Alternatives To Rocking Chair for Nursery: 6 Options You Must Consider

A baby’s nursery must include some essential furniture pieces for convenience. These things include a crib, changing table, and a comfy chair.

Most people opt for the best rocking chairs to put in their infant’s nursery. This is because swinging helps in putting the baby to sleep with ease.

Rocking chairs may also help you calm the baby during crying. Of course, not everyone opts for this seat in a nursery. You may have had a bad experience with a rocking chair in the past. 

So you may be afraid to sit on the seat again regardless of the new safer options. Luckily, you don’t have to worry anymore. Here is a guide to the six best alternatives to a rocking chair for a nursery.

6 Alternatives To Rocking Chair for Nursery

Here are some options other than rocking chairs to consider for your nursery:

1. Glider

A glider is an excellent chair that many people purchase instead of rocking chairs. The primary feature of this seat is that it comes with a stationary base. So it does not swing like a rocking chair and offers more safety to mothers. 

This chair mainly moves back and forth using a sliding rail in older models.  Meanwhile, the latest gliders may come with a circular stationary base to rotate. The best part about this chair is that it has a similar structure to a sofa with cushioned seating. 

You can remain comfortable while feeding your baby or putting it to sleep. Gliders also improve the aesthetics of a room significantly.

You can learn more about the differences between rocking chair and glider here.

2. Hanging Chair

Hanging chairs are not a recent invention, but they are trending again because of the new models. If you opt for an old version, you will receive a wicker chair that will attach to your room’s ceiling. This will allow you to swing the seat like a hammock and help the baby sleep easily.

However, modern teardrop hanging chairs are more prevalent than the old models. This version comes attached to a metal stand with a circular base allowing the chair to be portable. You can move it from one room to another easily because it will not be restricted to the ceiling. 

The model also offers additional safety because it will not be at a high height. Swinging motion will also be restricted but adequate for comforting a baby and encouraging a good night’s sleep.

3. Floor Chair


A floor chair may not be the top option in your mind when searching for a nursery chair. However, it is an ideal option if you want high seating flexibility. The best floor chairs also allow you to enjoy good support while your infant plays with toys on the ground. 

It will allow you to sit closer to the child and react faster in case of danger. The great thing about floor chairs is that many are adjustable and come with different cushioning. 

You can choose from thin to thick options depending on your comfort level. This seat is also inexpensive as compared to different rocking chairs and gliders.

4. Recliner Sofa

Recliners may not be as old as rocking chairs, but they offer great benefits. The sofa allows you to stretch your legs and rest without cramping your muscles. This is why it can serve as a good alternative to a rocking chair for a nursery. 

Some also come with adjustable back levels and can help you maintain a good position to keep your baby comfortable. The best part is that you can also sleep on a recliner for a few hours while your infant naps. This is helpful for those parents who cannot stay in another room out of worry when their child is sleeping.

Once your baby grows enough, you can also move the recliner out of the nursery. The chair has many purposes and can serve as a good seat in your living room. You may also keep it in your bedroom if you prefer to read before sleeping.

5. Armchair

An armchair is a standard cushioned chair that comes with four legs for standing. It does not swing, glide, or move in any way. Instead, the chair is stationary and comes with armrests for support. 

This feature is mainly helpful for breastfeeding a baby because you may require a platform to rest your hands on. The best part is that you can move the armchair to another part of your house for aesthetics. 

It is also relatively cheaper than other nursery chairs, so you can get it even on a tight budget. Some models also come with a separate footrest to offer high flexibility.

6. Bean Bag Chair

This is not the top option for the nursery if your baby is a newborn and requires breastfeeding. However, the best bean bag chairs serve relatively well when the infant is a bit older. You can sit with the child on the wide seat and play with them. 

The comfortable platform will ensure you don’t tire yourself out in the nursery. A bean bag chair is also a good option if you prefer to read while your baby sleeps. You can use the seat to stay comfortable and enjoy a book. 

The chair will also be helpful for sitting while watching your kid play. What’s so great about bean bag chairs is that you can also sit on them while carrying your laptop. So you may be able to get some work done if you’re a working mom.

Another good option can be gaming chairs and we’ve compared recliners vs gaming chairs in this post.

Final Words

These are the top six alternatives to rocking chairs. You can get any one of them for your nursery needs. Some are designed to help you breastfeed your baby and promote sleep. 

Meanwhile, others offer a sitting platform to watch your infant while they play with toys. You may also get a rocking chair if you’re not afraid to sit on it. The best part is that you can stop a rocking chair from rocking by adjusting some parts.

So you don’t have to worry about your safety. A glider or hanging chair are also excellent alternatives. The great thing is that these options will not break your bank. So be sure to consider your needs before choosing a specific chair type.

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