How to Make Daybed Look Like a Couch?

Daybeds are used as a couch during the day and as a bed at night. But How to Make Daybed Look Like a Couch?

If you make a daybed into a comfortable couch, you can reap numerous benefits. You can fit it into a smaller space, the guest room or kid’s bedroom. 

Having a daybed at home provides you with additional comfortable space for your guests. You can convert it into a couch or sleepover with ease.

Daybed: What Is It?

A daybed usually consists of a twin mattress used in a living space, a bedroom, or a lounge. The style of this bed depends on the preference of the person who will use it. 

The bed is made of metal, wood, or a combination of the two. The comfortable portion of the support system is called a mattress in most cases. The traditional mattress is commonly used in this bed type. 

What Are the Different Ways How to Make Daybed Look Like a Couch?

Even if a guest room or kid’s room is small, a daybed will offer you lots of sleeping space. That is especially true if it features a slide-out bed. 

You can even transform a daybed into a couch during the day. Here are tips to help you make your daybed look like a couch:

Tip #1: Use Large Floor Pillows or Throw Pillows

Since large pillows can instantly occupy space, you can use them to hide the bed’s parts you do not need. It also helps make it smaller than the actual size. If your bed lacks a backrest, pillows can create an illusion to make it convenient and comfortable to sit back.

Place large throw or floor pillows against the bed’s edges. After that, add sufficient pillows in the front to hide them a bit. Get smaller pillows and put them at each end of the bed. This will give you a complete couch vibe.

Feel free to blend in colors and choose different prints to match your color scheme and theme. At night, you can remove these pillows to create a sleeping space. Then, add the pillows during the day.

Tip #2: Place a Coffee Table

Placing a coffee table in front of your daybed will create a living room look. 

You can add books, entertainment magazines, and a tray of decorations on top of the coffee table. You can also place a rug below this table for a complete living room setup.

Ensure that the table is easy to remove to create a sleeping space at night.

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Tip #3: Use a Bed Skirt

Bed skirts are specifically used to hide the bed’s legs and bottom mattress for beds like trundle beds to give them a couch look.

You can also use a bed skirt in a daybed to make it look like a couch. Ensure to use a bed skirt that matches your room décor and pillows well. By doing so, your room will look well-organized and neat.

A bed skirt also makes it convenient for you to use the bed’s bottom as a storage area. This is beneficial for small spaces. It will hide your stuff well so that no one will notice it until you remove the bed skirt.

Tip #4: Place Side Tables 

Aside from coffee tables, you can also place side tables near your day bed. It will give your room a cozier look.

You can side tables on one end of the bed, allowing you to access things on top easily. For example, you can put a cup of tea or a glass of water on the table and easily access them while reading books.

Additionally, you can use the side tables for storing books and additional throw pillows. You or your guests can store valuable, such as jewelry and cash, in the drawers. 

Side tables are often used to display decorations in a room. These tables provide enough space to place lamps and table clocks. Having one side table in your room gives your daybed a couch-like feeling while making your life more comfortable around the room.

Tip #5: Use Foot Stool or Ottoman 

Do you want to sit on your daybed while resting your feet on something? Then, you can place a footstool or ottoman next to it.

You can place an ottoman opposite your daybed to turn it into a couch. Many ottomans come with built-in storage space. You can use that space to store books, magazines, kid’s toys, etc., to make your room look well-organized. 

Plus, you can use an ottoman as an extra seat if you have many guests.

What Is the Difference Between a Sofa Bed and a Daybed?

The primary difference between a daybed and a sofa bed lies in the necessity. 

For example, if you stay in a small space with no area for extra items, you can turn the daybed into a sofa. You can put the bed behind or in front of your mattress or next to the window.

On the other hand, a sofa bed can be placed in a recreational space, guest room, or living space if you have a big and adjustable area. You can fold and unfold sofa beds because of their metal frame alongside a base housing the mattress.

Is Daybed Good for Daily Use?

The answer is YES. Having a daybed is an excellent investment if you live in a small apartment. You can have a comfortable seat during the day and a sleeping area at night.

You can buy an inexpensive or expensive mattress, depending on your preference. A daybed is very versatile, and it creates a cozy space for your guests. Some daybeds are even more comfortable than other couches. 

Meanwhile, if you wish to add a space-saving bed to your room, you can check out our top 15 picks for the best trundle beds.

Final Words 

There you go! Finally, you have creative ideas about how you can make your daybed look like a couch. Those ideas will transform not only your daybed’s look but also your room’s entire appeal. Whether you want to use side tables, coffee tables, pillows, or bed skirts, always consider your personal taste. 

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