WorkPro Quantum 9000 vs. 12000 Comparison

Sitting in a standard traditional office chair for 8 hours at work or home can have a negative impact on your health and productivity. If you want to replace your old working chair with a more ergonomic model, consider this Workpro quantum 9000 vs. 12000 comparison article.

About the WorkPro Quantum 9000 

The WorkProQuantum 9000 is a Herman Miller Aeron substitute office chair with a mesh foundation. Let us take a look at its features and characteristics: 

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The Construction Quality

On a Quantum 9000, the backrest foundation, including the interconnection between the chair as well as head, are 2 major features made from metal increasing endurance. The tube, of fact, consists limited to a single substantial piece of metal.

Among the most evident signs of an economy, desk chair seems to be the number of plastic elements. Apparently, one of these is not really the Quantum 9000. This chair could readily endure 4 to 5 years if the fabric withstands in terms of durability.

Although the Quantum is extremely heavy as a mesh seat, coming in around sixty pounds, attributable to those metal components.

The Aeron B is the smaller of the 2 when contrasted to something like a Herman Miller Aeron B, whose weight is fifty-five pounds, as well as a favored, recommended affordable seat, a Duramont, which carries only forty-five pounds.

In terms of adjustability, there’s more than greets the eye

The WordPro Quantum 9000 could be mistaken for a standard mesh office chair from the outside. Unlike the Aeron chair, which has lengthy projecting buttons and knobs everywhere, the Quantum 9000 has only three tiny switches and a knob.

The Quantum 9000 is seemingly adaptable, which is great for long-term comfort:

Seat Depth Can Be Adjusted: The seat level here on Quantum 9000 can be adjusted. This outperforms the Herman Miller Aeron, which has a fixed seat depth.

Push the second right-hand side switch back to allow the seat to glide between 19″ and 21″ inches, then forward to secure the setting. The greatest seat height option is especially beneficial for persons who are taller than 6′ and have longer thighs.

3D pivoting armrests: The Quantum 9000’s armrests are cushioned with thick cushions to avoid elbow and forearm pain. The armrests also rotate to hold your arms at various angles (approximately 25 degrees within and 5 degrees outwards).

One of the favorite aspects of such a chair is the height-adjustable backrest. It doesn’t have easily adjustable comfort, much like the Aeron chair, but it compensates for it with a height-adjustable backrest. A mid-back chair can accommodate equally tall and short persons while providing adequate back support.

The backrest of the Quantum 9000 Chair tilts approximately 30 degrees off upright by default, which is a fairly sturdy tilt mechanism.

A tension knob on the right allows you to adjust the amount of effort needed to tilt the chair back. A toggle on the left also allows you to lock down the angular position so that it does not bounce back.

About the WorkPro Quantum 12000

The WorkPro Quantum 12000 is less expensive than the Herman Miller chair. Is it, however, a good or bad choice in comparison?

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The first Quantum 9000 Series chairs were made entirely of mesh. Later versions had a padded seat option. The Quantum 12000 series office chair, on the other hand, comes with a padded seat as standard.

This office chair is probably more suited for big and heavier users, with a weight capacity of 275 pounds. It also includes a tall headrest that is ideally adapted for full spinal support, as well as the option of adding a headrest.

The backrest is ergonomic, and people with sciatica or scoliosis may require such an expandable office chair to alleviate back discomfort to the greatest extent feasible. 

This chair includes a rotatable seat cushion with a cascade pattern and a tall backrest constructed of mesh for increased comfort. The WordPro Quantum 12000 also offers ergonomically designed elevation, arm altitude, lumbar inclination, back height, back seat thickness, and other features.

With its angle control and tilt latching mechanism, you may configure it to your liking. Not only that, but it also features a black ergonomic mesh/fabric chair. 

The WorkPro Quantum 9000 vs. 12000 Comparison

The WordPro 12000 Task Chair features a management style that distinguishes it from the 1000 series. In comparison to the 1000 model, it has larger overall dimensions (38-5/16′′ to 44-7/8′′H x 26-3/8′′W x 26-15/16′′ D). The 12000 WorkPro office chair, like the 4000 and 9000 series, features a noticeable waterfall seat border as well as a greater maximum weight of up to 275 pounds. 

The Workpro Quantum 9000 chair may not have the same high-end mesh as the Aeron chair. It does, however, last for years. It’s also really comfy, which isn’t often the case with mid-back cloth office chairs.

The WorkPro Quantum 1200, on the other hand, is the preferable chair (in regards to lumbar support adjustment) if you suffer from chronic back pain. This office chair has more adjustment options than the Aeron. Otherwise, if used all day for about 5-10 years, the Aeron chair rarely disappoints if you have the means. 

WorkPro Quantum 1200 also doesn’t block off flow in the legs because of the circular seat design, which is beneficial for long periods of sitting. Otherwise, the backrest is where the WordPro Quantum 9000 vs. 1200 discussion ends.

The 9000 chair is a replacement for the Aeron office chair, while the 1200 Series is designed for customers who require a higher headrest and a seat that can support a little more body weight.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, the WorkPro Task Chairs (both 9000 and 12000) are fantastic chairs to upgrade to if you’re seeking a more comfortable and sturdy office chair.

When you sit all day, it provides much-needed comfort and support. It has repeatedly been cited as a less expensive alternative to the legendary Herman Miller Aeron chair, so you’re getting a terrific value.

The chair is ideal for long working time and, thanks to its solid construction, will last for many years. You may be able to make decisions which is the finest for you after reading this article about this WorkPro quantum 9000 vs. 12000 comparison.

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