How To Make a Futon More Comfortable?

Some people find standard beds a little bit expensive. With this, they prefer a futon that can serve as a couch during the daytime and a bed at night.                   

However, a futon can’t always provide optimal comfort while sleeping like a regular bed. It can be uncomfortable and may disrupt your sleep.

Luckily, there are many ways for you to enjoy your futon. Therefore, you might be interested in knowing “how to make a futon more comfortable.”   Read our simple guide to make your futon more comfortable.

Different Ways to Make a Futon Comfortable

Here are some methods to make your futon more comfortable:

1. Place a Featherbed on the Top of Your Futon Mattress

One way to make your futon mattress comfortable is to use a featherbed. It’s a mattress topper that is filled with feathers.

These feathers offer additional support for relieving pressure. The featherbed is essential to support pressure points, including your back, hips, and shoulders. 

The featherbed is also perfect for side sleepers.

2. Place a Mattress Topper

You can also make a futon more comfortable by placing a mattress topper. Choose the best mattress topper that suits your sleeping needs and styles. 

You can tuck the topper inside the cover to increase comfort. It will not also turn into an eyesore. 

3. Use Slats Under Your Futon Mattress

You can adjust your futon underneath to increase comfort. If the futon is sagging, you can place more slats for additional support. 

4. Use an Air Mattress on the Top of Your Futon 

If you want an easy solution to make your futon more comfortable, you can use an air mattress. You can inflate your air mattress for an additional support layer. 

Air mattresses can also add height. 

5. Layer Comforters on the Top of Your Futon

You can layer your comforters on top of your futon mattress. It can add plush comfort as you sleep on the futon. 

You should invest in comforters that are hypoallergenic to handle sensitivities. 

6. Invest in a New Futon Mattress

If you don’t already enjoy the comfort of your old futon, it’s time to get a new one. You can choose the best type of futon that suits your individual needs. 

7. Place the Futon on a Supportive Bed Base

The bed base is essential for you to have an excellent sleeping surface. So, you can put your futon on a supportive bed base. 

You can have wooden slats, foundations, and other bed bases to improve the comfort level of your futon. 

8. Attach Grips to the Futon Mattress 

Since the futon is lightweight and thinner than a traditional mattress, it may move quickly. With this, you can feel uncomfortable while sleeping. 

You can use adhesive grip strips to secure the futon in place. You can attach the grips to the corners of the futon mattress. 

9. Add Pillows

Adding pillows can make your futon comfortable. You can layer your pillows on your futon. 

It is important to get the correct type of pillows based on your preference and sleeping position. Good pillows can make a big difference. 

10. Proper Maintenance

You should be responsible for the proper care and maintenance of your futon mattress. It is crucial to lengthening the lifespan of your mattress. 

Proper care for the mattress lowers deterioration and makes the mattress more comfortable. You can protect it using a mattress cover. 

It is also helpful to flip the mattress regularly. 

11. Get a Thicker Futon Mattress

It is a good idea to get a thicker futon. A 10 inches thick futon mattress can provide you higher comfort level than 5 or 6 inches thick. 

12. Quality

You should purchase a quality futon from a reliable brand. An excellent quality futon mattress can offer you a higher comfort level allowing you to sleep comfortably.  

It can also offer a good value for your money. In addition, a quality mattress can last for longer years. 

13. Pad the Frame

You can also pad the frame to avoid it from poking through the futon mattress. It will help you to increase the comfort of your futon. 

You can enjoy the best comfort with your futon mattress with these tips. Since your futon is more comfortable to sleep on, you can have a restful sleep at night. 

Why Should You Have a Comfortable Futon Mattress?

A comfortable futon mattress is necessary to avoid body pains as you sleep on it. Make sure that it can accommodate your weight well to avoid experiencing discomfort. 

Uncomfortable futon mattresses can lead to back, shoulder, or hip pain. With that, you should do something to make it more comfortable. 

It should provide you with enough support and comfort while using it. Luckily, many futon mattresses on the market are available in quality but more affordable cost. 

Moreover, you can also feel comfortable using it as a couch. 

Is It Good to Sleep on the Futon Mattress? 

The futon mattress originated in Japan. It is considered to be ideal for posture and spinal alignment.  It is also good for your back.

If you plan to sleep on a futon mattress, you can consider the tips above to make it more comfortable. You can feel comfortable and have a good night’s rest. 

Is a Futon Mattress Worth It? 

Yes, a futon mattress is worth it if you want a more affordable but quality comfort for sleeping. You can use it as a sofa or a bed. 

It is perfect if you have a small bedroom. The mattress is available in different sizes, colors, and designs. You can choose one that suits your specific needs and personal preference. 

What’s the Best Futon Size for You? 

A futon mattress comes in various sizes. These include twin, twin XL, full/double, queen, and king sizes. 

If you want to get the right futon size, measure your bedroom. You should also consider your sleeping position and weight. 

Make sure to get one that can hold your body well. So, you can avoid disrupted sleep. 


Generally, there are many ways to make your futon mattress more comfortable. You can apply the tips above to increase comfort as you sleep on your futon. 

With that, you can sleep comfortably on the futon a feel like a traditional bed. The futon mattress can offer you a healthy and safe sleeping environment. 

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