How to Lower a Bed Thats Too High?

Have you noticed that today’s beds are too high? This post will help you with How to Lower a Bed Thats Too High.

A bed must be the most comfortable item in your home. On the other hand, if the bed frame has an incorrect right, it can affect the quality of your sleep. 

Most people think they already have a perfect bedroom setup until they realize their bed frame is too high. Bed sets are getting higher over the years, which are not ideal for everyone.

Keep reading to know how you can lower your bed that is too high.

How To Lower a Bed Thats Too High?

Do you feel that your bed is too high? It is because the bed frame is too high. Fortunately, most bed frames are adjustable, and others need a bit of DIY. 

The first step in lowering your bed is determining the bed frame type you have, such as upholstered, metal, and wood. The type will help you figure out how to lower it. 

Here are different ways how you can lower your bed:

1. Adjust the Bed Frame Glides 

Metal bed frames are usually adjustable. So, you can adjust the bed frame’s height slightly down or up. Since you can adjust wide or narrow metal bed frames, your bed can accommodate different sizes of mattresses.

You can adjust the metal bed frame’s height with the glides located on each edge or corner of the bed. You have to screw the height glides tightly to lower the bed frame. It helps make screws less visible.

Remember that if the glide screw is more visible, it makes the bed frame higher.

2. Remove the Caster Wheels 

Remove the Caster Wheels

If your bed frame has wheels or risers attached, you can remove them to lower your bed’s height by a few inches. Risers and wheels are easy to remove so that you can get them away from the view with less effort.

When increasing the bed’s mobility, wheels are attached to the frames. These caster wheels add a few inches to the bed, and removing them can lower your bed. 

Follow the steps below to remove the caster wheels safely:

  • Remove all bed dressings and mattresses.
  • Raise the bed frame to find the caster wheels.
  • Unscrew or pull the screws out to detach the wheels.
  • Yank the wheels off the bed frame.

3. Cut the Wood Bed Frame Legs Off 

You can make a permanent solution for too high a bed with a wooden bed frame. If your wooden bed frame comes with tall legs or posts, you can cut them off to shorten the bed frame.

Since you will make a permanent functional change to the bed frame, ensure to determine your desired bed frame height before sawing off the parts of the frame’s legs. Measure the length several times to ensure everything is correct.

When it comes to the bed frame adjustments, you have to remove all the bed dressings and mattresses first to reveal the frame underneath. Next, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Remove the bed posts from the bed frame.
  • Unscrew the bed posts from the frame and remove them. Stop at this step if you wish the bed to be firmly on the floor without room underneath and store the bed posts.
  • Keep the bed off the floor and take the bed posts outside if you prefer shorter best posts.
  • Determine how many inches should be cut off.
  • Cut the same length for each bedpost.
  • Sand the bottom to have a smooth surface and prevent scratches on the floor.
  • Return the bed posts to the frame.
  • Reattach the bed posts.

4. Convert the Bed Frame Into a Platform 

If your bed has a conventional bed frame designed with legs, you can convert the frame to a platform bed. This bed type is suitable for those who want a low bed frame. It allows you to eliminate the box spring as well, saving a few inches in the bed height.

You will need the following materials:

  • Wood-cutting saw 
  • Measuring tape 
  • 1 x 4 pine boards

Measure the bed frame edge to edge to know how many pine boards you need. Once you get the measurement, deduct ¼ inch. The pine boards must be 4 inches wide, and they are spaced out across the frame, having a 1 ½ inches gap in between.

You need to cut the pine boards down based on the measurement above. After that, place the boards on the frame and reassemble the bed with no box spring. 

What Is the Ideal Bed Height?

Your bed height must correlate with your height. If you are short or tall, you need to adjust the bed height accordingly.

In most cases, mattresses are 16-24 inches from the floor. If you notice that your feet are flat on the floor while your knees go straight with your hips, it means your bed has the right height. 

Meanwhile, your bed’s height is too high if your feet cannot reach the floor. If your knees seem above your hips, the height of your bed is too low.

Why Lowering a Bed Matter?

Fashion trends influence bed frame and bedding styles. So, you will notice that today’s bed seems higher than previous models. 

The bed’s height can impact the overall feel and look of your room. If your large room features high ceilings, having a tall bed is an excellent idea since it reaches toward the ceiling.

On the other hand, tall beds are unsuitable for shorter people because they will find it hard to climb in and out. If you have body pain or injuries to the knees, legs, or foot, even a small jump when getting in and out of bed can worsen your pain.

If your bed seems too high for you, you need to lower it and find the ideal height for your needs. On the other hand, if you own a trundle bed and it seems very low, you can also raise the trundle bed to have comfortable sleep.

Final Words 

Your bed should be a relaxing and comfortable place to rest and sleep. So, if it is too high for you, the best thing you can do is to lower it. You can consider the above steps to safely and effectively lower a bed that is too high.

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