Why Do We Have Rocking Chairs?

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of rocking chairs? For us, we can think of nothing other than comfort.

While there are plenty of stereotypes surrounding the use of rocking chairs, you won’t believe how great they are for every person. 

You don’t have to be elderly to use a rocking chair. You’ll be surprised to see how many benefits this type of chair can bring to you.

Here, we’ll get into the details of why do we have rocking chairs and all the benefits they entail. 

A Little Background on Rocking Chairs

Bentwood Rocker

According to various sources, the rocking chair came into being in the early 1700s. While there’s no exact understanding of who made the first rocking chair, many sources claim that it was one of the founding fathers of America, Benjamin Franklin, who came up with this invention. 

The first version of the rocking chair was simply made using wood that featured a straight back and curved seat. These features paired with the rockers made it quite popular at the time. You’ll often hear this type of rocking chair called the Windsor rockers.

Initially, you’d find the use of rocking chairs to be specifically for the elderly and nursing mothers. However, a long time has passed and things are different today. Rocking chairs are now a popular piece of furniture in many homes and are used by people of all ages. 

Why Should You Invest in a Rocking Chair?

Now, rocking chairs bring many benefits to your home. Not only do they add to the look and beauty of your home, but they could potentially improve your health condition as well. 

There are multiple reasons for you to invest in a rocking chair and we’ve laid out some of the more prominent reasons below as well. If you feel convinced, check out some of the best rocking chairs we have in store for you. 

Why Do We Have Rocking Chairs? Top Benefits

Don’t know why you should buy a rocking chair for your home? Keep reading to find out why rocking chairs are quintessential for every home, especially if you wish to improve your emotional wellbeing, are a new parent, or want to improve your relaxing time.

1. Beautify the Outlook of Your Home

Rocking chairs of all timelines have distinct looks that make them stand out. Antique rockers can add a certain class and elegance to your home like no other. They’re intricately carved out, have more wood on them, and are quite valuable even today. 

So, it’s no denying that these will add to the overall look of your home. On the other hand, modern versions of rocking chairs are made to go with the theme of modern homes. You’ll find minimalistic looks focus on providing you comfort

Adding a rocking chair to your home will surely make it much more appealing than before. With the wide variety of rockers available, you can match one with your home’s theme easily. 

2. Amp Your Relaxation Time

One thing that rocking chairs promise you is comfort. They are made to give you a comfortable place to rest, essentially, and you’ll find them doing their job quite well. 

Grab a book or doze off while moving back and forth on your rocking chair. The rhythm it creates helps you relax much more easily. You can place your rocker in your room, close to a window to enjoy views while relaxing, or simply use it outdoors while sipping on your tea or coffee.

If you’re confused about how and where to place your coffee table, read this article.

3. Helps Ease Back Pain

Throughout the day, you’ll probably find yourself slouching down and hurting your back while sitting. While the pain doesn’t start instantly, this can have a long-term impact on your back. 

Using a rocking chair on a daily basis can help straighten your back and ease your back pain. How is this possible? Well, the straight back of the rocking chair allows you to place your back straight and the footrest helps ensure your knees are bent at the perfect angle. 

4. Ideal for New Parents


New parents are always looking for ways they provide comfort to their newborns. Rocking chairs are quite popular with new parents as it becomes a savior in times of trouble. 

By trouble, we mean when you’ve got to put your child to sleep and nothing works other than rocking them to sleep. Having to do that while standing is quite difficult, so a rocking chair can be of great help. 

Not only does it help you with the rocking motion easily, but it helps put your child to sleep quickly. Along with this, it’s the perfect furniture piece that mothers can use to feed their babies.

You can also place a rocking chair in the nursery to beautify it and make the place more relaxed.

5. Helps in Overcoming Insomnia

About 33% to 50% of adults in the US suffer from insomnia. That’s a huge number of people that have trouble falling asleep. According to research, the motion of rocking has an overall positive impact on sleep quality. 

Therefore, a rocking chair can help improve your sleep, especially if you’re an insomniac. While it might not be the solution to your insomnia at all times, it will help give you some relief by allowing you quality sleep.

6. Enhances Overall Mental Wellbeing

Rocking chairs help in improving the emotional well-being of an individual. How does this work and to what extent? Well, the movement of rocking back and forth essentially helps calm the nerves down. So, anyone suffering from anxiety or stress can use this as a resort to calm down.

There are obvious limitations to using rocking chairs for mental wellbeing. However, it can aid in the process of improving your mental state along with professional help.

Rocking chairs come with a myriad of benefits for you. So, they’re not just a piece of furniture that you add as a home improvement, it actually helps in improving your health as well.

Get yourself a rocking chair if you haven’t already and see the difference for yourself. You’ll be truly amazed.

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