Why Do Babies Need a Firm Mattress?

As a parent, you always want your baby to be comfortable. So, you should provide your baby with the right mattress.      

You may observe that the sleep surface for a baby is firm, whether it is a pad for a portable crib or a full-size crib mattress.

The portable crib or mattress pad needs to be covered by a fitted sheet only. There should be no other padding on the bed to make it more comfortable. Thus, it can be dangerous for your baby.

Babies need a firm mattress for better sleep. We can’t deny that newborn babies sleep a lot. 

One-week-old babies sleep up to 20 hours each day. Your responsibility is to provide your baby with a safe and comfortable sleeping environment. 

You should get a crib that meets safety standards. The mattress is also a developmental and growth center of the infant. 

Your baby needs a flat, even, and firm surface to maximize development. It is crucial, especially if the baby begins to be more active in the crib. 

A firm mattress is essential to offer resistance as the baby starts to turn, push up and stand in the crib. The infant needs a solid mattress base with resistance to strengthen and develop muscles. 
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Importance of a Firm Mattress for Babies (Why Do Babies Need a Firm Mattress)

A firm mattress is crucial for babies. As we mentioned earlier, it’s a surface for the growth and development of the baby. 

The sleeping surface should have resistance. The baby begins to push up, turn and stand in the crib. Ensure that the firm mattress is free from tears, bumps, dents, or other damage. 

The firm mattress should not bend under the weight of the baby. It should have strong edges. 

Lying on the back is the safest sleeping position for babies. The firmness offers resistance, so the infant will not roll on the side of the crib. 

A firm mattress is important for muscle and bone development. Since it has enough resistance, the infant can begin to turn over by itself. 

How to Know if the Mattress Is Firm Enough for the Baby?

You can have a home firmness test. You can press the bed using your hand. 

If the crib mattress is firm enough, it will snap back immediately to its original shape. Your palm’s imprint shouldn’t stay on the mattress. It is also important to get a quality mattress for your baby. 

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What Are the Things You Should Consider in Finding a Firm Mattress for a Baby?

In buying a firm mattress for an infant, you should consider the following factors.

1. Fitting in the Crib

A safe, firm mattress for your baby should snugly fit into the crib. The regular cribs and internal dimensions of standard full-size cribs are government regulated. 

2. Breathability

A quality firm mattress for babies should be breathable. So, there is good airflow through the bed. 

The breathability of the mattress is essential to avoid fungus and mold formation in the core of the bed. Additionally, a breathable mattress can cool down faster, avoiding the overheating of the infant. 

3. Resistance

The firm crib mattress should have resistance as the baby turn over. It should have skeletal support. 

Resistance is necessary for the muscle and bone development of your baby. 

4. Quality

Make sure you only purchase a quality firm mattress for your infant. There are many reliable brands where you can get the best quality crib mattress. With this, you can ensure the safety of your baby while sleeping. 

5. Cost

Firm crib mattresses are available at different prices. You should buy the best mattress that suits your baby’s needs and your budget. 

6. Other Considerations

You should also consider the following:

  • Does it come with a waterproof cover?
  • Do the corners and seams of the mattress have excellent quality?
  • How hard is the cleaning of the mattress?
  • The durability of the firm mattress

Why Does a Soft Surface Be Dangerous for a Baby?

If a baby rests on soft bedding or soft surfaces, the surface may conform or indent to the unique shape of the baby’s head. There’s a possibility that they may breathe in carbon dioxide or the breath they exhaled. 

In addition, the surfaces can add to the risk of suffocation, especially if the infant faces down on the couch, mattress, or other soft surfaces. You should have a firm mattress to lower suffocation risks and have your baby sleep on their back. 

When Can a Baby Sleep on a Softer Mattress? 

The transition from a firm mattress to a softer mattress can begin between 18 months and two years old. During this age, the baby no longer requires a firm crib mattress. 

They can sleep on a big kid’s bed. You have the choice when it comes to comfort and preference. If you want a softer mattress, you can opt for a breathable and easy wash. 

What Should You Consider in the Sleeping Environment of Your Baby?

When it comes to the sleeping environment of your baby, you should consider consistency. Babies enjoy white noise, so you can make sound machines to comfort your baby as they sleep. 

You should also be responsible for cleaning and maintaining the firm mattress for your baby. With that, dirt and bacteria will not build up in the crib mattress. It can increase the safety of your baby while sleeping. 

With a quality and clean, firm mattress, your baby can have better bone and muscle development. Remember that the sleeping space of your baby is essential for their growth and development.

Get a quality firm mattress to give your baby the best sleeping environment that they deserve. 


Generally, a firm mattress is the safest sleeping surface for your baby. A firm mattress comes with enough resistance as the infant gets older. 
More importantly, a firm mattress lowers suffocation risks and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

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