What Kind Of Paint To Use On Outdoor Rocking Chairs?

A rocking chair is one of the widely used pieces of furniture across America. In every house, you will find at least one rocking chair. Not only widely used but one of the oldest pieces of furniture that have been produced. 

The rocking chair is now embedded in the American culture, and everyone now understands why grandparents used to love their rocking chairs.

Undoubtedly, rocking chairs are now found everywhere and are perfect for outdoor use. For example, sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee in hand and comfortably rocking on the chair. 

However, keeping the rocking chair clean and maintained is one of the biggest challenges one may face. In addition, when keeping a rocker outdoor, the paint gets affected easily.

Therefore, it is important to know what kind of paint to use on outdoor rocking chairs.

How To Keep A Rocking Chair Maintained?

Maintaining a rocking chair and ensuring the paint’s health is challenging. Therefore, one should know how and what kind of paint to use for a rocking chair and how to paint a rocking chair.

However, if you are looking for a rocking chair that would barely need any maintenance, here are the best top picks. 

On the other hand, keep reading to clear all your confusion regarding the kind of paint one should use for an outdoor rocking chair. 

What Kind Of Paint To Use On Outdoor Rocking Chairs?

Every rocking chair is made from a different type of material. Therefore, you should know the material of your rocker before choosing the paint for it.

Here are the different types of paint one can use to protect the outdoor rocker. 

1. Spray Paint

Spray paint is one of the widely used types of paint. It has some remarkable effects and finishes on an outdoor rocking chair. But it cannot be used every time you need to paint a rocking chair. 

A spray is only a good option when you need to touch up some marks or scratches on an outdoor rocker.

The spray paint can be used to add a layer of paint to refine the look and give a smooth finish to the paint. However, using the spray paint can continuously ruin the finish and start to harden the rocker’s wood. 

In addition, when using spray paint, you don’t get the option to mix different colors to create a unique tone. That is why custom color on an outdoor rocking chair is not a choice. 

2. Porch Paint

Porch paint is another popular type of paint one can use for rocking chairs kept outdoor. It is an oil-based enamel paint that is best for outdoor furniture. The compounds in the porch paint are perfect for any temperature or weather condition. 

Standing up to high heat and freezing temperature is what the porch paint was made for. Porch paint is a durable and long-lasting type of paint for an outdoor rocking chair. 

The best situation to use the porch paint is when you want to redo the entire outdoor chair. Starting from scratch and using the porch paint will help you get a smooth and remarkable finish on the rocking chair. 

What Other Factors Matter When Painting An Outdoor Rocking Chair?

When considering painting a rocking chair, many other factors should be considered other than the type of paint. Yes, the paint is important but one of them. Therefore, keep in mind other factors when painting a rocking chair for outdoor use. 

1. Color

When considering painting a rocker, the color comes as the first factor to choose from. If doing it from scratch, many people consider choosing a different shade to give their rocker a new look.

In spray paint, you can only use the previous color of the rocker as it is used for touchups and to refine the finish of the chair. 

Choose a color that would match the outside of your house and improve the look of your porch or backyard.

If it is a wooden rocker, dark brown or white color is one of the most popular options. After that, however, it is on you to decide the color you think would suit you the best. 

2. Sealing

Every rocking chair is made up of a different type of wood. Some woods require sealing before painting them, and some don’t. Therefore, it is important to know the wood you are working on for your rocker. 

For example, the rockers with mahogany or teak don’t require sealing as they are unfinished wood. On the other hand, it is important to seal maple or pine before painting them. The seal protects the wood from outdoor elements and improves the durability of your chair. 

In addition, the seal you apply ensures that there is no moisture attracted to the seal that is left to dry.

However, if the moisture gets on the wood, seal it again. The moisture can have some harmful effects on the seal, and it is important to ensure no moisture is present on the dried seal before applying the paint. 

What Is The Best Type Of Paint To Use On Outdoor Rocking Chair?

As we previously mentioned, two types of paint would be best for outdoor rocking chairs: spray and porch paint.

Out of these two, spray paint is the best choice if you only want to paint for some touchups and improve the finish.

However, spray paint is not a good option for the entire paint process as it is not durable and doesn’t have the elements that would protect the paint from harmful radiation effects. 

Therefore, porch paint is a better choice for outdoor rocking chairs. Porch paint is recommended to provide extreme durability and the ability to fight harmful outdoor effects.

Apply multiple coats of porch paint, and you will get yourself a perfect finish on your outdoor rocking chair. 

Final Words

Here is a complete guide for you when considering painting your outdoor rocking chair. No matter what type of paint you choose, make sure it is of the best quality as a rocking chair is unique furniture and should be handled with care.

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