Murphy Bed Vs. Sleeper Sofa

Are you still torn between a murphy bed vs. sleeper sofa? This post will help you finally choose between the two.

If you have limited space at home, the best thing you can do is get space-saving furniture pieces, such as murphy beds and sleeper sofas.

These pieces of furniture will not only maximize your living space but also preserve the aesthetics of your home.

However, which one is better, a murphy bed or a sleeper sofa? Let’s find the answer! 

What is a Murphy Bed?

In the early 1900s, William Lawrence Murphy invented the murphy bed. This wall bed is vertically stored and looks like a wall cabinet.

A murphy bed offers extra space for sleeping when needed. It frees up space in your room when not in use. 

If you need the extra bed, simply pull it using cabinet handles on hinges. You have to flip the bottom bed legs over the mattress’ end to rest firmly on the ground. Then, it converts into a bed.

This bed needs to be attached to your wall. With the wall anchors, you can securely attach the bed to the wall and make it safe to use.

Is Murphy Bed Comfortable?

You can use a murphy bed as a regular mattress. If you invest in a customized mattress, the more comfortable you will experience.

Ideally, you can buy a mattress with the following features:

  • Mattress padding 
  • Coils and springs for back support 
  • A memory foam mattress 

What are the Available Murphy Bed Sizes?

Murphy beds are available in different sizes; twin bed, double bed, and queen bed. You are responsible for buying the mattress. 

While king-sized murphy beds are available online, most retailers prefer not to sell them. This bed size can have bent-hinged bars and overload the wall anchors, making them unsafe.

Is Murphy Bed Safe to Use?

A murphy bed is safe to use with proper installation. Once folded down, the bed does not spring up spontaneously or fall on top of you. 

This bed can hold approximately up to 500 pounds. In other words, it can hold up a maximum of two adult-sized people. 

When closing or folding the bed, be careful not to get your fingers or hands in the mechanism or bars. Do not allow kids to open the bed without adult supervision or allow them to play on the bed.

Murphy Bed Vs. Sleeper Sofa: Why Should You Choose Murphy Beds Over Sleeper Sofas?

Here are the top reasons why you should choose a murphy bed over a sleeper sofa:

Takes Up Less Space 

You can tuck a murphy bed into a frame and connect to the wall; it takes up less space compared to a sleeper sofa. Unlike a sofa bed that is 24” deep, this wall bed is only 16”-19” deep.

Usable in a Home Office Workspace 

Do you plan to create a home office? A murphy bed allows you to build a deck right into it.

A queen-sized murphy desk bed is suitable for couples. You can also add a sleeping space in the kid’s room with a tilt-down bed and desk alongside a twin mattress.

On the other hand, a sofa bed is just that. You cannot transform it into a desk for your home office.

Build a Storage System 

If you have a home office, drawers and cabinets are critical. Fortunately, you can have them on the sides of your bed. 

The murphy bed system allows you to get cabinetry. For example, if you use a room as a yoga studio or a spare room, you can add a wardrobe closet on your bed’s side. 

Meanwhile, if you are interested in buying a trundle bed, you can check out our top 15 picks for the best trundle beds.

What is a Sleeper Sofa?

A sleeper sofa is a bed stored within a couch. It is also referred to as a sofa bed or a pull-out couch. It helps you maximize your seating space while having extra room. 

If you have guests, you can use sleeper sofas to give them a comfortable place to sleep. It is more multifunctional compared to a traditional bed. 

During the day, you can use the sleeper sofa for seating. Then, you can open it up at night for a sleeping area.

What are the Available Sleeper Sofa Sizes?

Sleeper sofas are available in different sizes: twin bed, double or full bed, and queen bed. 

King-sized sofa beds are also available. However, they are difficult to find in some areas.

Is Sleeper Bed Comfortable?

A sofa bed includes a mattress built right into it, unlike a murphy bed. Some sofa beds are more comfortable than others, depending on the features.

If you purchase a less expensive sofa bed, expect a thin mattress. Plus, its bar underneath tends to be less comfortable on the back.

For a more luxurious sleeper sofa, look for the following features:

  • A memory foam that supports and conforms to the body
  • An air mattress 
  • A mattress inside the innerspring coil spring 

Murphy Bed Vs. Sleeper Sofa: Why Should You Choose Sleeper Sofas Over Murphy Beds?

There are several reasons why you should choose sleeper sofas over murphy beds, including:

More Seating 

Getting a sleeper sofa is an excellent solution if you need additional space in a loft living room or a studio apartment alongside seating.

While you can get a sofa function from a murphy bed, it comes with a higher price tag. With a sleeper sofa, you can get more seating on a limited budget.


As mentioned above, sleeper sofas are cheaper than murphy beds. Since you do not need to incorporate a frame underneath that is as strong as a murphy bed has, you can save money.

A murphy bed may offer a better sleeping experience and be easier to operate, but a sleeper sofa remains a cheaper option.

Does Not Require Mounting on the Wall 

Unlike a murphy bed that you need to attach to the wall, a sleeper sofa does not require mounting on the wall.

This is an advantage if you need to move to another place soon. You can simply bring the sleeper sofa to the new location without having the hassle of removing it from the wall.

Final Words

Your choice between a murphy bed and a sleeper sofa depends on your preference. Before choosing a specific bed, ensure to know your requirements first. 

If you wish for another space-saving bed, do not hesitate to read our article about what is a trundle bed.

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