Bean Bag Chair vs. Office Chair

Are you working from home and searching for an ergonomic chair? Or are you torn between a bean bag chair and an office chair? This Bean Bag Chair vs. Office Chair post will help you better understand each chair type and choose the one that best suits your needs.

What Is an Office Chair?

An office chair is specifically designed to support the body while sitting the way possible. Comfort, posture, health, and support are key considerations in chair design.

This chair has different features that help improve posture while providing proper support, including armrests, seat tilt, seat depth and height, swivel, backrest lumbar support, etc.

You can adjust the chair’s backrest. Not all height adjustments are similar, so you have to loosen the lever or known at the backrest base. After reaching the top position, the backrest drops to the bottom starting position.

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What Makes an Office Chair Ergonomic?

Ergonomics is how an office chair is designed to improve workplace efficiency best. With an ergonomic office chair, you can get optimal body support. It promotes health, support, comfort, and good posture.

Here are the features that make office chairs ergonomic:

1. Seat Depth and Width 

The ideal seat depth is between 2-4 inches between the back of your knees and seat to prevent undue pressure.

2. Seat Height

The chair’s adjustable seat allows you to stay flat on the floor. The ideal seat height range is 16-21 inches off the floor.

3. Lumbar Support 

The chair’s backrest comes with good lumbar support that helps reduce stress on the pelvis and spine. In return, you will not experience slouching.

4. Seat Tilt 

An office chair’s seat tilt facilitates the right neutral pelvic positioning.

5. Backrest Recline 

An adjustable backrest supports the spine by taking some weight from your upper body. It also reduces pressure on the muscles and spinal disks.

6. Armrests 

Armrests are designed to reduce tension in your shoulders and upper body.

7. Headrest 

This feature supports the upper neck and head, reducing discomfort and tension.

What Are the Benefits of Office Chairs?

Here are the top advantages of using office chairs:

  • An office chair is fully adjustable to align with the user’s height and workstation and promote correct sitting posture.
  • The chair features a backrest to support the spine’s natural curvature and provide complete back support.
  • The chair comes with a headrest to give neck and head support.
  • It features sufficient depth and padding to support the hips while reducing pressure and stress.
  • An office chair helps improve blood flow that can prevent legs from going numb or swelling.
  • This ergonomic chair makes employees less distracted or suffers from body pains and aches.

What Is a Bean Bag Chair?

A bean bag is a sealed bag that contains expanded polystyrene, pellets, or dried beans. This chair was introduced between the late 60s and early 70s. 

The chair lends a cool and casual look to a living space. It is famous for its comfort and coziness. It is often preferred by those who love to unwind and relax after a busy work or a long day at work.

The bean bag chair’s design is very revolutionary and innovative. It is versatile and ideal for adding an element of ease and comfort at home, cafes, offices, etc.

What Makes a Bean Bag Chain Ergonomic?

Many doctors recommend a bean bag chair for patients suffering from back issues. The chair is usually used to avoid other health-related issues.

The chair’s filling can adapt to your sitting and lying positions. It can also adjust to your posture. As a result, you can feel relief from pressure on the muscles.

Sitting on a bean bag chair also helps with pain relief. You can feel a different kind of relaxation when sinking into the chair, even after long hours of sitting.

If you need to work on a computer for extended hours, you may suffer from backaches, headaches, and joint pain. That is especially true if you are using a standard chair. However, if you sit on a bean bag, you can reduce all those pains and aches.

This chair has enough space within that enables it to collapse and mold itself based on your shape. The beads inside it contract, expand, and collapse once you sit on the bean bag. 

What Are the Benefits of Bean Bag Chairs?

Bean bag chairs can adjust to your body and weight when you sit in them. In other words, the chairs adapt to your body shape as you sit on them, providing improved lumbar support.

These chairs are beneficial to you in different ways. Here are the top benefits of using a bean bag chair:

  • A bean bag chair does not impose anybody placement limitations, promoting the correct body posture.
  • The chair gives the users the freedom to move in any direction they like and find the most comfortable sitting position.
  • Many bean bag chairs are suitable for outdoor use as they can resist environmental elements, depending on the materials used.
  • The bean bag is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance, depending on the fabric used.
  • This chair type comes in a range of styles, so matching them to the existing décor is easy.
  • Bean bag chairs are more affordable than other types of chairs available on the market.
  • The chair is not only ideal for home use but also in working environments.

Bean Bag Chair vs. Office Chair: Which One Is Better?

The answer depends on your preference. An office chair delivers the ergonomics you need when sitting and working for extended hours. It has all the necessary features that support your body.

However, if you wish to add a casual and cool look to your workspace, you cannot go wrong with a bean bag chair.

When choosing a bean bag, ensure to consider comfort and ergonomic design. This chair provides good head, back, and neck support.

A good quality bean bag chair adapts to your shape and delivers relief from pain and discomfort. If you are ready to purchase your first bean bag, do not hesitate to check out our top picks for the best bean bag chairs.

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