What Size Is a Futon Mattress?

A futon is widely used in many homes today due to its comfort. It can be a versatile piece of furniture that you can use as a sofa and bed. 

You can use it in your game room, office, bedroom, living room, and other spaces in your home. However, do you wonder What Size Is a Futon Mattress? A futon mattress is available in different sizes. You can choose the right size according to your individual needs. 

What Size Is a Futon Mattress?

The sizes of a futon are also like the sizes of a traditional bed mattress. You can avail futon in the following sizes.

1. Twin XL

The twin XL futon mattress is 38” x 80”. This futon size is ideal for compact spaces like a guest room. 

It can accommodate taller sleepers.     

2. Twin

The twin futon mattress is 38” x 75”. It is the most compact adult bed size. 

It is a good choice for average-height adults living in dorm rooms or small apartments. Usually, a twin futon comes in tri-fold or love-seat futons, which are designed as chairs. 

3. Queen

It is among the popular sizes of a futon. It is 60” x 80” and can accommodate couples and taller sleepers. You can fold it to an average-sized sofa to use in the daytime. 

4. Full/ Double

The full or double futon is the most common size for a futon mattress. It is about 54” x 75” and is ideal for a single sleeper who likes to spread out or roll around. 

It is also called a double mattress since it can accommodate two people. However, it can be narrow for two individuals to sleep on it comfortably. 

The recommended size for a couple of mattresses is a king or queen-size mattress. 

5. King 

The king-size futon is 76” x 80”. It is roomy for couples and can even accommodate a child or two. 

You can avail a king-size futon in a tri-fold design. Its dimensions can be for a bulky bi-fold couch. 

What Are the Types of Mattresses for a Futon? 

There are many mattresses you can use for your futon. These include:

1. Memory Foam

It is among the most popular types of mattresses. It was a special polyurethane foam made to support and cradle your body while sleeping. 

The memory foam for a futon is contouring and flexible to bend with bi-fold and tri-fold designs. Meanwhile, it can morph to fit your body shape.

It can compress down if you use your futon as a couch. So, you can opt for a firmer memory foam mattress. 

2. Hybrid

Although a hybrid mattress has coils, it can still be a good mattress for a futon. Its pocketed coil support core can bend with adjustable futons and bases. 

A hybrid mattress is suitable for futons because it is comfortable and supportive. However, you should also consider gravity. If you plan to keep the futon folded most of the time, you should consider one without coils. 

3. Latex Foam 

Natural latex can be less contouring compared to memory foam. But it can be good in retaining shape. 

The latex mattress can offer a more responsive sitting area if you fold the futon into a sofa. In addition, latex foam is a good material for those who are sensitive to synthetic allergens. 

What Futon Size Is Best for You?

With lots of futon sizes available on the market, choosing the right size for you can be challenging. Don’t worry because this article will help you.

You should measure your room to determine the size of your futon mattress. You will need about 2 feet of open space on both sides of the bed to prevent mobility problems. 

It is also essential to consider the number of people who will sleep on the futon. A small futon is perfect if you’re a single sleeper or have occasional overnight guests. 

If you’re not sure or will have multiple visitors, you can choose a king or queen futon size. Do you want to know Are Futons Good for Your Back, then read out this guide.

Who Can Sleep on a Futon Mattress?

All sleepers with different body types, ages, and needs can sleep on a futon mattress. The size and quality of the futon are essential to how supported or comfortable you will feel while sleeping on the futon. 

You can get a high-quality memory foam mattress with a durable wooden base for comfortable sleeping. 

How Much Weight Can a Futon Mattress Accommodate?

A futon mattress’s weight can depend on its frame and size. You can check the packaging of the futon for weight restrictions or limits. 

Usually, a standard futon mattress can accommodate 500 to 650 pounds. 

How Should You Store a Futon Mattress?

A futon mattress is designed to be folded. You can store a futon mattress if you have a futon frame that can be folded to a couch. 

Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s suggestion for folding your futon mattress before storage. 

How Can You Put Your Futon Mattress in Place?

A quality futon frame comes with stoppers to keep the futon in place. If you experience sliding off your mattress, you can get an aftermarket futon holder. 

Do Futon Sizes Similar to Traditional Beds?

Yes, the sizes of a futon mattress are similar to the dimensions of traditional beds. With this, you can also sleep comfortably on a futon mattress like normal beds. 

What Are the Types of a Futon Frames?

A futon frame comes in various types. These are:

1. Wood

A wooden futon frame can provide a natural and rustic look to your room. Make sure to get one made from hardwood. Thus, softwood is not supportive or durable for beds. 

2. Metal

Usually, a metal frame for a futon comes in silver or black. You can also paint it to suit your decor. It has excellent durability and is wallet-friendly. 

3. Plywood 

It is the most affordable but less durable than other frame options. 


As we mentioned above, choosing the best mattress size can depend on your specific needs. You should consider how the futon mattress will support and comfort you as you sleep on it. 

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