is designed with a stationary base that provides flexible support. It enables you to lean towards the drafting chair effortlessly.

The chair’s leaning position is suitable for your posture and spine. As you lean forward, some groups of muscles are engaged the entire day. Consequently, your body will become more active compared to standard chair designs.

Are Drafting Chairs for Everyone?

A drafting chair is usually used by cartographers, designers, and architects who spend a lot of time drawing and sitting. These professionals often own drafting tables that require a drafting chair for complete comfort and support while working.

However, drafting is not designed for everyone. If you are seated at a standard height desk or a regular office chair, it is not recommended to get this chair.

A drafting chair is typically too high, making it unsuitable for those who use a standard table where they have to place their arms at odd angles when using a mouse and the keyboard. It also prevents their legs from fitting under the table.

A drafting chair, on the other hand, is a great fit for those who use a standing desk.

Should I Get a Drafting Chair?

A very basic drafting chair comes with an adjustable height that allows you to find the most suitable height to enjoy comfort. More complex versions feature easy-to-adjust arms and backs alongside supportive foot bars.

Getting a drafting chair is a worthwhile investment if you have to spend long hours working at your drafting table. The chair will offer you comfort and support, helping you stay productive and complete your project on time without complaining about bad posture and body pains.

The backrest, seat, and height should ideally be easy to adjust, ensuring that you will fit comfortably into the chair and your back is well-supported.

If the drafting chair model has an armrest, it should also be adjustable to provide the necessary comfort. This chair usually includes a foot bar to support your legs.


A drafting chair helps make working more comfortable when used correctly. This chair reduces or prevents any stress injuries as well as other issues associated with low-quality office equipment and poor posture. 

Do you use the same drafting table with your colleagues? You have to seek out drafting chairs together so that everyone is happy and comfortable throughout the working hours. 

You can also find a drafting chair that features a memory setting, allowing you to enjoy a customized feel while sitting.

Overall, a drafting chair gives you a comfortable place to elevate your legs and sit while doing your projects for extended periods of time.

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